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Day Home have some beautiful objects that will make lasting gifts. Whether you are thinking of something for Valentines or a perfect hostess present, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

The Day Bone décor bowls and balls will look beautiful in any home whether modern or more traditional, and the Day Marble lights will add charm and intrigue to a masculine study or well set dinner table. 

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 The Day Escalators in polished steel adds elegance and poise to the mantle or chest of drawers.

Prices range from £19  to £59



Ok, so we have to go through winter first, but looking at the Spring Summer 2013 Collection from Day Home it brings summer that much closer.

There are glorious coloured cushions galore in bright reds, blues, and greens and yellow.

 There are square ones, oblong ones, ones with sequins and beautifully embroidered ones. Take your pick and chose whatever you desire and matches your decor.


If you are after a more subdued colour scheme don’t fret Day Home has thought of you too. These are all printed with old Indian wooden blocks by hand. It is really amazing craftsmanship. Retails at £49.00

Cushions are priced between £35 and £89

Versus teams up with brand agency”Icons of Denmark” to enter the British market.

Versus is happy to announce the appointment of Icons of Denmark to represent Versus in the UK on both the domestic and commercial market.

More than 20 years experience in the upholstery business gave Peter Barreth and Henrik Lerche the inspiration to start a new Danish high-end brand – focusing on living room furniture, especially upholstered furniture. The idea behind Versus is to design and produce a wide variety of quality design furniture with roots in the Danish design legacy.

 Design, quality and materials are imperative, but price is also very important.  So Versus In co-operation with old trusted partners and suppliers will produce their upholstered furniture in-house. This makes it possible to present high quality furniture at attractive prices with flexible conditions. All Versus products are made in Denmark.


Versus products are designed by some of the most progressive designers on the Danish Design scene. Design Studio KiBiSi and Danish architect Bjarke Ingel is behind the ”Brick Sofa” that rethinks the entire concept of a sofa. Danish Morten Voss designed ”Landscape”. Morten Voss stands out as one of the finest exponents of the new generation of Danish design talents who dare to do their own thing.  And because of his autodidactic background he does not feel bound by tradition. We use designers that fit our ideas about form and functionality – the Danish expression and we aim for a very recognizable style where – less is more.

Versus aim to launch 5 new products in 2012. Latest addition to the collection is”Snoopy” and a unique sofa series from Iskos-Berlin as well as a lounge sofa system from Mika Tolvanen later this year. A new lounge chair from KiBiSi will also be launched in 2012 together with a book shelf concept by Versus.

Icons of Denmark Teams up with VERPAN

And appoints Gertsen PR to handle the publicity


VERPAN produces lamps, furniture and textiles designed by Verner Panton – in accordance with Panton’s original drawings and in cooperation with the Panton estate


VERPAN is re-introducing four Panton designs that were made in small quantities a long time ago, but never  launched commercially: a modular sofa, a flexible wall sculpture system, an interlocking seating and side table solution, and a table for dining or work. These new pieces show why Panton has won that reputation. But they also show another side, the pragmatic architect who was all about modularity and simple systems that just work. The combination is pure Panton – and pure genius.”



Jesper Møllgaard Jensen owner of Icons of Denmark explained, “We are delighted to have VERPAN on board. And having worked with Gertsen PR for almost 3 years on other account, we are pleased to appoint them to handle the account for VERPAN as well”.

VERPAN partners up with brand agency ”Icons of Denmark”

Icons of Denmark and VERPAN, the Danish producer of some of Verner Panton’s most iconic lamp and furniture designs join in partnership to launch Verner Panton’s designs on the British market.

VERPAN’s CEO Peter Frandsen explained “We believe that the UK market has much more to offer, and we expect a lot from the cooperation with Icons of Denmark”,

“We are very proud to take on the challenge with this new and exciting relationship with VERPAN. Through our work representing   Danish Design Icons, we are seeing a growing trend of design oriented British consumers. Whether it is a result of the popular Danish drama series Borgen and The Killing or a general increased exposure of Danish brands and products in the media we can’t tell – probably  a mixture. The bottom line is that Danish Designer Icons are “hot” in the UK right now, and Panton was without doubt one of the biggest Icons of Denmark”, says Jesper Møllgaard Jensen owner of Icons of Denmark.

 At the iSaloni in Milan this Spring, VERPAN, reintroduced the world to four Panton designs that were made in small quantities years ago, but which were never  launched commercially: a modular sofa, a flexible wall sculpturesystem, an interlocking seating and side table solution, and a table for dining or work.

According to VERPAN’s Peter Frandsen, the launch showcased some of Panton’s best work. “Panton is rightfully known as a maverick who transformed Danish Design with new materials, graphic  designs and bold colours,” he says. “These new pieces certainly show why Panton has won that reputation. But they also show another side of Panton, the pragmatic architect who was all about modularity and simple systems that just work. The combination is pure Panton – and pure genius.”

VERPAN has been represented on the British market by John Close since 2010. In the future John Close will focus on the sale of lamps from VERPAN’s mother company, Frandsen Lighting A/S. Frandsen Lighting A/S owns VERPAN 100%.

Note to editors:


VERPAN produces lamps, furniture and textiles designed by Verner Panton – in accordance with Panton’s original drawings and in cooperation with the Panton estate. For more information, visit

Finishing Touches






Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. The pretty candle holder with the right coloured candle and the napkin with a pretty napkin ring, can create a just the ambiance you want.

 DAY Home’s AW2012 range has an abundance of pretty, timeless and useful objects to help you achieve just the look you want.

Silver platters and candle holders add a touch of glamour to any room.  These retail at:  Small Tray: £85, Big Tray: £ 130, Candle Holder: £165








And these pretty napkin rings and napkin make the table setting look inviting and welcoming; Prices as follows: Napkin Ring: £11 Napkin: £9

 All stockists available from  0771 449 1688

DAY Home Pops up in Liberty



Icons of Denmark is pleased to announce that a pop up DAY Home shop will open on April 13th to August 10th at Liberty in the central atrium on the 4th floor  .


A great selection from the Spring Summer 2012 collection will be on sale as will the DAY Home furniture. The DAY Home Collection is designed by Marianne Brandi. The SS collection is DESERTED SHADES  and Marianne’s inspiration came from a quaint village house on the brink of the Nile.


Marianne Brandi is the creative spirit and head of design behind the interior and lifestyle collection DAY Home. Having worked with interior design all her professional life, Brandi joined the DAY family in 1997, where she was initially responsible for all visual communication and interior decoration of DAY¹s showrooms, trade fair stands and shops across Europe. In 2005 she took a creative leap and launched the DAY Home collection, characterized by inviting, natural and Scandinavian designs with a hint of international bohemia.














The Autumn Winter 2012 collection from DAY Home draws from the Orient for its inspiration.The word Orientalism is a term used especially in art for the imitation or depiction of aspects of Eastern cultures in the West by writers, designers and artists.

Marianne Brandi the designer behind DAY Home explained “the word filled my head with thoughts of adventure, ancient mysteries, dust, colours and smell of Eastern spice markets, extravagant jewels, and fabrics woven with gold and became my inspiration for this collection”.






The colours of the season are both precious and natural. Based on gems treasures and natural resources of the Orient and depict their authentic artwork by skilled craftspeople.


The collection encompasses both accessories and furniture.  There are cushion and rugs, lamps and trays and many, many more exciting objects on which to feast the eyes.


Icons of Denmark takes on DAY Home

And appoints GertsenPR to handle the publicity









Birger Mikkelsen is perhaps best know as a fashion house, but their home collection DAY Home is proving to be just as great a success, and like the fashion side bring you seasons of extravagant dreaming and casual luxury.

The DAY Home collection will have seasons and just like in the fashion world there will be a Spring/summer and autumn/ winter collection, plus a special Christmas collection. The collection is large and varied and includes furniture as well as accessories.

Christian Skovhus, Managing Director of Icons of Denmark explained: “We are really pleased to have DAY Home on board. Birger Mikkelsen is a remarkable company and with DAY Home have effortlessly moved into the home market. They have had great success in their native Denmark and we are sure they will repeat this in the UK”.  “GertsenPR has been appointed to handle the publicity for Day. We have worked with them for more than two years on other accounts and look forward to doing so on DAY Home”, said Christian.

The autumn/winter 2012 collection will be in the stores from the end of August.





Bjørn Sofa



HAY wanted to make a light sofa with soft rounded shapes to make it welcoming and informal while keeping it firm. From beginning to end the design process has been very “hands on” to get exactly the right shapes, curves and stitches. Bjørn was born.

The slender frame contrasts the voluminous body and legs lifts the seats from the floor making it seem lighter. The armrests seem to hug the seat. Stitching has been minimized and each seat, backrest and armrest is upholstered in just one piece of fabric to make the edges soft and round. The frame is made from extruded aluminum and available in chrome, powder coated or with upholstery in the same fabric as the sofa.

Bjørn is currently available as a 3-seater with two wide seats,

Bjørn is a sofa suitable for contract as well as private market.

 RRP from £1949.00


Inner frame: Solid pine

Seat: Nozaq springs and foam

Frame: Casted aluminium, extruded aluminium


3-seater: L 227,6 x D 79/57 x H 67,5/45 cm













Colours add character and expression

Colour can make all the difference and change our perception of a room – from cold to warm, subtle to elegant, wild to explosive. It personalises a room.

 Christian Skovhus Managing Director of Icons of Denmark said “ using colour is an art which requires some degree of courage. The surroundings may invite the use of strong colour or light subtle colours. The Montana colour palette offers seven colour families consisting of 49 colours in lacquer and veneer. Just let the colours express your personal style”.

 The seven colour families are:

Black Zone, White Zone, Urban Nature, Candy, Coco, Global and Manga 

There are 42 different 4 depths, 49 colours and 10 designs and prices start at £250 per unit.