Robin Sprong Wallpapers welcome the Pantone Colours of the Year

Balloons_V3_Final  Owls_V2_Final  Flamingos_V1_Final

“HOPE FLOATS PINK”                                     “IT’S A HOOT”                                          “FLAMINGO LOVE”


Say hello and welcome to the sophisticated Rose Quartz and Serenity from Pantone, announced as colours of the year for 2016. These are fascinating colours which will bring a harmonious feel  to your walls and home. Our forecast predicts a romantic interplay of cool blues and pinks that will liven up any room.  These colours will provide a focal point that is calming and relaxing, yet contrasting and fun.

LSO 110 Peacock - Musk 31sml             Backup_of_faded circles

“PEACOCK MUSK” Lizo Somhlahlo            “POLKA SPHERES” Design Mate

Robin Sprong Wallpapers are paying homage to these internationally trending colours by highlighting the works of some of their inspiring artists such as ALoveSupreme, Daleen Roodt, Design Mate and Lizo Somhlahlo. All these artists have works which push forward the qualities of these colours in prints, which are quickly making their way up to the top.

Satyrium Poetry DRO 10201sml


Within the first few months of 2016 you can expect a rush towards these Pantone favourites throughout the entire design industry. You’ll see Rose Quartz and Serenity in cosmetics, kitchen appliances, fashion, interior decor, street art and photography

Why not gear up your colour palette and jump right into this craze!

PressOn are agents for Robin Sprong in the UK

All wallpapers are made to order and bespoke available.

60 cm roll 10 meter length, £195.00 for non-woven, £205 for Pre pasted

Bathing Beauties

Lush Designs Jungle bathroom         Lush Designs Ship bathroomThe new shower curtains with matching beakers and soap dish from Lush Design will make your bathroom feel like new again. There are three designs and three colours so you have a choice of the mood you are after.

The three designs are:

The Jungle design shower curtain will make your bathroom all exotic with its pattern of giant, possibly carnivorous plants in lovely pinks, reds and oranges.

The Ship design shower curtain will allow you to experience a life on the ocean wave, without the concomitant sea sickness. In fresh and breezy spearmint and teal blue and teaming with nautical activity, every shower will be a watery adventure.

The serenity of a river and the silent comings and goings of silvery fish are pictured on the Fish shower curtain. In a fresh neutral palette that will complement many bathroom decors.

Lush Designs fish bathroom lifestyle

The shower curtains retail at £58.75 and measure 185 x 195 cm

There is a choice of two designs in the beakers – so you know which one is yours! They retail at £24 for a single or you can buy a set complete with soap dish for £72.00. The soap dish on its own retails at £24.00

Pink beakers black washbasin

Note to editors

Lush Designs is the creation of Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. They design and manufacture home wares and gifts which feature lovely print designs. They studied painting and printmaking at Maidstone Art College and evolved their business while working in the theatre and community arts after moving to South East London.