Celebrate Roald Dahl 100 with some Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate – inspired by his fabulous books


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As part of the Roald Dahl 100 festivities, Rococo Chocolates has created this special range of Artisan bars celebrating  the genius of the world’s No.1 storyteller. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s incredible tales, each bar is Rococo’s flavourful take on key tastes from the books. We hope you enjoy Rococo’s “strange and scrumptious” creations.

Chantal Coady OBE, founder, owner and creative director of Rococo chocolates, has been a lifelong fan of Roald Dahl ever since she was given the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by her father, who brought it back from New York in the ‘60s, when it was first published, and has had an formative influence on her life in chocolate ever since. Taste for yourselves!

                         Perfectly Normal Milk ChocolateFrobscottle & SnozzcumberBruce Bogtrotter's Chocolate Fudge CakeScrumptious Peach.                                                  Beardy Breakfastbean's ciderMarvellous MedicinePerfectly Normal Dark Chocolate

Bean’s Cider inspired by Fantastic Mr Fox

Rococo’s 40% cocoa house blend of creamy milk chocolate refreshingly infused with tart apple.  “Oh Foxy, it’s…like drinking sunbeams and rainbows!”

George’s Marvellous Medicine inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine

White chocolate bar with liquorice and fennel seeds giving it a delicious and marvellously ‘medicinal’ twist. The perfect antidote!

James’ Scrumptious Peach inspired by James and the Giant Peach

Melt-in-the mouth creamy white chocolate bar is packed with fruity peach and scattered with chia seeds for an extra crunch.

Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Fudge Cake inspired by Matilda

Rococo’s 65% cocoa house dark chocolate blended with caramel milk chocolate, with rich chocolate and vanilla fudge pieces and a hint of apricot.

Mr Twit’s Beardy Breakfast inspired by The Twits

Rococo’s 40% cocoa house blend of milk chocolate with banana, yoghurt, lapsang souchong tea and honey.  Any Twit would love it!

The Witches has inspired two bars

Formula 86 No. 2 “Perfectly Normal” Dark Chocolate

Rococo’s organic house blend of 65% cocoa dark chocolate. Perfectly ordinary rich dark chocolate, in no way containing tasteless “Formula 86 mouse maker potion”.

Formula 86 No. 1 “Perfectly Normal” Milk Chocolate

Rococo organic house blend of 40% cocoa milk chocolate. Perfectly ordinary creamy milk chocolate, in no way containing tasteless “Formula 86 mouse maker potion”.

Frobsottle & Snozzcumber inspired by The BFG

A two-tone pink and green creamy white chocolate bar with a fruity cocktail of strawberry, raspberry, cucumber and mint.

All eight bars are available in the stores just about now! Each bar weighs 70g retail at £5.50


Roald Dahl was a spy, ace fighter-pilot, chocolate historian and medical inventor. He was also the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG and many more brilliant stories. He remains the World’s No.1 storyteller. Born in Cardiff of Norwegian descent, Roald Dahl (1916–1990) joined the RAF at the age of 23 and began writing, initially for adults, after being injured in a plane crash during WW2. Sitting in a hut at the bottom of his garden, surrounded by odd bits and pieces such as a suitcase (used as a footrest), his own hipbone (which he’d had replaced) and a heavy ball of metal foil (made from years’ worth of chocolate wrappers), he went on to write some of the world’s best-loved children’s stories. His first children’s story, James and the Giant Peach, was published in 1961, was a hit and every subsequent book became a bestseller. Today, his stories are available in 58 languages and, by a conservative estimate, he has sold more than 200 million books. Many of these stories have also been adapted for stage and screen, including the 1971 film classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wes Anderson’s acclaimed Fantastic Mr Fox, and the multi-award winning Matilda The Musical from the RSC with music by Tim Minchin. The most recent Roald Dahl story to hit the big screen is Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of The BFG, released in July 2016. 2016 marks Roald Dahl’s centenary. Entitled Roald Dahl 100, 2016 marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl – the world’s number one storyteller. There will be celebrations for Roald Dahl 100 throughout 2016, delivering a year packed with gloriumptious treats and surprises for everyone. Roald Dahl said, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


The BFG – Enjoy the Movie – Munch the Chocolate

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To coincide with the release of Disney’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ directed by Steven Spielberg, the talented chocolatiers at Rococo Chocolates have been hard a work creating a very special bar inspired by this story.

This mouth-watering 30% cocoa white chocolate bar is based on the BFG’s favourite whizzpopping beverage, Frobscottle, and his most loathsome snack of Snozzcumbers, playing with the fresh summer flavours of mint, cucumber, strawberry and raspberry.  The creamy white chocolate is a two-tone pink and green cocktail of fruity flavours.

The good news is that there are more to come.  Many of Roald Dahl’s stories had a formative influence on Chantal Coady OBE, owner and creative director of Rococo Chocolates, and her life in chocolate.  To celebrate Roald Dahl 100, Roald Dahl’s centenary year, Rococo Chocolates have created a range of chocolate bars based on six other books too.  Each one is inspired by the genius of Roald Dahl, the world’s No. 1 storyteller, and will be available in Rococo shops soon. Watch this space!!

The bar retails at £5.50


Let’s take a sneak preview of Christmas 2016

christmas2jpg christmas2The elves in the Rococo chocolate kitchen have been working overtime creating wonderful Christmas treats for the whole family. Star act for those difficult to buy for men or Grandma who likes a sneaky puff, is the new Smoky Cigar Collection.

You can rely on Rococo for mouthwatering festive flavours, seriously large hampers, fun figurines and quirky small stocking fillers, all hand-crafted to make a real impression on that special person receiving your Christmas gift. 


Christmas Cigars

Here is one for Dad, Grandad or the odd cigar smoking aunt!

A solid 65% cocoa Rococo house blend dark chocolate cigar, with Islay whisky-soaked cocoa nibs, pistachios, orange peel, star anise and sea salt.  Each festive cigar is dusted in cocoa powder, dipped in wafer crumb ‘ashes’ and packed in a cigar tube.

30g, £9.95


Christmas Bars

New this year – Gingerbread – to add a milk chocolate bar to these ever popular seasonal perennials.



40% cocoa house blend milk chocolate spiced with a blend of ginger, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg.

Morello Cherry

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate with Morello cherry pieces.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate with Frankincense oil, orange oil for sweetness and gold leaf.

Christmas Pudding

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate spiced with cloves and cinnamon, with cognac soaked raisins and caramelised almonds.

70g, £5.50 each


Christmas Artisan Bar Set

All four Christmas bars tied together with a pretty ribbon for the perfect hostess present!

280g, £20


Christmas Gigabites

Now, you will not go wrong with this as a present, a seriously large bar of chocolate, perfect for sharing as well. It comes in 3 flavours.


Morello Cherry, Pistachio & Sea Salt

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate with Morello cherry pieces, whole pistachio nuts and sea salt


40% cocoa house blend milk chocolate spiced with a blend of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange

Moroccan Mint

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate with mint

400g, £19.50 each


Christmas Lollies

Lollies make great stocking fillers and they also work a treat as place setting decorations, just attach a name tag.


Gingerbread Boy & Girl

40% cocoa house blend milk chocolate with gingerbread spices (a blend of ginger, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg), decorated with white chocolate

Polar Bear

White chocolate with dark and milk chocolate decoration and a red Christmas hat.


White chocolate and milk caramel chocolate with dark chocolate decoration.

20g, £3.50 each.  All lollies are backed with a Christmas cocoa butter transfer.



Christmas Gift Bags

Delicacies in a bag, just right for when you relax after a marvellous Christmas dinner.


Dark Chocolate Morello Cherries

Whole Morello cherries covered in single origin Ecuadorian chocolate

Packed in bag with ribbon, 200g, £9.95

Festive Broken Chocolate

65% cocoa house blend dark chocolate with orange, cranberry and cinnamon

Packed in bag with ribbon, 150g, £7.95




What would Christmas be without Santa and Christmas trees? These hand painted ones make for wonderful table decorations – delicious but they are almost too beautiful to eat!


Santa on a Lambretta

Milk chocolate made from Rococo’s organic house blend with thin white chocolate layer, hand painted Santa on gold lambretta



Milk chocolate made from Rococo’s organic house blend with thin white chocolate layer, hand painted red nutcracker


Build Your Own Christmas Tree

Dark chocolate made from Rococo’s organic house blend build-your-own Christmas tree


Hand Painted Christmas Tree

Dark chocolate made from Rococo’s organic house blend Christmas tree



Christmas Hampers

The ultimate chocolate gift – a hamper full of Rococo goodies. There are two sizes available:


Small Christmas Hamper


Cinnamon Almonds

Drinking Chocolate bag

Two Christmas Artisan Bars

Large gold coin

Orange, Cinnamon & Cranberry broken chocolate



Large Christmas Hamper


Large Union Jack mixed selection box

Cinnamon almonds

Orange, Cinnamon & Cranberry broken chocolate

Turkish Delight

Mint Wafers

Two Christmas Artisan Bars

Drinking Chocolate bag

Two Christmas lollies



Available in store and online, both presented in Rococo wicker hampers tied with fat red Rococo ribbon.

All products to be available in store and online from 1st November 2016

Information and images please contact: Britta at [email protected]

Smart Shades that Simplify Your Life

styling Bregje Nix

 Luxaflex® introduces PowerView™ Motorisation

Welcome to the future! You can sit back and relax and let PowerView™ do the work for you while being in full control. This all-new wireless technology fits perfectly with today’s connected modern lifestyle.  It lets you control all of your window blinds from your smartphone, tablet or beautifully designed PowerView™  Pebble™ Remote.

Program your perfect settings and let PowerView™ do the rest.  You can customise your ideal combination of light, privacy and warmth, keeping your home perfectly in sync with the time of day and your schedule, while optimizing energy efficiency and keep burglars away when you are not at home, by controlling them from afar using the RemoteConnect feature.

Convenience and Control

The PowerView™ system can be operated via the free PowerView™ App or via two types of controllers:

With the Pebble™ Remote Control you can easily operate up to six different groups of blinds– either individually or together – with just a press of a button.  They can also be programmed to a “favourite” position. When activated with a single press, the blinds will go directly to that position.

The Pebble™ Scene Controller features an Advanced display screen that lets you scroll and conveniently  preview and select ‘Scenes’ – different combinations of blinds and  positions – that have been programmed using the PowerView™ App.  Two “Favourite” buttons allow you to select your optimum way of having your blinds.

The PowerView™ Pebble™ is available in seven stylish colours to fit in with any style of décor and  it is ergonomically designed and actually looks really good on the table. It is also possible to wall mount a PowerView™ Remote or Scene Controller using the PowerView™ Surface, available in three on-trend colours.



styling Bregje Nix


Have fun choosing from a variety of App colour schemes and more than 100 activity icons to personalize each Scene and Room to create your personalized names like “Wake Up”, “Good Morning,” “Lazy Day,”  “Lights Out”, or “Gone Fishing” for example.  In addition, Power View’s two-way communication system lets you see the current position of each blind and its battery life on the App.

You can use the PowerView™ scheduling feature to set up your Scenes so they operate automatically. Programme any Scene to activate on specific days and times.  You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously.

No Need for Hard Wiring

Ideal for both newly constructed and existing homes, PowerView™ systems can be powered by batteries or a DC power supply plugged into a nearby outlet, so no hard wiring through walls or ceilings is required.  The PowerView Hub allows easy integration with virtually any home automation system via an RS-232 serial connection or IP