Aaron Howdle’s The Cloud Top Archipelago

A Pen & Ink Study In World Building

 At Corridor Gallery Brighton. 27th April to 29th May


To celebrate the Brighton Fringe Festival a transformation will take place at Corridor Gallery! Our unique red corridor will transport you into a new world, becoming a gateway to the mythical universe of “The Cloud Top Archipelago”.

A sublime experience awaits within, through this immersive exhibition, shaped and guided by the talent and imagination of Aaron Howdle.

“The Cloud Top Archipelago” is the product of Aaron’s rich imagination, fuelled by a childhood lost in fantasy and science fiction, and culminating in a painstakingly crafted, richly detailed fictional world. This exhibition is a milestone on the road to the much anticipated launch of The Cloudtop Archipelago book this autumn, offering further explorations into this enthralling fantasy world.

Our exhibition will showcase a collection of new, original drawings, packed with detail and rendered on an impressively large scale. Each intricate mark or line builds to create an evocative, antiquated sense of place and character.

Absorb majestic mountain-top landscapes, shown from the perspective of a passing bird or mechanical airship. Immerse yourself in bustling cityscapes where every mark denotes life. Each drawing brims with stories, people and movement, inviting you to lose yourself in the lifeblood of this richly imagined world.

Behind these impressive sky cities, looming mountain top settlements and inhospitably craggy landscapes lies a thoughtful, detailed history of civilization and technological advances devised by Aaron.

Aaron’s experience in a wide range of creative work from engineering, product design and model making to graphic design and illustration, breathe life into the world of The Cloud Top Archipelago and the technology and design this universe relies upon.

A self-referential inventor character pops up in many of the fables Aaron has woven into his stunning ink drawings. The machines reinvented and explored in The Cloud Top Archipelago focus on pre-electrical and pre-combustion technology. Aaron’s eye for detail and arcane engineering, feed into the imagined technological elements of the universe he has created; blurring boundaries between technical drawing, art and fantasy to create an array of fantastical technologies from steam-powered wild boars to an armada of weird and wonderful flying machines.

Aaron Howdle’s drawings consistently engage and enthral viewers; beyond his impressive, often wizardly skills with pen and ink his ability to captivate and inspire through invention and imagination connects the viewer to a powerful childhood sense of wonder.

Aaron’s over-active imagination has evolved beyond simply playing or daydreaming into a fully realised, fully formed and thriving universe.

“Cloud Top Archipelago” will run from the 27th April – 29th May at Corridor Gallery


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Tel: 07894 563 723

Scandinavian Settings

r5a3097-smallerWhen it comes to setting a beautiful table the Scandinavians seem to have a magic touch. Perhaps because they love to join friends and family over a delicious meal, perhaps it fits in well with their feeling of Hygge!

Broste Copenhagen has some delightful crockery perfect for creating exactly the atmosphere the occasions demands, be it formal, casual, for large parties or to enjoy alone.


Perfect for everyday use, Broste has introduced new pastel colours to their Modern range prices from £5.50 for an espresso mug.

Nordic Sea and Nordic Sandr5a2987













Nordic Sea captures the colours of the North Sea on a stormy day. Each piece is totally unique with a delicately textured glazed finish.

Nordic Sand inspired by the colour of the sand found in the Nordic nature it is simple, raw and aesthetic at the same time.

The top picture is Esrum with it classic expression and elegant lines. The colours are sensitive and result in varying textures and colours when fired.

Prices start at £4.20 for an egg cup for all of these.


You are most welcome to borrow products for photography and we have high res images.


Hunter Douglas luxaflexAfter a long, grey and miserable winter it is great to welcome the sunshine. However pleasant and longed for the sun is, it can be difficult to control the right amount of light that comes into your house.

But Varioflex, a smart Venetian blind from Luxaflex,  puts you in full control. The blind is divided into two parts and each part can be controlled separately, allowing you to determine the desired amount of light and privacy.

Prices for the Varioflex option from £134


                  Hunter Douglas luxaflex               Hunter Douglas luxaflex

Putting Spring in your Step

Blossom Egg 008Easter is early this year and after a mild winter so is Spring. This has inspired the decoration on Rococo’s latest artistically hand painted egg: Blossom, a delightfully sunny looking egg with a cherry blossom branch across the front.

BLOSSOM EGG weighs a full 1lb and is made with Rococo’s 65% cocoa dark chocolate house blend. The blend contains cocoa from Tanzania, Peru and the Dominican Republic, as well as cocoa from Rococo’s own farm in Grenada.  The dark chocolate shell is topped with a thin white chocolate layer, which is hand painted with beautiful cherry blossom design.  It contains a selection of chocolates, including traditional floral fondant creams, fresh cream truffles and delicate ganaches handmade in London, as well as a selection of dark and milk chocolate carres.

This beautiful egg retails at £42.50, and available in all the Rococo stores only.

Blossom Egg 009

My Boy Lollipop

Lollies Easter 2016 024Not that we know the Easter lollipops from Rococo Chocolate are all boys, but we do know that are all animals associated with Easter: bunny, chicken and lamb and with some most unusual ingredients!

Lapin a la moutarde

Milk chocolate bunny is made from 40% cocoa house milk choc blend, with white chocolate decorations.  Flavoured with mustard for that extra tang.

Lemon and tarragon chicken

White chocolate chick – flavoured with lemon and tarragon so very flavourful.

Lamb with mint

White chocolate lamb – decorated with house milk blend, flavoured with mint, chocolate and mints a classic combination.

£3.50 each, available in Rococo Stores and online

P.S. For those children not keen on mustard and tarragon, Rococo has also made milk chocolate bunnies and white chocolate chicks.


Lollies Easter 2016 005

Luxaflex® appoints GertsenPR

luxaflexWe are delighted to announce that GertsenPR has been appointed to handle the PR for Luxaflex® in the UK.

More than 60 years ago Joe Hunter and Henry Sonnenberg, developed an innovative casting and production process for lightweight aluminium. They were planning something very new and very different and the result was a product which would completely change window coverings: Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

These Venetian Blinds were introduced into Europe in 1951 under the brand name Luxaflex®. Their outstanding design and practical functionality quickly became the ‘must-have’ window covering.

Today Luxaflex® offers a complete range of exclusive, custom-made window treatments. Their exquisite design led products leads the field in innovation when it comes to managing light, controlling heat, reducing noise  and being energy efficient.

Luxaflex® has continued introducing new, ground-breaking products  including these unique, award-winning ones.

Duette® Shades which are as beautifully stylish as they are energy-efficient – enjoy stunning designs and colours with a unique honeycomb design:

Silhouette® Shades  with a colour palette says sophistication; soft whites, cool contemporary greys or subtle, natural earth tones – all perfectly complimenting a classic or contemporary interior décor

Facette® Shades  are a wonderfully stylish alternative to traditional curtains with a tactile look that softens windows.

Open faux shutter living room 2014          Hunter DouglasShutters                                                                                Venetian Blinds


You are welcome to borrow products for photography.