Coming in from the Cold

IMG_1388 croppedsml IMG_1418 croppedsml IMG_1419 croppedsml IMG_1426 croppedsmlWhat could be better than a piece of delicious chocolate in front of the fire after a day out in the cold? This winter Rococo has created their Winter Collection focusing on all the flavours and scents of the cold winter months; from fruity figs and roasted nuts, through the heady spice of mulled wine, to the richness and comfort of sticky toffee pudding. A contemporary twist on British tradition.

Golden Fig: Succulent Lerida figs, blended with honey and roasted hazelnuts in almond marzipan.

Clementine: Rich, smooth Brazilian origin ganache, with the sweet citrus notes of clementine.

Mulled Wine: Red wine jelly, topped with a dark ganache infused with winter spices/the flavours of winter.

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Rich, dark Medjool date caramel with a hint of sea salt.

The Winter Collection comes in a box of four for £6.50 or £13.50 for 100g and is available on line and at the 5 Rococo shops. Also available to buy individually in Rococo shops.

Designs with a Message

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This jungly print from Lush Designs features Slender Lorises in a forest of carnivorous plants. They are captivating creatures who need protection from the destruction of their habitat in the forests of Sri Lanka and India.

They are available in two sizes and retail at:

£70 for the large one 43cm diameter

£38 for the smaller one 23cm diameter

There are three colourways to choose from: Orange/Black, Chartreuse/Black and Soft Grey Available with fittings for pendant or table lamp.

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