PH Artichoke Goes Green

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Poul Henningsen’s world-famous design icon, PH Artichoke, has now been made future-proof with a specially designed LED light source.

PH based his lighting philosophy on the incandescent bulb and its focal point. He designed his highly successful light fixtures around this light source with a minutious precision which made them known and admired around the world.

PH left nothing to chance, and the work of updating his designs to new requirements and technologies has therefore been challenging at times. The time has finally come to update his most prestigious design, PH Artichoke.

PH Artichoke illuminates both itself and the surrounding space. This requires high output from the light source, and LEDs have only recently been developed to a level sufficient to permit their use. The new 96W LED version of the fixture offers the same light output, comfort and atmosphere as the 500W incandescent bulb version.

We have designed a completely new light element for the LED version of PH Artichoke. In most models this is installed in the shade set in a way that allows replacement. Unlike earlier versions using energy-saving light sources, the LED version is dimmable. This detail help consolidate the PH Artichoke’s position as one of the most atmospheric light fixtures available.

PH Artichoke is one of the most renowned light fixtures in the world, and the LED version of this famous icon is a good illustration of how a clear focus on climate and energy consumption focus be consistent with an uncompromising attitude to aesthetics and light quality.

Retails from £5445.00

Summer Time …and the living is easy


_R5A5991                         _R5A6128      The Scandinavians really know how to get the most of the summer month making their outdoor space an extension of the indoor one. Broste Copenhagen’s SS 2015 range has some great ideas for making “living outside” a real pleasure.

There are table and chairs for outdoor dining in brilliant yellow as well as more muted colours. There are pretty striped cushion to mix or match. The hanging chair just makes you want to laze around with a good book and there are planters and pits to house your beautiful plants and flowers.

  30001026 Lot hanging Chair £282.20    14470003 Hugo garden chair £87.30        14470006 Hugo Garden table £130.90

The “Hugo” Iron table retails at £130.90 and the chair at £87.30. The “lot” hanging chair is £282.80


The large planter retails at £218.00 and the pots from 35.80 to £20.40 depending on size.

We have high res images and you are welcome to borrow for photography.

Lush Designs visits South Korea

MarieandMariainthestudioAfter a very successful visit to Japan, by invitation of the UK Embassy, Lush Designs have again been invited to take part in promoting British Design in Asia, this time in South Korea. All their products are made in the UK.

Lush Designs is the creation of Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. They design and manufacture home wares and gifts which feature lovely print designs. They studied painting and printmaking at Maidstone Art College and evolved their business while working in the theatre and community arts after moving to South East London.

This is what they had to say about their trips: “It was tremendously exciting to visit Japan, it were delighted that our designs were so well received, we now have a number of places in Japan that sell our products. We are really looking forward to the trip to South Korea and obviously hope for the same kind of success there”.

LushDesignsfarawaylandorangeshade LushdesignsfarawaylandjadeLindenlamp

Chantal Coady OBE, founder & Creative Director of Rococo Chocolate announces the launch of the Roald Dahl Collection.

Roly 045   Crocodile egg 006Coady is delighted to be working with the Dahl family on some very exciting new projects; the first of which are being launched this Easter. After “almost 50 years in gestation” The Crocodile Egg and the Roly-Poly Egg are hatching. Coady explains “Roald Dahl has always been a great inspiration to me, my dad brought the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back from New York in the ‘60s when it was first published, and it’s been a formative influence on my life in chocolate ever since. This is an amazing project for Rococo to be working on and we are so pleased to have the exclusive license to produce chocolates for the Enormous Crocodile and so many of Dahl’s children’s titles. Later in the year we will produce the first Dahl chocolate bar library, featuring The BFG, The Twits, The Witches and James and the Giant Peach”



We promise that no children were gobbled in the making of this egg, much to the greedy croc’s chagrin…

Open up the beautiful green foiled crocodile pattern milk chocolate shell and you will find six salt water baby green crocodiles* trying to escape/hatch. The 140g egg retails at £14.50 or you can buy two for £25.00



While trying to find a child to eat, the Enormous Crocodile has a go at the Roly-Poly bird. Happily she manages to escape with her life, but loses her tail feathers. She loves berries to eat, but can’t quite decide if she prefers strawberries or raspberries. The Roald Dahl ‘Roly-Poly Bird Egg’ from Rococo Chocolates gives you the best of both worlds – the choice of strawberries with milk chocolate in one half of the egg and raspberries with white chocolate and fizzing popping candy in the other. The white half of the shell is covered with the pink foil and the milk half with blue. The 150g egg is filled with delicious multi-coloured foiled milk chocolate eggs – and you don’t even have to go hunting for them! The ‘Roly-Poly Bird Egg’ retails at £14.50 or you can get two for £25.00.

Lovely presents to surprise and delight literary kids and their parents.

Less is more…

Happy Easter!

*The baby crocs are milk chocolate and have a pinch of Anglesey sea salt!!

Crocodile egg 010Roly 039

The Single Origin Easter Egg – for the chocolate purist

Roly 011New this year from Rococo Chocolates is the Single Origin Egg: a Madagascan dark chocolate egg filled with 20 mixed single origin carrés. A real treat for the chocolate connoisseur.

Each of the 5g chocolate squares has its own distinctive flavour to savour at the end of a meal with your favourite tipple. There are four different individually wrapped squares: Venezuela Chuao, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada. Pure bite size enjoyment.

The Single origin egg (200g) retails at £24.00 or two for £40.00 so you can treat yourself as well.

Roly 006                                        Roly 002

Note to Editors.

SHELL Madagascar:

Along with the Caribbean, the island of Madagascar produces the world’s greatest cocoa and this chocolate is a single bean variety or cru.  Chantal’s Tasting Notes: This chocolate has the unmistakable hallmarks of Madagascan criollo cocoa, tons of red fruit, citrus, great balance & long finish.  The Pinot Noir of the chocolate world.  One of the all-time favourites! 64% cocoa


Carré Venezuela Chuao:

One of the most famous names of the cocoa world, this valley can still only be reached by foot, donkey or boat adding to the mystique surrounding the cocoa.  Chantal’s Tasting Notes: Classic criollo beans give this rich chocolate its predominantly citrus and red berry profile, with undertones of hazelnut, coffee and molasses. 70% cocoa. Long and elegant finish.


Carré Dominican Republic:

This bar has a similar flavour profile to our organic blend because much of the organic cocoa in the Caribbean is produced in the Dominican Republic.  Chantal’s Tasting Notes: A classic example of trinitario beans, with lovely mellow notes of honey almond, citrus, leather and wood.  We like using this 63% as it allows the subtleties of the cocoa to emerge, sometimes less (%) really is more!


Carré Peru:

This is a high grown cocoa from the Andean foothills of north central Peru, from a region which is also famous for its coffee.  Chantal’s Tasting Notes: Soft gentle fruit bouquet with apricot, citrus, honey, cherry, fig, and new mown hay on the nose.  The 63% cocoa allows the buttery subtle notes to shine through.


Carré Grenada:

Tree to bar chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company with 71% cocoa.


Happy Birthday to Holly&Lil

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015.


In Spring 2002, two apparently identical, fluffy, black puppies met on Primrose Hill and began to play. Holly, (the collie cross) and Lil, (the flatcoat retriever) joined forces for many long walks whilst their owners, discussed life and other stuff – such as why you could never buy really wonderful dog collars? And Holly&Lil was born

Webshop opened in 2005 –

Shop, 103 Bermondsey Street opened In 2007. It has been a great success and has been included in Vogues secret Diary, Time Outs top 100 and won the Kennel Clubs award ‘Open for Dogs Somewhere on the high street’

Few changes over the years – Lily’s owner, Sarah, left in 2010 and Lily sadly died a year later. But Elaine and Holly are still fit as fleas and the company staff are well loved by our clients; (who we call our Pack Members).

Holly&Lil became a Ltd company in 2012 – Holly&Lil The Collar Makers Ltd, We aim to continue proudly as a small, British craft company making a bespoke luxury product and following in the long tradition of English leatherwork. With plans to expand this year….

Holly&Lil is a favourite with many celebs (and their dogs) from Gok Wan to Mickey Rourke, (he now buys online since Jonathan Ross gave him 5 on his show years ago). We are thankful for their support.

But for H&L it’s all about the dogs….We create in every size, adapting our designs to tailor-make them for the tiniest and giant breeds alike. Today our handmade collars are worn by dogs and cats all over the world, from Brighton to Bangkok and from Moscow to Tokyo.

Celebrations this year include launch of new collections inspired by a few Client bespoke creations. The first two will be shown at Crufts this Year – Flower Garden dog collar and Leopard Rose Dog Collars.

High Res Pictures available at call Elaine for details 07811 715 452 or email [email protected]

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