Be My Valentine

If you are stuck for ideas of what to get for your sweetheart, here are some romantic ones from Rococo chocolates. There is something to fit every budget from a large heart box filled with delicious ganache to a heart shaped and heart decorated lollipop.

These new oval boxes containing cherry ganaches and lips or popping champagne ganaches and lips retail at £16.50 and the passion fruit flavoured lollipop heart is less than £5.00

The popular hand painted hearts come in many sizes and retails from £13.50 and the beautiful heart boxes range in size and price from £22.00 to £110.00.

All available from Rococo Shops and on-line.

So, there is no excuse…

Happy Valentines!



With three carefully selected flavours Rococo Chocolates are bringing you the taste of love to share with your chosen one on Valentines this year. Champagne, flowers and Chocolate this Rococo quartet is everything Valentines should be.

Laurent Perrier Champagne Ganache – A classic dusted champagne truffle, made with Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne with a touch of Chambord for extra fruity notes. There are two of these so you can toast with champagne!

Blackcurrant & Violet Heart – A zingy blackcurrant caramel ganache with subtle hints of violet, in a dark chocolate heart shell.

Rose Praline Heart – A smooth hazelnut praline flavoured with delicate rose, in a milk chocolate heart shell.

Available at all 5 Rococo shops and on line from February.

A box of four retails at £6.50




Four Delicious Declarations of Love

Valentine's flavours 083Rococo’s principal chocolatier Barry Johnson and his talented team have dreamt up some very special Valentines flavours with which to woo your sweetheart. The chocolates are handmade at Rococo’s London chocolate kitchen and are made from the finest ingredients including chocolate from Rococo’s farm in Grenada.

  • Mango & Passion Fruit Soft Caramel

Soft, chewy mango and passion fruit caramel

  • Raspberry & Rose Caramel

Soft caramel made with pureed raspberries and infused with rose

  • Lemon & Violet Ganache

Crushed lemon puree and violet white chocolate ganache

  • Strawberry & Marc de Champagne Ganache

Mara de Bois strawberry jelly layered with a milk chocolate ganache flavoured with a champagne brandy.

These freshly made ganaches are sold loose at £13.50 for 100g and only available from the 4 Rococo shops,

Motcomb Street, Kings Road, Moxon Street and Chester.

Valentine's flavours 045

Be My Valentine

302250Valentines is all about love, about sharing your favourite things with the one you love. Rococo Chocolates has selected chocolates in a heart shaped box that will appeal to both the masculine and the feminine taste.

There are nine chocolates in the box four for him and four for her, plus one to share. Enjoy Romantic Valentines.

For Him:
Grenadian Islay Single Malt Ganache
Salted Toffee and Crunchy Praline
Madagascan House Truffle
Madagascan Red Berry Ganache

For Her:
Popping Champagne Ganache
Rose and Cocoa Nib Ganache
Orange, Mango and Passion fruit
Passion Fruit and Rosemary Caramel

To share:  Cardamom and Saffron Ganache (how you share eating it is up to you!)

Retails at £18.95

Valentine’s Hearts from Rococo with Love


What could be more appropriate than giving your loved one a heart for Valentines, and one filled with chocolate from Rococo is sure to make your beloved feel very special and loved.


Rococo hearts come in all sorts of sizes and guises from the large Rococo no. 5 box which is filled with 75 mixed chocolates and retails at £100.00



To the beautifully hand painted baby hearts (8 halves in a box) retailing at £11.95

There are larger painted hearts some filled with Ganaches, and smaller Rococo heart boxes, even a baby heart box filled with 3 truffles retailing at £10.00.1327859982-IMG_6134

And for just an extra £20.00 you can even have your own message painted on a chocolate heart if you order two weeks in advance.

Mail orders are beautifully packed with a handwritten gift card free of charge.


IMG_7216FB12-ChocwithLidIf you want to impress the woman/man in your life Rococo’s limited edition Valentine’s Day fresh ganache selection is will do the trick deliciously. The flavours include Pineapple & Ginger, Blackberry & Star Anise, Lemon & Violet and Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel. £16.50 for 12 piece box, £9.50 for 4 piece box. Due to the delicate nature of this product Rococo Chocolates have limited availability on their web store.

These special ganache flavours can also be purchased individually in the four Rococo shops.



Rococo marshmallow game cube
Rococo marshmallow game cube


Rococo’s marshmallows are just made for sharing.  And who better to share with that your sweet Valentine.

These are not ordinary marshmallows, they are hand made in Rococo’s chocolate kitchen by Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson and his team, using only the best ingredients including fruit puree, freeze dried fruit pieces and bourbon vanilla pods. Rococo has adapted the traditional French recipe and these are a truly delicious Rococo addition to our range.

The marshmallow game cube makes a perfect gift and includes raspberry, cherry and vanilla marshmallows.  They retail at £15.00 and will be available in the shops from 11th  January will also be available on-line from the 18th of January.

Note to editors

We don’t add pork or beef gelatine; this marshmallow is made with Isinglass (fish gelatine) and is suitable for Pescatarians.

Signs of Love


In ancient folklore birds chose their mate for the year on February 14. Since doves, as well as other birds, mate for life, they symbolize loyalty, fidelity and love.

Rococo’s beautiful new hand-painted heart design depicts two love birds – what could be more appropriate!
The heart comes in a gift box with a clear lid and is filled with 3 ganaches – one each and one to share!  

The Hearts (125g) retail at £22.50  




Sweethearts for your Valentine




 The 2012 collection of hand-painted chocolate hearts from Rococo Chocolates is enough to melt anyone’s heart. There are many different sizes and beautiful designs, painted onto a thin layer of white chocolate and backed with dark, to choose from, and you can even have your sweetheart’s name painted on to make it really personal.

8 baby hand-painted hearts in 7cm box – including NEW Bee and Rose designs, retails at £11.95


Size 1: solid hand-painted heart in 7cm box – in Polka Dot, Heart or NEW Bee Mine and Rose designs, retails at £9.50

Size 2: hand-painted hollow heart in 10cm box – NEW Tattoo and Lovebirds designs filled with 3 ganaches, retails at £22.50

Size 3:  hand-painted hollow heart – NEW circus-inspired Love design decorated with mini hearts and NEW ‘Name’ Tattoo heart. This heart will have LOVE written on it as standard, but can also be personalised with the name of your loved one (10 characters max.) Orders for personalised hearts must be placed by 23 January for delivery to shops one week before Valentines’s Day. These hearts are filled with 6 ganaches and retail at £32.00






Size 4: hand-painted heart with red Cupid design filled with 9 ganaches, retails at £45.00

The ganaches in the Rococo hearts are delicate square truffles based on the award-winning chocolates from Rococo’s “Prof du Choc”, made with Valrhona single origin chocolates. Flavours include rose raspberry & lychee, popping champagne, orange mango & passion fruit and jasmine tea.

Of course if you want to pop THE Question you could always sneak in a Diamond Ring!




Why chocolate is the perfect preamble to lovemaking – medical evidence

Mary Balfour of Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency talks with the First Lady of Chocolate, Chantal Coady of Rococo Chocolates, who explains the chemical reasons why chocolate really is the perfect gift for lovers. To view the video click here

Chantal Coady says that not only does chocolate contain powerful anti-oxidants for a healthy and long life together with your loved one but has unique, bliss-inducing qualities, especially for women.  Some even admit they prefer it to sex!

‘Chocolate’s special quality of melting in the mouth just below blood temperature suffuses you with sensual wellbeing and could be the reason for this’ says Chantal.  ‘And the chemicals in chocolate trigger a whole range of feel-good hormones in our bodies such as serotonin, thus mimicking the effect of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac’.

“Chocolate is healthier than many fruit juices and is a ‘superfood’ in its own right, says a new study conducted by US chocolate maker Hershey.

Superfoods are high in anti-oxidants and compounds that help prevent damage to healthy cells.

Researchers from the Hershey Centre for Health & Nutrition in the US found that powdered dark chocolate had more anti-oxidants and polyphenols, believed to protect us from cancer and cardiac conditions.

They compared single servings of dark chocolate, cocoa, and hot chocolate mix with fruit juices including acai berries, cranberries and pomegranates, according to a Hershey statement”.

Chantal says “ Hershey’s are a little slow in talking about the benefits of dark chocolate, we at Rococo have been promoting it for years, and it is important to note that the benefits described here do not apply to milk chocolate! Sadly for milk chocolate lovers, the milk binds with the health giving compounds and stops them from being absorbed by the body”.

For a pre-Valentine date with a romance inducing difference Drawing Down the Moon suggests a blindfold chocolate tasting next Saturday 12th February at Rococo Chocolates or enlist for a chocolate making class together.  ‘Research shows that two people are more likely to fall in love when they’re both engaging with something new, adventurous and sensual’ says Mary Balfour who is known as the UK’s foremost dating guru.

‘Drawing Down the Moon gets more inquiries around Valentine’s than at any other time.  It’s especially difficult for hard-working, single professionals to meet potential dates these days’ says Mary ‘and February 14th get’s them picking up the phone to see if we can help. We offer the matchmaking service which used to be provided by the extended family, the church and the local community. All our members are personally interviewed, are extremely well educated and seek a long term relationship’.

Stuck for a romantic present for your lover? Make a bee-line to your nearest Rococo Shop to select some of the most delicious and beautifully packaged handmade chocolates you can buy.  Stuck for a date? Ring Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency on 020 7224.1001 or visit  To ensure that your first date has every chance of being the start of a life-long romance why not view Mary’s dating tips videos on or, if you’re female, buy her book, Smart Dating: how to find your man from Amazon

For more details or interview contact:

Mary Balfour, Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency

+ 44 (0) 20 7224 1001 (10am-11pm 7 days)  [email protected]


Chantal Coady, Rococo Chocolates