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This jungly print from Lush Designs features Slender Lorises in a forest of carnivorous plants. They are captivating creatures who need protection from the destruction of their habitat in the forests of Sri Lanka and India.

They are available in two sizes and retail at:

£70 for the large one 43cm diameter

£38 for the smaller one 23cm diameter

There are three colourways to choose from: Orange/Black, Chartreuse/Black and Soft Grey Available with fittings for pendant or table lamp.

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The NJP Work Light

NJP_STAY06Louis Poulsen launched the new Work Light as a result of a partnership with Japanese design company Nendo, and designer Oki Sato at Milan. But this new interpretation of the architect lamp is just as much at home in the bedroom as in the office.

Versatility and an intuitive understanding of how the lamp is used have been key themes in Oki Sato’s work. The head is shaped to make it easy to adjust the lamp and switch it on and off using one hand. The two arms provide great movement and many stepless positioning options.

One elegant detail is that the shade head is open at the rear, so that reflected light from the LED light source is utilised to illuminate the top section of the arm. A decorative – and practical – detail which allows the angle of the shade head in relation to the arm to be steplessly adjusted via a ball joint. The opening also improves the thermal conditions for the LED light source, thereby helping ensure a long lifetime.

NJP Table will be available in the stores in September. Available in black or white. The recommended retail price is £325.00


Limited edition Copper Table Lamp

ph-35-25-kobber-bord-int-02With Louis Poulsen’s successful re launch of Poul Henningsen’s design icons, another excellent lamp is being added to the collection. Between 14 March and 15 June a copper version of a legendary 1929 table lamp design can be ordered.

Warm materials are currently a must in interior design, and this table lamp is sure to add warmth and comfort to any interior. The lamp comes with two top shades – an opal glass shade, which together with the two bottom glass shades provides soft comfortable diffuse light, and a polished solid copper shade with a white painted inner surface, which provides softly concentrated downward directed light on the table surface.

Every home should have multiple points of light in each room.Too many homes have too few points of light, resulting in an uncomfortable light. With extra light points you create small oases and emphasise the room’s dimensions in a better and more atmospheric way. Table lamps are easy to move around, and provide pleasant low intensity lighting, creating still life scenes on side tables, bookcases or sideboards.

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp comes with a high gloss surface, but the copper will develop a patina unique to its given setting, adding further personality, if desired. Many people want their copper lamps to develop a patina and Louis Poulsen has therefore chosen not to surface treat or lacquer the copper on this and many of our other copper light fixtures. The patination process begins from the moment of assembly, and proceeds during production and distribution. When a product is taken out of the box, it may thus have already begun oxidising. We provide a set of white cotton gloves with each light fixture, so people can avoid leaving fingerprints during installation.

This limited edition can only be ordered during the three months indicated, giving people the opportunity to supplement their collection of unique PH fixtures. Those who have not yet started can also obtain a unique piece of Danish design history, which despite its age, will have a modern and atmospheric appearance for several generations. A version with a painted shade and a silk brown copper housing will be launched at a later date, supplementing the PH 3½-3 pendant launched in September 2014.

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp is 46 cm tall. A practical height providing good working light with either type of shade. The three-layer opal glass shades are polished on the outside and sandblasted on the inside. The switch is located on the cord.

PH 3½-2½ copper table lamps will be made in response to incoming orders, and only the exact number ordered will be produced.

The RRP is £1110,- incl VAT

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All the images in this look book are available.

A Bright Idea in a Small Package











Louis Poulsen is launching a new PH table lamp in September, it is part of 2/1 family, which also includes a chandelier, a pendant and a wall light.

 The PH 2/1 table lamp is the smallest of the PH three-shade range, ideal in rooms where one wants to create small points of light to add atmosphere or highlight the room dimensions.

PH 2/1 table is perfectly detailed and an excellent example of the precision Louis Poulsen invest in their products. The light source used also reflects the miniature size, but without compromising light quality. PH 2/1 table comes with a clear halogen bulb. In addition to its good colour reproduction, it has been further optimised using a matte glass screen to ensure soft comfortable lighting. The new table lamp can help improve lighting comfort in any room. The three opal glass shades have been hand blown and match the high quality three-layer glass shade that characterises Louis Poulsen’s PH products.

With the addition of PH 2/1 table, this beautiful table lamp is now available in three different sizes. The best-known is the extremely versatile PH 3/2 table lamp, with a top shade diameter of 30 cm. The grand PH 4½-3½ is the flagship of the table lamp series and has a top shade diameter of 45 cm.


PH 2/1 table comes with a high-gloss chrome frame and hand-blown three-layer white opal glass shade. The cord is black plastic with an integrated switch. The halogen lamp can be directly connected to 230V mains power. The lamp has a height of 355 mm and a shade diameter of 20 cm.

 The PH 2/1 retails at £465.00

Retro is back…and Panton’s Panthella fits right in


Louis Poulsen is still producing one of Verner Panton’s greatest successes, Panthella – the lamp, which has achieved a cult-like status, fits right in with the retro trend.

Panthella is a reflection of the organic mode of expression, which is so characteristic for Verner Panton. The lamp, which is formed like a toadstool, is a sculpture in itself. The light source is hidden under a milky-white, hemispherical-formed acrylic shade and a white lacquered trumpet-like foot contributes to a beautiful distribution of the light. Panthella has a couple of unique details; a  chrome ball is placed on the top which must be removed when replacing the  bulb and at the base of the fixture up to 1.5m of cable can be stored so unused  wiring can be hidden away.

The Panthella comes in white only and is available as a floor or table lamp. The floor version retails at £508 and the table lamp is £388.00.

It’s a lamp…


Danish designer Ole Jensen teamed up with Louis Poulsen to redefine the concept of a lamp

The result after many meetings and prototypes was not just one but three light fittings: a table lamp, a wall lamp and a floor lamp.   To make it simple they are all called OJ.


 In its design, the OJ family is very simple – almost an icon. While sharing the same idiom, all lamps have their own individual design. They are all made from steel and the white colour was specifically selected to offset the energy-efficient light sources, as the white nuance contributes to soften and warming the light colour. 

The table lamp has the largest shade of the trio. Its height ensures excellent illumination of table surfaces.  As a revolt against the necessary evil – cables from the base of the lamp, Ole Jensen has made the cable forms a part of the design.

The shape of the wall light’s shade gathers the light to ensure more focused light emission, which makes the lamp particularly suitable for reading whilst never annoying other people in the room.

The floor lamp also displays a shade that focuses the light, since it will primarily be used as a reading light. Its height of 130 cm correlates with the normal seating height of an easy chair.

“To create something simple, you need to focus on details …” says Ole Jensen.  Ole Jensen’s attitudes to lighting are revealed in his own words: “Lighting must be soft and comfortable.” In the context of Louis Poulsen’s lighting philosophy, the OJ family is an excellent example of how pure and simple a design can be. This does not mean that the process was easy – on the contrary. Energy-efficient light sources have no focal points, merely emitting light in all directions. For this reason, several attempts with varying shade angles and light-source heights were made, before the final versions were perfected. 

Retail prices are as follows:

OJ Table Lamp £455

OJ Floor Lamp £535

OJ Wall lamp £395

The OJ family is available for delivery as of mid-October 2010.

Note to Editors:

Ole Jensen (born 1958).

Ole Jensen bases his work on the philosophy that objects must be simple and natural, and that designs cannot be forced but should, ideally, emerge on their own. However, his quest for pure idioms never translates into solemn designs – quite the contrary. They exude an immediate sense of humour and joy of life.

Ole Jensen has received several awards during his life, for instance: the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal (2004), Torsten and Wanja Söderberg’s Prize, Gothenburg (2006), the Red Dot Award and the Design Plus Prize.

Ole Jensen’s designs are on display at several museums around Europe, such as

the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen, the Röhsska Museum of  Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg and the Habitare Collection, Design Museum in Helsinki.