Panton in New Eye-Catching Colours

Panton Thermo Mugs in new colours, a brilliant way to keep your hot drinks piping hot

in this cold weather.

MENU’s Panton range in porcelain has been expanded with 2 new eye-catching colours: Midnight Blue and Pink. But that is not all Menu has also added a brand new thermo cup for espresso in five colours and premium silver. Now, the Panton porcelain range comes in five unique parts and 10 original colours.

Menu originally introduced the Verner Panton porcelain range as a limited edition in 2008. The eternally modern look is the result of the dynamic collaboration of Verner Panton’s award-winning Geomety 1 pattern and designer Pernille Vea’s award-winning thermo cup. The porcelain range now also consist of platters, egg cups, bowls and trays.

The whole range  is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The glazing is acid-free and therefore does not change  colour.

Name: Panton Cups

Materials: Porcelain

Design: Pernille Vea for MENU

Pattern: Geometry 1 by Verner Panton

Price: £19.95 for two

Price of Express cups: £17.95 for two


Three in One Herb Holder from Menu

MENU introduces Black Contour Herbal Trio. The Herbal Holder holds three herbal pots – standard size from most grocery stores – and can also be used for planting small bouquets from the garden. When using for paisley and chives the Herbal Holder has an extra supporting wire that can be easily attached.

“I found the inspiration in my own kitchen, where I missed having a holder for herbs that matches my kitchen and interior design and is fully functional for all the herbs I love to use in my cooking,” says Pernille Vea.

Black Contour is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface.

The Herb Trio retails at £19.95

Raw Diamonds by Us from Menu

MENU has introduced a new collaboration with Danish design-comet Design by Us. The result is a set of unique and exotic crockery. The first design in this new line is Raw Diamonds, a set consisting of thermo cup, espresso thermo cup, vase, plate and bowl – cool and truly original crockery for a great breakfast.

For the design Menu has teamed up with Design by Us – a Danish design company with an international reputation for original and outstanding interior design. Architect Rasmus Larsson is the Creative Director and founder of Design by Us, and he describes his inspiration for Raw Diamonds: “We wanted to create a totally new look for a classic set of crockery: vase, cups, platter and bowl – with a design DNA that would not be instantly readable.”

Raw Diamond is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring its strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The crockery is made with multiple facets and has a biscuit surface, contrasting the sparkling glaze on the inside. “We have struggled with the uncut element, which is emphasized by the biscuit. The element of surprise is to find the Asian flower motif in strong colors crawling up on the inside,” says Larsson, who has big expectations to Raw Diamonds.


Name: Raw Diamonds by Us

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Design by Us for MENU

Price: From £29.95

Menu’s Wine Breather Wins Autumn Fair Cook shop and House wares award for the best product. And Comes out Tops in Tests.


Menu is delighted to be awarded best product in Cook shop and House wares at the Autumn fair. This come after being found best in tests at a survey performed by Eurofins.

 Around 90% of all red wine sold today, is younger than 10 years and a lot of them will be much better off, after a flip in the MENU NEW NORM WINE BREATHER J

 Menu asked EUROFINS to perform the testing of their New Norm Wine Breather, to see and to public, how good the Wine Breather really is, compared to other known wine decanting products in the European market.


One thing is, how a professional Sommelier taste the improvement of the wine, after it has been through the Wine Breather. Here we had, among others, Tim Vollerslev, to do this part of the test. Tim is one of the leading Sommeliers in the world and he was very, very impressed with the result after just 2 – 3 minutes decanting in the Wine Breather…

 And the other thing to measure was how much oxygen was actually added  to the wine after a turn in the Wine Breather and to hold that against other decanting products sold all over Europe…

 The Wine Breather is doing twice as good as the 2nd best product in the test… And that is just after the 1st flip around. The wine is added 740% more oxygen after the 1st flip, 940% after the 2nd flip and 1.000% more oxygen after poured into the glass. A remarkable result…!!!

 The Wine Breather retails at £44.95

Let Your Kids Eat in Style

MENU is making mealtimes a lot more fun for children by introducing a children’s tableware range. While the range is clean, minimalist and truly modern, the added playful touch comes in the form of small animals – a cat, a snail and a crocodile. The new tableware comes in a mini size ideal for kids and contains a plate, cup and deep plate.

The design also matches the successful Black Contour tableware collection for adults so there is no need to compromise on style at the dinner table. Inspired by the legendary Italian cartoon figure La Linea from the 70s, Pernille Vea brought the small animals to life from the characteristic line of Black Contour.

“My kids always wanted to eat from the same plates as us grown-ups, even if the service was too fragile and unhandy for them. I have long considered how to find that perfect match between childish charm and stylish porcelain. To me Black Contour Kids has a playful look that creates a dining table atmosphere of joy, yet it’s still bright and modern.” Says Pernilla Vea

Black Contour Kids is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface.

Name: Black Contour Kids                           

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Pernille Vea for MENU

Price: £24.95 for the set   

Keep Cool

Menu is introducing The Cool Set consist of serving bowl, bowl with cooling element, and bamboo lid for serving salads and fresh sea-food that must be kept cool.

The set is an extension of the popular New Norm Carving and Serving Set which was launched by Menu last year. The new set matches the existing design and can be used in conjunction with it or by itself.


“We believe that food takes taste and visual apprehension from the way it is served and the materials on which it is served. We continue our line of design that combines and mixes different materials such as porcelain, bamboo wood and melamine to embrace the gastronomy, you want to present and serve to your guests,” says architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Name: New Norm Cool Set

Materials: Melamine, bamboo, silicone, porcelain and cooling gel

Design by: Norm for MENU

Price: £54.95

Full Steam Ahead

MENU’ new Steam Tower makes healthy cooking a doddle.  The tower consists of 5 oven-proof pieces of porcelain that stack neatly in the oven allowing steam to circulate between the dishes, As steam transfers no taste – it is the ideal way to cook fish, meat, vegetables and dessert together.

The Steam Tower works by placing it in the oven over water. When the water turns into steam, the steam circulates around and through the layers cooking the food  in the healthiest way leaving the  finished dishes succulent and tasty.

Designer Christian Bjørn has been inspired by the Asian kitchen and created what is already on its way to become a Scandinavian classic. “I have focused on a design that must function on even a professional level – but improved many details to work even better for a modern busy family ” says designer and architect Christian Bjørn. He has worked closely with Michelin-awarded cook Morten Køster, who has been part of developing the Steam Tower concept.

“Steaming is the natural and most healthy way to cook your food in a way that preserve the vitamins and minerals  ” explains Morten Køster, who has tested the Steam Tower and put together the recipe book that comes with the Steam Tower.

Name: Steam Tower

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Christian Bjørn for MENU

Price: £59.00

Elegant Water Carafe

If you like your water cold and fresh, this carafe from Menu is for you. It fits perfectly on the shelf of the refrigerator door to give you Ice cold water directly from the fridge to your dining table!

Menu’s tall, slender glass carafe is so simple and elegant that you’ll take pleasure in placing it on the table when you have guests.  Designed by Pil Bredahl, the carafe holds 0.8 litres and fits on the shelf of your fridge door, providing you with fresh cold water any time you wish during the day. Fill the carafe and chill in advance before guests arrive, so you can fully enjoy their company while the party is underway.

The carafe’s contoured form ensures a good grip and the lid features a clever mechanism that automatically opens when pouring. It’s unique pouring function helps keeps ice cubes, lime wedges, mint leaves and other tasteful garnishing inside when pouring, while ensuring that dirt and particles do not fall into the carafe when used outdoors.

In addition to this new, 0.8 litre edition, which retails at £34.95,  the carafe is also available in a 1.3 litre edition which retails at £44.95

Stylish Drip Free Water Carafe with Lid

It  good idea always to drink water when drinking wine – preferably served in a carafe that does not drip, is easy to pour and looks good on the dining table. The designer duo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen – has designed a simple, practical water carafe for Menu with the same stylish look as their New Norm Wine Breather.

 The clear, bottle-shaped New Norm Glass Carafe fits perfectly in the refrigerator door, providing chilled water at all times, and it comes with a lid to prevent the water from absorbing odours from the refrigerator.

The carafe has a completely drip-free silicone neck that prevents spots on your table. The removable silicone neck should be hand washed. The carafe itself is dishwasher safe.

The water carafe come with a white or black lid and retails at £19.95