Rosamund Coady

Rosamund Coady
is showing at MADE LONDON – Marylebone The Design and Craft Fair
Stand 86 in the Soane Hall


At this year’s craft event, Made Marylebone, potter Rosamund Coady is exhibiting an installation of tea-cups inspired by Japanese craft, design and visual sensibilities. Rosamund says: “I create my work round a theme, researching a topic in depth, then using my sense of curiosity, I work with the clay to lead me towards a new story”.

Rosamund studied at Camberwell Art School. Whilst her kids were growing up she did not work professionally, although she would show among friends After a gap of 35 years, she attended a class organised by potter Daphne Carnegie. “It felt so natural to be making pieces from clay again, and I overcame technical difficulties and learnt to mix up my own glazes. I was finally making pieces I was happy with. When I made the decision to set up my own studio, my confidence began to build, and I started showing and selling my work, developing a small and loyal clientele” Rosamund explains.

Rosamund now participates in local craft fairs and more recently set up her own solo shows in venues in London.

You can buy her lovely pottery from  and, of course, at Made London.

MADE LONDON – Marylebone the Design and Craft Fair

is open 24 -27 October, 10.30 – 5 PM


Further information from: [email protected]




Bespoke and Beautiful – The Artemis Collection

Holly&Lil’s Artemis range are subtly beautiful new collars out this Autumn.  Inspired by the Greek Goddess, Artemis, the Huntress and the iconic, fabulous traditional riding boots ,  the collars are made from gloriously sumptuous Black Calf leather piped with either Tan or Mulberry. 


All the fittings are Brass. 

The collars will be made to order specially for you and can take up to 8 weeks to create, though with two workshops up and running now H&L are hoping to cut delivery  times down.

 The collars are available in sizes 1 and above from October . Prices from £54 – see Holly&Lil Classic Collection collars

A Royal Banquet

It is a right Royal feast at Holly&lil as they introduce some smashing new products to their range:  Hand-made pottery bowls with inscriptions, Dog Save the Queen or  A Royal Banquet, the latter complete with Diamante round the flag.

There are door stops in the shape of dogs (Bulldog or Basset) covered in Union Jack material and made from spongeable cotton and of course their beautifully handmade collars.

Doorstops Bulldog or Basset – £25

Dog Save the Queen £35-£55 small medium and large

Royal Banquet with Diamante – £41-£60 small medium and large

UK collars from £100

Bridal collars from £66
Welsh Flag collar from £86

Fly the Flag with Holly&Lil Exclusive



 Holly&Lil were thrilled when they discovered The Pet Jeweller created by Cathy Hawkes. A silversmith by trade she found it difficult to find anything individual for her own dogs and saw a gap in the market for dog jewellery. The UK tag is exlusive to Holly&Lil

 The tags are handmade and hand finished. For this reason, no tag will ever be the same, (soooooo Holly&Lil).  The price includes the tag and the engraving

 The tags have been tried and tested by Cathy’s own dogs, As with all metal it will dull after a while due to the little nicks and scratches of wear and tear. You can buff the tag with some very fine wet and dry sandpaper or ask The Pet Jeweller to re-polish the tag to it’s original shine.


The information you wish to be marked on the back is hand stamped. Different to engraving, it gives a deeper impression and will last longer. UK law requires that the very minimum information on the tag should be your address and postcode. The Pet Jeweller advises having house number and postcode.

The Holly&Lil exclusive tag comes in two sizes and is made from brass and silver.

UK flag retails Small £31 and Large £36  + postage.

Available in store or online in “The Holly&Lil Bazaar”


The one metre tall vase weighs almost 25 kilograms — quite a technical feat to produce. It is decorated with the best-known and loved Herend pattern,  Victoria, which was named in honour of the former British Monarch Queen Victoria. Excerpts from the national anthems of EU member states are inscribed in gold lettering among the pale green flowers and butterflies of the décor.

During the Presidency, the vase will be on display at the Grassalkovich Palace in Gödöllő, which will host the majority of the informal Council meetings in Hungary.

Best Dressed Dogs Wear Brocade for the Festive Season

Holly & Lil decided to relaunch their beautiful Brocade collection in time for the festive season for  three reasons but mostly because they love it and so do their customers.

The Brocade collars are good for everyday use and are happy to take regular wetting,  mud and fox poo rolling from active dogs.  The backing is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur. Customers report that they are thrilled that although these collars are so durable, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.

However,  if your dog is a constant  neck ‘scratcher’, you will need to make sure that his or her claws are not tearing the weave of the Brocade.

All colourways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”.
Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the
Bespoke Option below to select.
NB: Sizes ½ and 1 ‘miniwides’ lightweight collars are specially designed for mini breeds such as Chihuahuas.  Small terriers are better suited by our ‘Slim 5/8” full buckle’ design.

Prices from £48.00

Kadogs Tags for your little Gems (Cats & Dogs) now from Holly &Lil

Holly & Lil have long been admired for their gorgeous collars and leads and now they have  added something really special to go with them – a unique dog tag from Kadogs. For our little gems Kadogs have decided to use only the finest gemstones – genuine diamonds and topaz in a wide range of colours.

The tags are made of stainless steel and are turned from a solid steel bar, so they are very hardy. They are made in the workshop in Germany where best quality stainless steel is used that’s absolutely anti allergic.  The laser engraving won’t rub off as it is “burnt” into the steel. Also the black and golden coating used is a special technical procedure that joints the surface of the steel and hardens it, so it is extremely hard wearing. And of course Kadogs are all dog lovers and have “test worn” the tags with three dogs for quite a while and the gemstones are fine, the engraving hasn’t suffered and they still look very good.

The tags are available in matte and polished finish.  On the polished surface you will see very fine scratches from the wear and tear, so if you’ve got a bit of a playful, rough little companion  we would recommend the matte finish, (either in basic steel colour or in black or golden).  If the dog is older and/or more gentle the polished ones are absolutely fine.  Of course Kadogs give a guarantee so if anything should be wrong with the tag, you can return it to Kadogs and get it replaced.

Kadogs tags are handmade in Germany with meticulous attention to detail and engraved with your name or telephone number (or any text of your choice.)