Be My Valentine

If you are stuck for ideas of what to get for your sweetheart, here are some romantic ones from Rococo chocolates. There is something to fit every budget from a large heart box filled with delicious ganache to a heart shaped and heart decorated lollipop.

These new oval boxes containing cherry ganaches and lips or popping champagne ganaches and lips retail at £16.50 and the passion fruit flavoured lollipop heart is less than £5.00

The popular hand painted hearts come in many sizes and retails from £13.50 and the beautiful heart boxes range in size and price from £22.00 to £110.00.

All available from Rococo Shops and on-line.

So, there is no excuse…

Happy Valentines!

Be seduced by Rococo’s new arrival, a deep dark milk chocolate addition to the Bee Bar collection

Made with Rococo’s new 50% cocoa organic milk chocolate, Orange Blossom Neroli, will have you swooning. The beautiful wrapper has been painted by Chantal Coady OBE and depicts the delicate Moroccan orange blossom and the fruit itself. Made using one of the most prized organic essential perfume oils, carefully balanced with the rich chocolate, Neroli is renowned for its calming and soothing qualities, helping anxiety and nerves and inducing a good nights sleep.

The Bee Bar is just the right size for a small treat at any time of the day. So be kind to yourself, put your feet up, relax, unwind and enjoy the delicate flavours.

Bee Bars retail at £1.60 and weights in at 20g.  Available in shops and on-line.

There are 15 different flavoured Bee Bars

The Journey Round the World ends with Rococo’s Winter Collection

Rococo ends its round the world voyage as it began, with ingredients from some far-away places: bringing inspiring flavours to put a bit of zest into the cold, dark days and nights of Winter. It is the season of citrus so the Chocolatiers have brought together zesty flavours, unusual fruits and spices and even the distinctively delicious taste of Rooibos Red Bush tea for you to enjoy.

Japan: Yuzu & Sake

A Ganache of 64% chocolate and fruit puree. Japan’s citrus fruit isn’t for the faint-hearted. Pucker up!

Grenada:  Banana and Nutmeg

Soft notes of banana blended to a firm ganache, with fruity Grenadian chocolate and warming nutmeg.

New Zealand: Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)

Mouth-watering, fruity jelly and chewy toffee, both made from the uniquely flavoured fruit that has the texture of quince and opens with the Winter chills.

South Africa: Citrus Rooibos

Winter brings a wonderful harvest of citrus. Rococo blended the sharpness of Blood Orange with a dark ganache infused with Waterloo Tea’s fantastic Citrus Rooibos.

The Winter Collection is available in boxes  of  4 chocolates £6.50 or 12 chocolates £17.95 or you can buy them  loose £13.50 for 100g.  In Rococo shops now.


As part of the Spring Summer collection 2017 Broste Copenhagen has introduced a new service called Salt.

Its elegant shape and soft tones inspired by the natural mineral salt, have a classic expression which makes it a perfect for every occasion. The black hand-painted brim, make every piece unique. The glaze is very sensitive to conditions during firing which results in varying textures and colours.


Cup and saucer £18.75                                            Mug £10.50

Bowls from £5.35                                                   Plates from £9.00


I hope to see you at Top Drawer at the Broste Copenhagen stand G 61.

Their stunning SS 2017 collection on show for you all to see, I will be there on Monday 16th from about 11 AM and would love to take you through the range.

If you want to make a specific time, do email me and we can sort that out. If you just want to pop in but would like to see me you can always text me on 07710 543 876, so we are sure to link up.

All the best and hopefully see you Monday.