Caviar and fine dark chocolate have long been associated with the Champagne Lifestyle.

Now Rococo has taken English caviar infused Cornish sea salt from the Exmore Caviar Company, and transformed the grains into subtly salted dark chocolate pearls*.

The result is an incredible umami experience, and it is a unique gift for the connoisseur, dinner party host or could be used to bring a unique chef-y twist to any dish, sweet or savoury.

Exclusive to Rococo, this caviar comes in a beautiful tin designed by Chantal Coady OBE, founder, owner and creative director of Rococo Chocolates.

Chantal said, “I am really excited about our latest innovation. It has been great fun working with the Exmoor Caviar Company who produce the very first truly British caviar, from sturgeons raised on Exmoor.”

*Fine single origin 75% Tanzanian chocolate.

The tin contains 45g & retails at £20.00

Launching at the Paris Salon du Chocolat,

October 27th – November 1st.


Best of British: A Staycation for Rococo flavours in 2017


Having jetted around the world exploring exotic flavours last year, and with all the World Events, Rococo Chocolates has decided to celebrate what is close to home and is staying in the UK for 2017 and finding exciting local specialities, distinct flavours and seasonal ingredients – all the goodness the regions have to offer.  The Spring Collection takes us to the North and Wales. The beauty of Wales brings gifts from nature with Pembrokeshire Sea Salt and a delicate Rosewater: the only one from welsh-grown roses. For the North, Karen Waller, head chocolatier and her team worked their magic on local classics, with Liquorice, Rhubarb, and a Bakewell Pudding. The selection is both beautiful and delicious.


Sea Salted Caramel

A dark, smoky caramel, with Halen Môn oak-smoked sea salt, decorated with spirulina to look like the crashing waves of the Welsh coast.



Rose of the Valleys

A traditional, soft fondant, flavoured with a hint of delicate ‘Petals of the Valley’ Rosa Damascena rosewater, distilled in copper stills in the Monmouthshire valleys.


Rhubarb & Liquorice

Paying tribute to Yorkshire, the chocolatiers combined the Liquorice of Pontefract Cake nostalgia with Rhubarb, in homage to the home of the Rhubarb Triangle.




Cherry Bakewell

Dark, Cherry jelly and Amaretto-laced marzipan come together to form a delicious, chocolate version of the Derbyshire classic.”



The Spring collection is available in Rococo stores and online anyday now, in 12 and 4 choc boxes £17.95 and £6.50 and loose in store too at £14.20 per 100g. 

Sack Cloth & Ashes or Chocolate & Charity?

Chocolate has long been top of the list of things to give up for Lent, and now Rococo Chocolates has come up with a revolutionary idea: the Absolution bar. By buying your favourite bar, you are making a donation of £1.00 which goes to the The Lent Appeal 2017 in the Parish of St Paul’s Knightsbridge*. The bar will be given a special Absolution wrapper; the design is a collaboration with Mr Smith’s Letterpress. The inspiration came following a challenge from the Rev Alan Gyle*, to Chantal Coady OBE, founder and owner of Rococo Chocolates, she explained: “As a ‘good’ Convent girl,  I was always encouraged to give up chocolate for Lent which I found a trial. I would have loved the opportunity to pay for my indulgences… now I can make up for lost time!”

ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG (Broadcaster and TV Presenter of BBC1’s Pointless):

“I’ve always struggled to give up chocolate for the season of Lent. Here is a great way of giving in to temptation and doing good at the same time – with Absolution! This partnership between my London church and one of my favourite Chocolate Companies is a great opportunity to support the ALMA Link between the Diocese of London and the Church in Angola and Mozambique.”

THE REVEREND RICHARD COLES (Broadcaster and Vicar)

During my time in the Parish of St Paul’s Knightsbridge it was only prayer and the Rococo Chocolate shop in Motcomb Street that kept me sane! This delicious collaboration between two of Belgravia’s great institutions is a win-win for the holy season of Lent: chocolate for you and the knowledge that you’re supporting an emerging and fruitful partnership between one of the world’s most privileged corners in London’s Belgravia and one of the world’s poorest in Mozambique.

SAHAR HASHEMI OBE (co-founder of Coffee Republic, Skinny Candy, author and speaker)

Our church is always looking for ways to transform life and to make a connection between daily living and the work of the Kingdom of God. Chantal Coady OBE and Fr Alan Gyle have come up with a simple, delicious and clever way of contributing to the Lent Appeal in 2017. And of course if you feel guilty about eating the chocolate yourself during the Lenten season of austerity, you can either keep it for Easter or buy it and give it as a gift – a gift that gives twice!

*The Lent Appeal 2017 in the Parish of St Paul’s Knightsbridge is in support of an emerging link between one of London’s most privileged parishes and one of the world’s poorest – All Saints Namhavila in Mozambique. This new partnership is just the latest expression of a longstanding link between the Diocese of London and the Church in Angola and Mozambique (The ALMA Link).

St Paul’s Knightsbridge: registered charity No. 1134857

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday March 1st 2017

The traditional 40 day fast runs up to midnight on Easter Saturday April 12th.

Be seduced by Rococo’s new arrival, a deep dark milk chocolate addition to the Bee Bar collection

Made with Rococo’s new 50% cocoa organic milk chocolate, Orange Blossom Neroli, will have you swooning. The beautiful wrapper has been painted by Chantal Coady OBE and depicts the delicate Moroccan orange blossom and the fruit itself. Made using one of the most prized organic essential perfume oils, carefully balanced with the rich chocolate, Neroli is renowned for its calming and soothing qualities, helping anxiety and nerves and inducing a good nights sleep.

The Bee Bar is just the right size for a small treat at any time of the day. So be kind to yourself, put your feet up, relax, unwind and enjoy the delicate flavours.

Bee Bars retail at £1.60 and weights in at 20g.  Available in shops and on-line.

There are 15 different flavoured Bee Bars

The Journey Round the World ends with Rococo’s Winter Collection

Rococo ends its round the world voyage as it began, with ingredients from some far-away places: bringing inspiring flavours to put a bit of zest into the cold, dark days and nights of Winter. It is the season of citrus so the Chocolatiers have brought together zesty flavours, unusual fruits and spices and even the distinctively delicious taste of Rooibos Red Bush tea for you to enjoy.

Japan: Yuzu & Sake

A Ganache of 64% chocolate and fruit puree. Japan’s citrus fruit isn’t for the faint-hearted. Pucker up!

Grenada:  Banana and Nutmeg

Soft notes of banana blended to a firm ganache, with fruity Grenadian chocolate and warming nutmeg.

New Zealand: Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)

Mouth-watering, fruity jelly and chewy toffee, both made from the uniquely flavoured fruit that has the texture of quince and opens with the Winter chills.

South Africa: Citrus Rooibos

Winter brings a wonderful harvest of citrus. Rococo blended the sharpness of Blood Orange with a dark ganache infused with Waterloo Tea’s fantastic Citrus Rooibos.

The Winter Collection is available in boxes  of  4 chocolates £6.50 or 12 chocolates £17.95 or you can buy them  loose £13.50 for 100g.  In Rococo shops now.

Christmas in July with Rococo Chocolates

Picture1Oh Yes, it is that time of year again.

Come for breakfast, lunch or tea and sample the delicious cakes, spreads


Cool down with Rococo’s new ice creams

See the exciting products Rococo chocolates are bringing out

for Christmas 2016,

Figurines including Santas (of course) cigars, giant bars, luxurious hamper,

delicious handmade ganaches in pretty boxes, chocolate lollipops,

 and we will be launching our first ever Rococo scented candle


5th July from 10 AM to 5PM


5 Motcomb Street



RSVP:  Britta at
[email protected]

My Boy Lollipop

Lollies Easter 2016 024Not that we know the Easter lollipops from Rococo Chocolate are all boys, but we do know that are all animals associated with Easter: bunny, chicken and lamb and with some most unusual ingredients!

Lapin a la moutarde

Milk chocolate bunny is made from 40% cocoa house milk choc blend, with white chocolate decorations.  Flavoured with mustard for that extra tang.

Lemon and tarragon chicken

White chocolate chick – flavoured with lemon and tarragon so very flavourful.

Lamb with mint

White chocolate lamb – decorated with house milk blend, flavoured with mint, chocolate and mints a classic combination.

£3.50 each, available in Rococo Stores and online

P.S. For those children not keen on mustard and tarragon, Rococo has also made milk chocolate bunnies and white chocolate chicks.

Lollies Easter 2016 005

Hand Painted Artisan Eggs from Rococo Chocolates

clip_image002The popular Artisan Bar range is the inspiration for this year’s Easter Egg Collection from Rococo Chocolates. The stunning designs by Chantal Coady OBE have been recreated and skillfully hand painted on the eggs. Two of the best-selling flavours will be available this Easter.

Sea Salt Milk Artisan Egg: 40% cocoa milk chocolate shell made from Rococo’s organic house blend flavoured with Sea Salt. A thin hand painted white chocolate layer forms the canvas for the beautiful blue and white Artisan Bar design. Contains 8 Superior Seagull Fleur de Sel salted caramel eggs (Salted caramel ganache covered in milk chocolate with a fine sugar shell). 190g

Artisan Easter Eggs 059 croppedsml1

The Honeycomb Crunch Milk Artisan Egg: 40% cocoa milk chocolate shell made from Rococo’s organic house blend with crunchy honeycomb pieces. A thin hand painted white chocolate layer reflects the honeycomb and bee design of this very popular Artisan bar. Inside are pieces of honeycomb coated in milk chocolate. 160g

Artisan Easter Eggs 054 croppedsml1

The Artisan Easter Eggs come packed in Rococo Boxes with straw and retail at £24.00.

The eggs are available from all 5 Rococo Shops and online from week commencing 22 February.

Sea Salt 2sml1 Artisan Easter Eggs 001sml1

Coming in from the Cold

IMG_1388 croppedsml IMG_1418 croppedsml IMG_1419 croppedsml IMG_1426 croppedsmlWhat could be better than a piece of delicious chocolate in front of the fire after a day out in the cold? This winter Rococo has created their Winter Collection focusing on all the flavours and scents of the cold winter months; from fruity figs and roasted nuts, through the heady spice of mulled wine, to the richness and comfort of sticky toffee pudding. A contemporary twist on British tradition.

Golden Fig: Succulent Lerida figs, blended with honey and roasted hazelnuts in almond marzipan.

Clementine: Rich, smooth Brazilian origin ganache, with the sweet citrus notes of clementine.

Mulled Wine: Red wine jelly, topped with a dark ganache infused with winter spices/the flavours of winter.

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Rich, dark Medjool date caramel with a hint of sea salt.

The Winter Collection comes in a box of four for £6.50 or £13.50 for 100g and is available on line and at the 5 Rococo shops. Also available to buy individually in Rococo shops.


clip_image002Lucky City dwellers, shoppers and workers can now get Rococo chocolates on their doorstep. Rococo is opening a kiosk at One New Change EC4M 9AF on Monday 9th November.

The Kiosk will have a selection of products including Couture, bars and Choc-a-porter. There will not be a couture counter but a selection of pre-packed boxes (award –winners, seasonal etc.) will be available. So if you need a quick gift for a dinner party you know where to come!

And that is not all Rococo will also be serving hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

To begin the kiosk will be open Monday to Friday 8.30 to 18.30. Week-end openings will be decided later

More exciting news to follow in the New Year! Watch this space.

Cosy up to Autumn

Autumn Collection 2015 032The leaves are turning beautiful reds and yellows and it is time to put your feet up and snuggle under a soft throw to enjoy the longer evenings. To make that enjoyment even sweeter Rococo Chocolates has just launched their Autumn collection. This season they have concentrated on evoking memories by using autumnal fruits, enhanced with a touch of spice.  The flavour combinations are designed to give the warmth and comfort we all need as the temperature outside drops and the nights close in.

There are four delicious flavours to choose from:

Pumpkin Pie: Milk chocolate and pumpkin ganache with honey and a touch of warming nutmeg and cinnamon.

Autumn Berry Crumble: Bramley apple jelly layered with a dark autumn berry ganache, topped with a cinnamon crumble.

Toffee Apple: A chocolate version of the Autumn classic!  Tart apple jelly and crispy salted toffee.

Smoked Chestnut: Milk chocolate ganache made with chestnut puree.  Infused with smoky Lapsang Souchong tea.

Available now in store, £13.50 per 100g. Available online in a 4 piece box for £6.50 or as a 12 chocolate selection for £17.95 from Friday 23rd October.

Autumn Collection 2015 062