Happy Birthday to Holly&Lil

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015.


In Spring 2002, two apparently identical, fluffy, black puppies met on Primrose Hill and began to play. Holly, (the collie cross) and Lil, (the flatcoat retriever) joined forces for many long walks whilst their owners, discussed life and other stuff – such as why you could never buy really wonderful dog collars? And Holly&Lil was born

Webshop opened in 2005 – www.hollyandlil.co.uk.

Shop, 103 Bermondsey Street opened In 2007. It has been a great success and has been included in Vogues secret Diary, Time Outs top 100 and won the Kennel Clubs award ‘Open for Dogs Somewhere on the high street’

Few changes over the years – Lily’s owner, Sarah, left in 2010 and Lily sadly died a year later. But Elaine and Holly are still fit as fleas and the company staff are well loved by our clients; (who we call our Pack Members).

Holly&Lil became a Ltd company in 2012 – Holly&Lil The Collar Makers Ltd, We aim to continue proudly as a small, British craft company making a bespoke luxury product and following in the long tradition of English leatherwork. With plans to expand this year….

Holly&Lil is a favourite with many celebs (and their dogs) from Gok Wan to Mickey Rourke, (he now buys online since Jonathan Ross gave him 5 on his show years ago). We are thankful for their support.

But for H&L it’s all about the dogs….We create in every size, adapting our designs to tailor-make them for the tiniest and giant breeds alike. Today our handmade collars are worn by dogs and cats all over the world, from Brighton to Bangkok and from Moscow to Tokyo.

Celebrations this year include launch of new collections inspired by a few Client bespoke creations. The first two will be shown at Crufts this Year – Flower Garden dog collar and Leopard Rose Dog Collars. http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/flower-garden-dog-collar-exclusive-1752-p.asp


High Res Pictures available at www.hollyandlil.com call Elaine for details 07811 715 452 or email [email protected]

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Summer 2013 Cool Britannia at Holly&Lil


Last year we had a ball with our Jubilee collar – this year to celebrate the Queens coronation celebrations and the birth of the new Royal in the summer we are launching our Cool Britannia collar to carry on the dog save the Queen theme.

Sewn on one of our Holly&Lil Red Calf leather collars it is a dog collar bunting festa with UK flags and glass beads with Swarovski crystal pearls!

Too Cool Britannia indeed and all handmade in England!

Prices start at £72 and available in all sizes and for all Breeds – Size 1/2 to 11 and beyond…..

Available from end of June in our shop in Bermondsey Street London SE1 and online from July http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/cool-britannia-1034-p.asp

For further information, please contact Elaine Jones on 07811 715452
You can also e-mail us at [email protected]

Mods and Rockers around the Christmas Tree 2012 at Holly&Lil



Rocker Jackcarries on our 60’s inspired Autumn collection with Hot leather and Chrome….. stunning limited edition handmade in UK Black calf with Vanilla and Pacific Grey union Jack and Black patent piping.  The matching lead completes the impact.



Rocker Jack will be available online, in our Town&Country department, from Late September and in our shop in Bermondsey St

Prices start at £110




Quadropheniastunning handmade in UK Navy Harness with Blue, Vanilla and Red target on the chest and a stripe on  top that matches the lead to be a complete style icon!




Quadrophenia Harness  will be available online, in our Harness department, from Late September and in our shop in Bermondsey St, London SE1

Prices start at £120



For further information, please contact Elaine Jones on 07811 715452. 
You can also e-mail us at [email protected] 


Autumn 2012 dog and cat collections at Holly&Lil


 “All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey I went for a walk on a winters day!… 



 Ophelia is a handsewn bejewelled dream on Brown Calf. It was inspired by a kooky mix of the Mamas and the Papas “California Dreaming”,  Autumn leaves and is also is a homage to John Everett Millais’ Ophelia.



Ophelia has Gold Sequins with Semi Precious Tiger’s eye, Jasper (both chatoyant gemstones). Goldstone and green and gold and copper Swarovski Crystals and Crystal  Pearls, with a teeny touch of Carnelian, Adventurine, Amethyst and Turquoise – all handsewn onto a Holly&Lil Chocolate Brown Calf collar. Just delicious

Ophelia Will be available online. in our Semi Precious department, from Late September Prices start at £82


Then there is the wild and amazing DreamCatcher.  Our latest crazy Holly&Lil urban Boho fantasy.  You have to have a touch of the free spirit of the 60’s to appreciate this collar – just way too much hippie chic – but super fly! California Dreamin this AUtumn at Holly&Lil…

Dreamcatcher will be available online. in our Boho department, from Late September Prices start at £90 

For further information, please contact Elaine Jones on 07811 715452. 







To celebrate the Jubilee Holly&Lil have proudly created this limited edition Queens Head Coin collar to celebrate the Jubilee 2012!  

It is a limited edition and created on a Holly&Lil Black Patent Calf front and Black Calf back charm collar.  

With Red, White and Blue beading!

Sumptuous and perfect to catch the glint and twinkle of all the cameras who will want a piccy of your dog in this collar!

The collar will be available on the web from 21st April 2012 to honour the Queen on her Birthday!

Prices from £70


For high resolution image contact  Elaine – 07811 715 452 or email her at [email protected]



 To celebrate The Olympics in London 2012 Holly&Lil have expanded their Fly the flag range to feature more collars from around the World.

A unique occasion demands a unique dog collar for your unique dog!

All are handmade to order in London – so plan ahead and order soon, as they can  take 4-6 weeks to create.

Some of these collars are the finest in our design and creation – works of art that a dog can wear everyday!

See http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/fly-the-flag-collectionbr-76-c.asp

or in our shop in London – 103 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XB

Prices from £83


High Resolution Images available from our Press Site – please contact Elaine Jones on 07811 715452. 

You can also e-mail us at [email protected] 


Best Lead at The Oscars went to Holly&Lil

Having got a “brief” from Omar Von Muller and his wife Mercy Holly&Lil designed two collar and lead sets specially for Uggie: the black patent bow with gold spots and black calf front with Gold piping and matching lead being a hot contender for the Oscars. http://t.co/hQkPKljK
On the night however Uggie was coordinated in a bow-tie matching the actor Jean Dujardin….. but the Holly&Lil lead, with it’s signature heart, made the carpet.
Holly&Lil are world famous for the bespoke collars and leads. And it is easy to see why.
The philosophy behind Holly&Lil is to combine the British tradition of quality handmade leatherwork with a keen design edge which no other company can match. All the collars are designer originals and made in London, England. Exciting new collections are introduced every season and Holly&Lil also offers a unique ‘Make Me One’ Bespoke service – used by show dog owners and many other people who want their dogs to wear complete one-offs.
 So whether you are off to the Oscars or for a walk in the park, Holly&Lil have a special collar and lead just for your very special friend.

Spring Collars

Spring is in air and Holly & Lil has some beautiful new collars for your favourite friend to make them look even more special.

Forrester Tartan Twill Collars










A new edition to their Town&Country, “everyday”  









collars  the delicious Forrester Tartan Twill is piped and backed with British Racing Green Calf leather.100% wool kilting, woven in Scotland,combines beautifully with soft, supple calf leather. Handmade in England by our craftsman. Prices from£49 and for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Bull Mastiffs.


 The Great Gatsby Collar 

 Holly&Lils delicious retro feel Swarovski crystal collar is  inspired by the Great Gatsby. Elegant but a trifle decadent: shimmering fairytale collar with Butterflies and Flowers and shinning hearts – cascading in a delicate garland – a gorgeous homage to F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel and to celebrate the Leonardo di Caprio film coming out this year.


All Handsewn in London. Fabulous on Gold Nappa. Prices from £82 and for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Bull Mastiffs. 


The Amethryst Pearl


March is the month of the Amethyst and H&L have created a beautiful encrusted semi precious collar on Lilac Calf – lovely!  Amethyst has properties to heal your dog and keep them cool headed.  


Handsewn in London with Fire crystals, Swarovksi crystals and Crystal Pearls and Mother of Pearl  GORGEOUS. Prices from £82 and for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Bull Mastiffs.  


 First outing for all 3 collars at Crufts (Holly&Lil Hall 2, Stand 12) 8–11 March

then available on our website from 8th March 2012 – www.hollyandlil.co.uk

and in our shop 103 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XB

Call 07811 715 452 for details or 0203 287 3024




Bespoke and Beautiful – The Artemis Collection

Holly&Lil’s Artemis range are subtly beautiful new collars out this Autumn.  Inspired by the Greek Goddess, Artemis, the Huntress and the iconic, fabulous traditional riding boots ,  the collars are made from gloriously sumptuous Black Calf leather piped with either Tan or Mulberry. 


All the fittings are Brass. 

The collars will be made to order specially for you and can take up to 8 weeks to create, though with two workshops up and running now H&L are hoping to cut delivery  times down.

 The collars are available in sizes 1 and above from October . Prices from £54 – see Holly&Lil Classic Collection collars http://www.hollyandlil.co.uk/hollylil-classic-designs-made-to-order-so-can-take-a-little-longer-but-worth-the-wait-88-c.asp




Holly&Lil have pulled out all the stops this Christmas so that you dog can be the Belle of the Ball during the festive season with The Matrix and Crystal Palace Semi-precious collars.


The Matrix

This stylish black collar is encrusted with tumbled gemstone chips and beads. There’s Black Onyx (traditionally for power), Mother of Pearl (money), Black Swarovski Crystal  Pearls, Lapis Lazuli, (Mental Calm and Vitality) Swarovski crystals and Goldstone (vitality)  with the odd fire crystal thrown in for shimmer and style


The Crystal Palace

If you prefer a shimmering silver white Christmas  this collar is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, Fire crystals, Mother of Pearl, Swarovski Crystal Pearls.


Both are available for all sizes of dogs and prices start at £81 for size 1/2 up to £225 for size 10.  Though larger sizes are available to order.

All are hand made.











The Christmas Star

The Traditionalists among you might prefer the red Christmas Star collar which just for Christmas 2011 comes with a beautiful garland design of Swarovski Crystals  and Crystal pearls. As usual it is hand made from the finest calf leather. 

It retails from £81 for a size 1/2 to £225 for a size 10.  Larger sizes available to order.









Present Ideas Galore for Pets and Pet Lovers

It hardly matters which breed you of dog love the most Holly&lil have some cracking presents for pet lover this Christmas.

Delightful mugs with dog heads for handles sell at £20.00. Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of your favourite breed for £25 a set. Dog door stops £24.00 or if you want to be patriotic you can have a Union Jack one for £25.00.

There are cushions for £50. Bone China mugs with pictures of dogs for £9.00. And if you take your pet on holiday some dog or cat passport holders which retail at £20.00.

Acrylic dog bowls decorated with bones in two sizes medium £22, large £30.00.As well as various greeting cards in prices ranging from £2.50 – to £3.75.

And Cat Lovers have not been forgotten:

There are cat toys from £1-£5. Lavender cushions at £20.00 Lavender doorstop at £22 and notebooks, £17 or photo albums at £36.00.

Happy Christmas from Holly&Lil