Welcome to Holly&Lil The Groomers – our latest exciting venture

HBD_Groomers_base9The Groomers finally opened on 25th July 2015 at 90 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 4TP – just ten days after our tenth birthday – I hope many of you will come and check us out. Email [email protected] or call 0207 237 7226 or 0203 287 3024.   Now you can drop your dog off for a Full Monty Groom and go check out the local sights and shop and then return and get your dog and go try one of the delicious restaurants in Bermondsey St, which is 2 mins away.

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At Holly&Lil The Groomers we aim to provide a first class service but we do not pander to fads here. The dogs always come first. We will not paint your pooches nails or colour their hair, though a squirt of sweet smelling Spritzer is never out of place. We will ensure we use the best products and equipment and have super qualified stylists giving seriously great haircuts and treatments that will enhance each dogs individual beauty. All of our Groomers are Scissor Advanced Award Winners and have worked at top Salons, eg Harrods Spa.  Training for well over 3 years and many working as long again.  We have been proud to call them friends and customers and now colleagues.

     Bulldog Bathing Closer  Archie  Akita bathing solo

It has been a project long in the pipeline.  Years ago when we started supplying Harrods with our collars we became friendly with the Pet Spa Groomers there.  They all buy our collars and have been down to our shop at 103 Bermondsey St many times. As our friendships grew the seed was sewn but there was no room at Bermondsey St for a Groomers let alone THE GROOMERS.

                                    Labradoodle grooming tag team          Yorkie Nail Clipped

Here are a few examples of the fabulous work the girls have done in their first few days;

           Labradoodle Grooming Oscar         Yorkie Grooming Tilly

This year Elaine started to look and the very first shop she saw, just a few minutes from Bermondsey St fitted the bill right away. And we jumped in.  Elaine planned every detail of the shop herself with customers helping and offering their services.  Local tradesmen were used and local builders. And Elaine felt like the character in the Costner Film ‘Field of dreams’ …. ”If we build it they will come” and look even more wonderful when they leave!  We have bought only the best be it the brushes, the shampoos or the electric lighted tables.  We hope the Grooming experience and our Groomers skills will set us apart from other Spas or Groomers.  Your dog is worth it and we plan to make our service second to none!

Truman tarnsformed

Our aim is to achieve superb standards of quality and customer service and satisfaction at The Groomers that we have strived for at The Collar Makers for years.  Wonderful products made with love.  We also have a full range of our collars at 90 Tower Bridge Road and some gorgeous toys and treats and shampoos and ‘other stuff’ we have selected to make your shopping experience as much fun as we can.  Quality and love and a hefty dose of fun – all the values that have made Holly&Lil a joy for all these years.  Email [email protected] or call 0207 237 7226 or 0203 287 3024 for a booking

Or call Elaine 07811715452 for more info. High Res Images available

Happy Birthday to Holly&Lil

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015.


In Spring 2002, two apparently identical, fluffy, black puppies met on Primrose Hill and began to play. Holly, (the collie cross) and Lil, (the flatcoat retriever) joined forces for many long walks whilst their owners, discussed life and other stuff – such as why you could never buy really wonderful dog collars? And Holly&Lil was born

Webshop opened in 2005 – www.hollyandlil.co.uk.

Shop, 103 Bermondsey Street opened In 2007. It has been a great success and has been included in Vogues secret Diary, Time Outs top 100 and won the Kennel Clubs award ‘Open for Dogs Somewhere on the high street’

Few changes over the years – Lily’s owner, Sarah, left in 2010 and Lily sadly died a year later. But Elaine and Holly are still fit as fleas and the company staff are well loved by our clients; (who we call our Pack Members).

Holly&Lil became a Ltd company in 2012 – Holly&Lil The Collar Makers Ltd, We aim to continue proudly as a small, British craft company making a bespoke luxury product and following in the long tradition of English leatherwork. With plans to expand this year….

Holly&Lil is a favourite with many celebs (and their dogs) from Gok Wan to Mickey Rourke, (he now buys online since Jonathan Ross gave him 5 on his show years ago). We are thankful for their support.

But for H&L it’s all about the dogs….We create in every size, adapting our designs to tailor-make them for the tiniest and giant breeds alike. Today our handmade collars are worn by dogs and cats all over the world, from Brighton to Bangkok and from Moscow to Tokyo.

Celebrations this year include launch of new collections inspired by a few Client bespoke creations. The first two will be shown at Crufts this Year – Flower Garden dog collar and Leopard Rose Dog Collars. http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/flower-garden-dog-collar-exclusive-1752-p.asp


High Res Pictures available at www.hollyandlil.com call Elaine for details 07811 715 452 or email [email protected]

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Spring Collection 2015…

This year, to celebrate our birthday, we have taken our inspiration from our clients bespoke choices.

The first is Rubie’s Leopard Rose. A fabulous addition to our Safari range.

Over the years this has been possibly the most popular but I could not quite find the perfect Candy Pink to make it a standard Holly&Lil. Well we have now and here it is:


We will launch it at Crufts this March and it will be available online from 6th March.

Prices start from £49

hl1                     hl2

Our second Launch this spring is Maisie Moos Flower Garden

Since the launch of Union Rose Flower Collar we have made a few bespoke choices – for our Birthday year we will offer a few colour ways at no bespoke charge.


Beautifully Hand crafted Calf leather flowers in Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink…… suitable for everyday wear as long as your dog is not an all in wrestler.

Prices from £90                                                                                                                              

hl4                      hl3

hl7 hl6 hl5

How Holly&Lil came to be at the National Portrait Gallery

h&l met gallery

Holly&Lil’s Pirate Harness is one of their most popular products and now it can be viewed by thousands at the National Portrait Gallery – here is how.

Henrietta called to buy her puglet Ollie a new UK harness and at the same time told us her wonderful news – both she and her Hubby, Tim Hall, are artists and have been included in the BP portrait award list that will be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery exhibition. 26th June to 21st September.

This is Tim’s painting and Ollie is featured in his Pirate harness.

Then we spoke and she explained she has spent years painting the great chefs of the World; (at the moment she is working on a portrait of René Redzepi of Noma in Copenhagen – repeatedly voted the best restaurant in the world. That is who Tim shows her painting on her easel).

Henrietta’s 7ft painting of James Martin also made the list; it’s the first time a husband and wife have both made the list in the 25 years of the competition.

Congratulations to Henrietta and Tim – we can’t wait to see the painting at the Gallery.

Pirate Harness available at Holly&Lil


Summer 2013 Cool Britannia at Holly&Lil


Last year we had a ball with our Jubilee collar – this year to celebrate the Queens coronation celebrations and the birth of the new Royal in the summer we are launching our Cool Britannia collar to carry on the dog save the Queen theme.

Sewn on one of our Holly&Lil Red Calf leather collars it is a dog collar bunting festa with UK flags and glass beads with Swarovski crystal pearls!

Too Cool Britannia indeed and all handmade in England!

Prices start at £72 and available in all sizes and for all Breeds – Size 1/2 to 11 and beyond…..

Available from end of June in our shop in Bermondsey Street London SE1 and online from July http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/cool-britannia-1034-p.asp

For further information, please contact Elaine Jones on 07811 715452
You can also e-mail us at [email protected]

Crufts Launch of Holly&Lil’s Spring Collar – Dolly Day Dream


A magical mix of Russian style Matryoshka Dolls or incredibly sweet and stylish Japanese Girlies enamel charms and stylish beading. With Jonquil Swarovski Bicones and AB Flowers to add a finishing touch of glitter to the collar. It is sewn on handmade in London dark Turquoise Calf collar. Matching leads are available. Prices start at £70

The collar will be launched at Crufts 2013 to the public and be on sale on the website from Thursday 7th March to coincide with this.


Holly&Lil – Hall 2, Stand 12

Contact: Elaine 07811 715 452

Web: www.hollyandlil.co.uk

Shop: 103 Bermondsey St, London SE1

Present Ideas Galore for Pets and Pet Lovers

It hardly matters which breed you of dog love the most Holly&lil have some cracking presents for pet lover this Christmas.

Delightful mugs with dog heads for handles sell at £20.00. Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of your favourite breed for £25 a set. Dog door stops £24.00 or if you want to be patriotic you can have a Union Jack one for £25.00.

There are cushions for £50. Bone China mugs with pictures of dogs for £9.00. And if you take your pet on holiday some dog or cat passport holders which retail at £20.00.

Acrylic dog bowls decorated with bones in two sizes medium £22, large £30.00.As well as various greeting cards in prices ranging from £2.50 – to £3.75.

And Cat Lovers have not been forgotten:

There are cat toys from £1-£5. Lavender cushions at £20.00 Lavender doorstop at £22 and notebooks, £17 or photo albums at £36.00.

Happy Christmas from Holly&Lil

A Royal Banquet

It is a right Royal feast at Holly&lil as they introduce some smashing new products to their range:  Hand-made pottery bowls with inscriptions, Dog Save the Queen or  A Royal Banquet, the latter complete with Diamante round the flag.

There are door stops in the shape of dogs (Bulldog or Basset) covered in Union Jack material and made from spongeable cotton and of course their beautifully handmade collars.

Doorstops Bulldog or Basset – £25

Dog Save the Queen £35-£55 small medium and large

Royal Banquet with Diamante – £41-£60 small medium and large

UK collars from £100

Bridal collars from £66
Welsh Flag collar from £86


Wedding Woofs

2011 is destined to be The Wedding Year, so if you are planning on getting “hitched” this year, don’t forget man’s best friend. You dog(s) are very much part of the family and many wants them to be involved in this special day. Bespoke collar maker Holly&Lil has come up with a whole collection of traditional and non traditional wedding collar ideas which can be hand made to order…

Holly&Lil offer couture in the truest sense of the word, allowing the wedding couple to commission something wholly unique for The Best Dog!Â

All the collars are hand made to order and ideas range from kitsch-chic charm collars, which can be totally personalised, to leathers matched to the wedding’s theme colours.  Holly&Lil will even make collars which incorporate customers’ own fabrics – whether it be a clan tartan or the wedding dress material.


Many dogs are also acting as ring bearers at weddings and wedding veil civil ceremonies and Holly&Lil can incorporate a special purse into the collar or its matching lead to safely carry the precious bands!  Prices for Holly&Lil collars start from £32 for coloured leathers, £69 for charms, £49 for fabrics and  Harnesses from £125.


Best Dressed Dogs Wear Brocade for the Festive Season

Holly & Lil decided to relaunch their beautiful Brocade collection in time for the festive season for  three reasons but mostly because they love it and so do their customers.

The Brocade collars are good for everyday use and are happy to take regular wetting,  mud and fox poo rolling from active dogs.  The backing is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur. Customers report that they are thrilled that although these collars are so durable, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.

However,  if your dog is a constant  neck ‘scratcher’, you will need to make sure that his or her claws are not tearing the weave of the Brocade.

All colourways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”.
Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the
Bespoke Option below to select.
NB: Sizes ½ and 1 ‘miniwides’ lightweight collars are specially designed for mini breeds such as Chihuahuas.  Small terriers are better suited by our ‘Slim 5/8” full buckle’ design.

Prices from £48.00



Holly& Lil New Pebbles Range Capture the Autumn Perfectly


Holly&Lil goes natural this season with the delicious new Pebbles Range. They come in the most scrumptious trendy colours of this autumn.

Rich Chocolate or Sand/Fawn silky cowhides piped and backed with Brown. Lilac Grey piped and backed with French Navy.  Deep Black made into Midnight by the French Navy piping but backed with Black Calf.  And to complete the range Purple piped and backed with Chocolate Plum. Like heathers coming down to a British pebble beach – HEAVEN!

The collars will suit both Town and Country dogs – both can run wild in these cowskins which are lovely and tough too. Wear them as everyday collars, they wallow in mud, water etc these collars weather it all.

The backing is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.
 All colour ways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”. 


Prices from: £44.00 

Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the Bespoke Option below to select.