Exciting changes to Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds

50mm wood           50mm Matumi

The popularity of wooden Venetian blinds continues in the UK and Ireland. Homeowners and businesses alike enjoy the contemporary style of these blinds and the flexibility of light and glare control they offer.

Silent Gliss offer a manual mono-controlled system – just one simple operating cord which tilts, raises and lowers. For those wishing for that added luxury there is also a motorised option that can be paired with stylish radio remote controls.

In May 2013 the range of colours and styles of slats for Silent Gliss Venetian blinds increases significantly along with the number of coordinating tapes. They now offer 43 different wood slat options and 40 co-ordinating tapes.

Exciting new additions include Exotic, Zebrano and Trend which is guaranteed to catch your attention.

Coupled with the sophisticated hardware systems expected from Silent Gliss they make for a truly remarkable combination. Price from £300 for a typical blind.

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For more information on the Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds range visit www.silentgliss.co.uk or call: 01843 863571/email: [email protected]

Finally – a child safety device built into the operating system of blinds and curtain tracks.

child pulling blind 2

Despite the increasing warnings, young children continue to be killed or injured on curtain and blind cords. In the UK and Ireland, official statistics show that a shocking 29 children have died since 2009 through accidental strangulation by becoming entangled in the operating cords of a window blind.

These tragic incidents have led to new legislation being pushed through Parliament and is due for publication some time later this year.

Silent Gliss, a leading manufacturer of window treatments around the world, are not waiting for the new legislation to be published before acting on child safety. They are child saftery blindsthe first window treatment manufacturer to launch a child safety device that is integral to the blind or curtain track.

This potentially life-saving device is supplied already on the system when you receive it and requires no additional installation. Unlike other child safety devices on the market, this Silent Gliss product does not need to be fixed to a solid surface so there no need to drill into walls or window frames.

So how does it work?

Innovative internal mechanisms dictate that should a weight of 6kg or more be applied to the chain or cord, the Silent Gliss Child Safety Device activates causing the main section of the operating chain or cord to break away from the blind or curtain track.

This maximum weight of 6kg is recognised as a cautious estimate of the weight of a 6 month old baby that is able to crawl and pull itself up.logo child safety RGB transp

For more information on the Silent Gliss Child Safety Device visit www.silentgliss.co.uk or call 01843 863571/email [email protected]  to find your local Silent Gliss retailer.

Sophisticated Additions to the Silent Gliss Metropole Range

Silent Gliss are introducing some sophisticated and stylish new additions to their popular Metropole range. Groove and Shard, two new finials will add a touch of elegance to any room. But there are other new developments as well as well.

We have some exciting news for Silent Gliss Metropole in 2013, “Silent Gliss are always keen to keep their product range interesting and in line with current trends, ’” says Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager for Silent Gliss Ltd.

Metropole 50mm Groove 1 low res

Silent Gliss have introduced the Groove and Shard decorative elements.

Picture 143

Groove Ball: contemporary with a twist of tradition – the Groove Ball range of finials seem to successfully adapt to both styles. The Groove Cylinder is simple yet stylish. Clean lines combined with design detail. Both Groove Ball and Cylinder are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and operation methods. Groove Cylinders start at £96.00 +VAT – this is for a 23mm system made to measure up to 1.25m wide.

Picture 2032

Shard: clean lines of glass form the basis of the Shard range. Choose between a sharp clear design or select a more eye-catching and unique appearance with the etched glass option. The base collar is colour matched to the pole. Shard is offered on the 23mm, 30mm and 36mm pole. Shard Cylinders start at 127.00 +VAT – this is for a 23mm system made to measure up to 1.25m wide.

Shard_MetroFlat_etched low resMetropole 50mm Groove 3 low res

Pole colours been re-thought to reflect current fashion trends. Three new colours: taupe, antique bronze and sand are included in the revamp and the increasingly finishes and has been complemented with a range of finials popular, contemporary styled Metroflat is now available in 7 metallic finishes and to compliment them are a range of stylish finials.


The Ultimate in Customisation – The Colorama Blind

Small, trendy and colourful – the system Silent Gliss 4905 discreetly adapts to every room design. Its elegant brackets, slim tube and discreet bottom bar fit perfectly into smaller window frames without appearing obtrusive.


A great system in great colours to complement any interior design scheme!  All the hardware parts can be produced colour matched to 27 of the most popular colours of the popular, best selling Colorama fabric (plus silver).  A smooth chain operation, side-guide option and click-in brackets complete this chic system!


For more information and hi-res images please contact [email protected]


Blinds are Beautiful


Dressing your windows to suit the room can make all the difference and choosing blinds is a sensible solution these days when budgets are tight. Blinds comes in many forms; Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian blinds, the list seems to be endless. Silent Gliss have some suggestions which might help you in your choice.

Roller Blinds: offer a clean contemporary look and from Silent Gliss you are sure of getting the best hardware system on the market. They are simple to operate, and can be spring, chain or electrically operated. They are available in almost any size imaginable. Now available with bright, bold and patterned fabrics, roller blinds are a great alternative to curtains or soft styles of blinds.

Roman Blinds: a versatile look for both contemporary and more traditional interiors. A made to measure Roman Blind from Silent Gliss offers a unique combination of product superiority and designer fabrics. Can be cord, chain or electrically operated.

Vertical Blinds: a traditional blind system for large glazed areas offering precise light control. There is a choice of straight or curved louvers and the system can accommodate straight, curved or sloping windows. Can be cord, chain or electrically operated.


Sliding Panel System: a unique dimension to window treatments perfect for today’s extensive glazed areas. Choose between flat or folding panels (Panel Glide and Panel Fold). Panels are easy and economical to remove and replace. Can be used as room dividers as they look as attractive on the back as on the front. Cord, chain or electrically operated. Some can even go round a bend!




Venetian Blinds: elegant and flexible – one of the most versatile and unobtrusive window decoration. Light and glare can be perfectly balanced through tilting slants. Available in aluminium or wood and a large array of colours and different slat sizes… Can be hand operated or motorised.

Pleated Blinds: combine simplicity and elegance with great versatility. The enormous range of shape and stacking possibilities make them ideal for windows and conservatories of all shapes and dimensions. There is an extensive range of colours and the choice of single or double fabrics.










018423 863571


Choose the Right Fabric for the Situation



Silent Gliss is known worldwide as the provider of the most advanced, high quality window treatments.
As important as the hardware is the selection of the right fabric to ensure a smooth and professionally working window treatment system. Combining technical knowledge with the important know how of fabrics, is another key competence you can count on when working with Silent Gliss.
The need to create surroundings which provide a feeling of security and well being is elegantly met by the combination of design fabrics and high technology.

Multiscreen is a good example of one of these technical fabrics.  Silent Gliss Multiscreen has been woven by a special process to produce three different openness factor . The higher openness factor the greater amount of natural light allowed into the room. So you could use a 10% openness factor on a north facing window and a 5% or 1% openness where you want to use computers/televisions  whilst still maintaining an overall interior scheme.

 Prices start at £320 based on a 4810 chain operated roller blind in Multiscreen 5% at 1m x 1.5m.



01843 863571

Child Safety Week 20th – 26th June


As children grow, so does their curiosity and basic household products can become a potential dangerto infants. Silent Gliss puts safety first and has developed innovative products that can reduce the risk of accidents which at the same time enhance the look of the interior. They have also produced a leaflet which guides you through the ‚could be‘ hazards and features a number of child-safe window treatment options.

Here are a few tips from the leaflet.

(To download the leaflet go to www.silentgliss.co.uk).

Here are a few tip from the leaflet:

Spring Operated Roller blinds with a decorative pull instead of the traditional chain for enhanced safety.

Combination draw rod / cord Venetian blind system, which integrates both tilting and lifting / lowering of the blind by keeping the cord taught for extra safety.

The Silent Gliss cord retainer is available for all chain / cord looped blinds and tracks, it keeps them taut to reduce risk of an inquisitive child becoming entangled.


The World Visits Silent Gliss


Silent Gliss were proud to host their 2011 export event in May.  The event was well attended with guests travelling from the Middle East, America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  For those invited, it was an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest Silent Gliss products and services, spend time with the Silent Gliss team, do some sightseeing and share ideas and experiences with other Silent Gliss customers.

On day 1 guests were treated to a tour of the Silent Gliss Islington showroom and taken on a cruise of the River Thames before returning to Broadstairs for an evening meal.

Day 2 was held at the Silent Gliss Great Britain head office in Broadstairs.  The day included a factory tour plus presentations on new products including Panel Flex – the sliding bendable panel system and motorised Metropole. 

Customer feedback was very positive and Silent Gliss hope to host further customer events in the future. One Silent Gliss customer summarised:

“It was a very educational and eye opening trip that will certainly help our company take Silent Gliss products to the next level”.




How do you treat a very large window so that the space becomes interesting, gives privacy and can let in as much light as you want?

 This was the problem Silent Gliss were recently confronted with when helping a client dress a large window in the kitchen.

 Their solution was to use Andrea vertical waves designed by Eva Marmbrandt.  Vertical waves form a sculptural wall when closed and you can easily determine the amount of light you want by adjusting the vertical louvres.



All Silent Gliss products are made to measure.  Vertical waves start at £438.


Give your Windows the Catwalk Treatment

It is not only fashion that can benefit from a splash of colour. Dressing your windows with a bold choice of colour can liven up the whole room.

Silent Gliss Folding Panels are perfect for this as each panel can be made with two colours of your choice.  The exclusive Colorama fabric range alone  consists of no fewer than 40 colours so you are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice.  As panels are attached by Velcro, they are easy to change when the mood or season signals it is time for something different.

Roller blinds are another way to instantly add colour to a room and no one dictates that they all have to be the same colour. Play around with contrasting colours and you will be amazed at what looks good together.

All Silent Gliss window treatments are made to order, so you can have exactly what you want.


01843 863 571

Colour Magic with Pleated Blinds


Pleated Blinds are amazingly versatile: you can open them from the bottom or from the top letting you be in charge of the amount and kind of light you want to let in. They can even be shaped to fit awkward shaped windows. And with a great range of colours to choose from they can make a room really special.

Silent Gliss Pleated Blind systems are also ideal if you have a lot of glass and need to be able to keep cool. Pleated Blinds are especially popular for use in conservatories where their light weight and amazing versatility in accommodating the many glass shapes and angles are unique.

The pleated blinds are available with highly energy efficient fabrics including those with aluminium backing for heat reflection. They offer glare control, heat control, light control and privacy is guaranteed.

When opened the minimum stacking area allows maximum visibility.