Statement Rugs

When furnishing a room one of the big decisions is what to do with the floor. Wall to wall carpeting or bare boards? Both of which can feel a bit bare and boring. This is where rugs come in, you can use them on either to make a statement, add some colour and give the room some warmth.

Broste Copenhagen has two new rug collections in their AW 2020 range.

Line: a striking, modern, abstract design, it comes in three shapes a runner, round and square. It will make a statement where ever you put it. It is made from wool and lovely and soft on the feet.


£379                                                   £375                                         £519


Magda: a cotton rug available in three sizes and three colours, Antler, Rustic Brown and Flint Stone Blue. A useful rug to add colour or tie in colour from other furnishings.



£45                                         £115                                             £59



The Pleasure of Eating


Few things are more pleasurable than sitting down to a well-cooked meal, prepared with love and served with care. Whether you are eating with your family after a hard day’s work or entertaining friends at home.

Broste Copenhagen has a wide range of crockery, glassware, cutting boards and cutlery to make your task of cooking and setting the table fun and exciting. You can mix and match to your hearts desire so your table can constantly take on a new look that reflects your mood, the season and the food you are cooking. There are tablecloths and napkins for when you are pulling out all the stops and of course candle holders and vases for the final touch.




It won’t be long before our garden, terrace, deck or balcony become a central part of our home. As spring approaches and temperatures start to rise, it is time to embrace the urge to spend every minute outdoors. We seek places to retreat and recharge, embrace the fresh air and enjoy blissful evenings with friends and family.

Broste Copenhagen has brought out a range called Alton, which consists of 10 different pieces. Two tables and eight chairs. The Alton chairs are available I n 4 different designs and available with or without arms. One of the designs is a chair with the seating areas made from 100% polyester rape, giving it a unique look. The frames are produced in stainless aluminium and all chairs are stackable.

The Ava cushions can be used outside all season and the cotton material is GOTS certified and UV protected.

The Alton table retails at £417, The Aluminium tube chair £20, with arms £221

And the chair with rope £229 and £242 with arms. The AVA cushions retail from £30.

Basket Case




Baskets are an easy way of bringing a natural and charming look to your home. Broste Copenhagen’s baskets are ideal as storage boxes that ensure your home remains tidy and organised. The neutral shades of the natural materials and the look of their rough, hand-woven frames crease a raw essence that can easily be styled in various ways.

Broste Copenhagen has different sized baskets made from iron, bamboo and sea grass that provide a decorative rustic storage space, ideal for accommodating cushions, throws and towels.

And for the kitchen the rough hand-woven frames keep tidying and organising stylish and simple, while conveying a raw and modern aesthetic.

Here are some examples:


Emmely £118.90 for 3                                    Chris £99 for 2                                     Kamilla £217.80 for 2

Working from Home

A lot of us now work from home, even if it is only a few days a week, and it is not always possible to have a designated room for working so it is important that our work stations fit in with the rest of the décor. Broste Copenhagen have launched a couple of desk/tables, which look stylish anywhere and do not take up a lot of room.



The Fredo table in Simply Black steel has a clever dropped shelf the whole length of the back, perfect for storing books, or concealing unwanted and unsightly wires. It is compact only 38 cm wide so easy to fit into a small space, and it looks stylish anywhere. Retails at £791.70



The Kamille table has a black glass top and a steel shelf below handy for papers and books. Again, it is compact, only 40 cm wide and will look smart in any room.

When you no longer want to use the tables as desks, they become decorative tables for your favourite vases and accessories. Retails at £791.70




A rug has the power to add colour to your home and tie everything together. Rugs can serve a variety of purposes; delineating a space, manipulating the size of the room, accent the room’s existing colour scheme and add warmth.


From utilising their primary attribute to adding warmth to the more creative usage when highlighting features or manipulating the size of a room, rugs from Broste Copenhagen are eye-catching and inviting. Whether you are after a minimalistic addition, an unusual shape or a rustic piece with a knotted fringe, you will find a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures.

Their rugs also come in a variety of fabrics from 100% wool, cotton, viscose/cotton, leather/cotton and other mixtures.

Their MIRA rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, involving an innovative process that breaks down the bottles into fine fibres spun into yarn. These can be used outside.

Prices depend on size and material.


Oblivian £416                                    Mira £317                        Spectra £455.50


Let there be light



Sadly, the days are getting shorter and we will soon have to put on the lights earlier. Now is a good time to think about the lighting in your home. Lighting is so important for creating just the right atmosphere and there is so much to choose from. Pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and of course lights to work from.

Broste Copenhagen has a great rang of lamps and some stunning ones in their new collection. The lamps are designed to fit in with any décor be it classic, traditional or modern.


So, do yourself a favour and get the lights shining in your home.

Prices from left to right:

Lavas floor lamp £396.00

Bell table lamp £158.40

Mynte Table lamp £209.90

Oscar table lamp £237.50

Oscar Floor lamp £396.00
















For their latest addition to their furniture range, the Moon Table, Broste Copenhagen has teamed up with the acknowledged Danish designer Maria Berntsen. The Copenhagen-based designer has had her own practice focusing on architecture and design since 1992.

The exclusive collaboration between Maria Berntsen and Broste Copenhagen is all about individuality and challenging new, modern design in a Nordic context. Based on a shared philosophy, they have developed and designed these magnificent pieces that invite you to participate in the design process by giving you the opportunity to change certain parts of the furniture according to your functional or visual preference.

The Moon table is designed with focus on stability, functionality, and character, which are clearly expressed through timeless design and quality materials. There are four characterful pieces: two table top designs; a wooden and a laminate option, a static frame, and a set of trestles. The trestles are based on the frame’s construction, ensuring the same level of stability via a convenient three-piece solution.

Combine the static frame with your preferred table top design to create a minimalist, stationary dinner table solution, or utilize the mobility provided by the trestles to quickly and conveniently set up some extra dinner seats or additional office workspace.

Introducing a dinner table came as a natural extension of Broste Copenhagen’s existing collections, and the table was designed to match their aesthetics as well as the height of their chairs.

Recommended retail prices as follows:

Trestles £ 217.50

Base £712.00

Wood top £1267.00

Laminate top £752.00














The new addition to Broste Copenhagen’s collection of upholstered furniture is called Ocean.

Ocean is a flexible sofa based on a simple design defined by clean lines and a classic expression, yet full of character. It is inspired by the fascinating ocean and its unpredictability.





The Ocean sofa is upholstered with a mix of fabric: high quality velvet on the armrest/frame and a brushed face fabric with a natural pile effect on the seating area. Moreover, this fabric is water repellent, has a high durability with 100.000 Martindale. Combining these strong and contrasting fabrics creates a unique and interesting expression without compromising comfort


Ocean comes with black beech legs, but you can easily create a new look by changing the colour of the legs. Choose between beautiful dark oak or soft natural oak. Flexibility is the keyword for Ocean. This sofa can be used in several ways – fitting your personal needs.

There are 5 elements available: Corner unit, chair right, chair left, sofa right and sofa left. You put them together to fit your space. In addition, there is a swivel chair.

The colour is magnet.











Price for corner unit £1067 chair unit £1067, sofa unit £1978.30 and swivel chair £1305


Going Grey Gracefully





In the Spring/Summer collection you will see a lot of grey, that most elegant of colours.

As well as upholstered furniture the ironware is now also available in grey.

The bar trolley looks stunning in grey with its terrazzo shelf and at £475.00 is a good investment as it can be used to display other things than bottles. Looks great with vases and flowers.

The Ryle shelves are also available in the that subtle grey Broste calls drizzle.

Retailing at £591 and £933.50.

And this new, beautiful Tone steel table by the pouf, again in drizzle, retails at £235.00

And the wonderful thing about grey is that you can combine it with any colour of your choice – it goes with everything.

Time to go grey.



Green Living




House plants are once again becoming popular. Not only do they look great and brighten up a room, but they are also good for your health as they improve air quality by trapping and capturing pollutants and help us to breath more easily. In addition, they provide a range of mental and physical health benefits. So, it is time to get your green thumbs out.

Of course, having plants you need pots to put them in. This is where Broste Copenhagen come in, they have a great variety of handmade pots in different colours, shapes and patterns. There are big, ones, little ones, ones to hold more and one plant and hanging ones to suit every style and every budget. the choice is yours.

Prices start from as little as £8.00



They also have larger planters which can be used inside or out