Montana appoints Gertsen PR

Montana Møbler A/S was founded by Peter J. Lassen in 1982. The company is a family-owned company based in Haarby on the island of Funen in Denmark where the production takes place at a high-technological production site covering 19,000 m2.

Montana is a creative shelving system which promotes individual freedom to change form, composition and function at any time – using the 42 basic units. The Montana shelving system is designed by Peter J. Lassen. The flexible modular system and the inspiring colour palette offer freedom to create your own personal room and to personalize your style.

Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and schmidt hammer lassen design.

Britta Gertsen of Gertsen PR said: “We are delighted to be working with this icon Danish company”.

Bedtime is a Lot More Fun with The Travelling Souk

The Doodle Duvet is this autumn’s most innovative cover story…No longer a problem getting the kids to bed, although you might have trouble getting them out of the bedroom again!

Endlessly individual, Doodle Duvet is a top quality 200 thread count white cotton duvet cover printed to resemble a giant piece of file paper, complete with printed holes, lines and red margins on both sides.

The duvet comes with its own pack of 8 wash-out doodle colour pens, so you can jot down late-night thoughts, draw a masterpiece, write a story or leave a message – then wash your duvet cover for a totally fresh start all over again!

Wash duvet cover at 40°C to remove doodle pen colour.

Single duvet cover 140 x 200cm

Retails at £45.00 plus £5.95pp

Extra packs of pens are also available separately at £6.95

Stylised Flowers and Beautiful Birds


Clean with a subtle colour palette, the new service FLOI from Herend will enhance any table whether you are serving afternoon tea or a bumptious dinner.

FLOI was designed by one of Herend’s master painters and was inspired by the ancient Japanese xylograph from the 11-12th centuries. The pattern features stylised flowers and birds. There are 6 different motifs in the FLOI service.

All Herend porcelain is hand painted by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

A 19.5 cm dessert plate retails at £61.50

020 7384 9722

Sock it to Him


Father’s Day is upon us again.  And yes, giving socks is not a new idea, but we bet he has never seen anything like these. He will feel right up-to-date and able to compete with Jon Snow in the fashion stakes.

 “Life is too short for matching socks” These fun mismatched socks are made from recycled cotton. Easy to wash and hard wearing.  And no more worrying about missing socks in the wash. They retail at £14.00 per pair from

Since Georgiana Pike set up The Travelling Souk in 2003 the company has raised more than £300,000.00 for many charities. At the events 10% goes to the hostesses’ assigned charity and from the website, set up in 2008, 2.6% of each purchase goes to charity.

The Heart of the Matter

Dinesen is launching a new exclusive plank – unusually wide and long oak planks which they have named Dinesen HeartOak. These solid planks with widths of up to 0.5 meters and lengths up to 6 meters are made of wood which comes from the middle of the oak tree, and they tell a very special story.

 When oak trees through many hundreds of years live through dry summers, hard winters, storm and wind, it will leave traces. Some of these can be seen in the growth rings and the size of the knots, but others appear only when the tree is sawn-up and thus revealing its inner secrets.

”One can almost read the entire history of the tree from its middle” says Thomas Dinesen, who is 4th generation in the family business and a qualified forester. ”Dinesen HeartOak has everything the heart desires in terms of vitality and strength from the oak. We carefully prepare the sawn-up tree so the planks retain an unspoiled and strong expression” he continues.

 During the cutting and the following drying process, the wood has to release the inner tensions which are the reactions to nature’s long impressions. The cracks which are the result of this are kept in Dinesen HeartOak, and the cracks are beautifully emphasised and locked by elegant dovetail joints of oak.

 ”With HeartOak we use as much of the wood as possible for our floorboards. Anything else would be disrespectful to the huge oak trees which are normally between 150 and 200 years old. At the same time by retaining the cracks, the planks get a unique look, and this gives the architects a whole new range of possibilities.

Before the oak tree ends up as floorboards, it is air-dried for 9 months and then subsequently kiln dried. Then, the planks are cut, planed and very carefully controlled to make sure that the quality is just right. Every single plank is carried from hand to hand through quality control where it is decided what will happen with each of the plank’s knots and cracks so it comes to be as beautiful as possible.

 Dinesen HeartOak in London and Milan

HeartOak has been shown great interest from both private clients and architects, and Dinesen has just completed their first project with these exclusive planks. The Gallery Mess Café in London chose to lay Dinesen HeartOak in their Private Function Room on the 1st floor as well as Dinesen Oak on the ground floor. The café is located in central London right next to The Saatchi Gallery, which opened in the Autumn 2008 with 5,000 m2 Dinesen Douglas floors.

”We are delighted that Gallery Mess Café became our first project with Dinesen HeartOak. We have a fantastic working relationship with The Saatchi Gallery, and now we can show our clients our oak planks and the brand new HeartOak just next door” says Thomas Dinesen.

HeartOak has also just been shown at Wallpaper* Handmade in Milan – a special exhibition where Wallpaper in connection with the furniture fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile presented the best of handmade design.

Dinesen is Denmark’s leading manufacturer of exclusive plank floors. The company produces floors for homes, castles, museums and churches in both Denmark and abroad. Quality is the be all and end all for Dinesen, and each floor is custom-made in close consultation with the clients who include a number of international designers and architects. Dinesen was founded in 1898 and has in the past ten years experienced a massive growth and development. Dinesen is Founding Patron of The Saatchi Gallery.

Look Smart, Be Smart, and Keep Your Valuables Safe

Have you ever wanted to go out without having the worry of taking your bag? These fair-trade belts from the Travelling Souk are just want every girl needs for the summer months; they are perfect for festivals, holidays by the sea, or even for just popping to the shops. Not only are they fashionable and chic, they are also incredibly useful and practical. Each belt has a hidden pocket or two where you can put your money, credit card, house key, or whatever – ideal for those occasions where you want your hands free!

The belts come in three flattering styles; hip huggers, waist clinchers, and a canvas buckle bag. The waist clinchers and hip huggers are available in various brilliant designs in canvas, embroidered canvas, or leather. The canvas buckle belt is particularly practical as it includes detachable camera case, mobile phone case, and purse. All the belts are fair-trade products made in Bhopal, India.

Canvas belts retail at £25.00

Embroidered canvas belts retail at £35.00

Leather belts retail at £45.00

The canvas buckle belt retails at £40.00

They are all available from