Pleasure Pure and Simple

262488 (2)The new box of caramels from Rococo chocolates, created by Rococo’s award winning Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson, is simply stunning. Each soft, creamy, delicately flavoured caramel with a shell of delicious dark chocolate is a real melt in the mouth moment that has got to be savoured.

The box contains:

  • Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Kalamansi Lime Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Mandarin & Tonka Bean Caramel
  • Pear William Caramel

The box is part of the couture rang, is freshly made and has a shelf life of 2 weeks.  It would be a surprise if it ever lasted that long!

The Caramel box with 12 caramels, 3 of each flavour, retails at £17.50. It is available from Rococo shops in Belgravia, Chelsea, Marylebone, and Chester as well as from the website.

Note to Editors:

Barry explains how he creates the flavours. “I carefully prepare the caramels’ consistency to compliment the added flavours,” says Barry, “the caramel that I use for the Kalamansi lime is rich and buttery, quite different from the passion fruit and rosemary which has a much lighter texture and taste allowing the flavours to shine through. The collection is one of my proudest achievements with Rococo Chocolates”

We Wish You a Merry Christmas…

b#2The new Christmas baubles from Rococo Chocolates are almost too pretty to eat. Luckily they are encased in a acrylic bauble so you use them for decorations before you get too tempted to eat them.

The baubles come in 4 different designs, all very festive and are made from their organic Dark chocolate house blend which contains cocoa from their Grococo farm in Grenada.


They make beautiful decorations for the tree or table, and are fun to open once yuletide is over. They retail at £4.95 each and are made at the Rococo Chocolates London Kitchen.

The baubles are available at the four Rococo shops in Belgravia, Chelsea, Marylebone and Chester and also on line from 17 November.

They will also be great to find in a stocking!

A Box Full of Winners

066Rococo Chocolates is launching a special box featuring their award-winning couture ganaches created by Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson. The box contains 11 delicious masterpieces, each a different flavour, all freshly made in Rococo’s London kitchens.

They are:

  • Grenadian & Islay Single Malt Ganache (AoC Gold 2011)
  • Madagascar House Truffle (AoC Gold 2013, ICA World Silver 2012)
  • Rose & Cocoa Nib (ICA World Silver 2012)
  • Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit (AoC Gold 2009)
  • Red Berry Madagascar (AoC Gold 2013)
  • Grenada Dark Ganache (AoC Gold 2011)
  • Kalamansi Lime Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Rose, Lychee & Raspberry (AoC Gold 2009)
  • Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Jivara Milk Chocolate Ganache (AoC Silver 2011)
  • Salted Chocolate Toffee, Hazelnut Praline (AoC Gold 2013)

These delicious chocolates are an ideal way to finish an evening of entertaining. And the box makes great hostess present – you are sure to be asked back soon.

The Award Box retails at £16.50

As the chocolates are freshly made they should be consumed within two weeks – not going to be too hard!

The box is available from the four Rococo shops, Belgravia, Chelsea, Marylebone and Chester. And now for the first time the couture chocolates are also available on-line.

Festive Christmas Bars from Rococo Chocolates

Rococo-107a   Rococo-109a   Rococo-110a  The Christmas Bars from Rococo Chocolates have long been a firm favourite when it comes to entertaining at Christmas. Now, as well as tasting of all the flavours associated with the Yuletide, they also look very festive, packaged in bright, new designs by Chantal Coady.

The three bars consist of.

Christmas pudding: Cognac soaked raisins, toasted almonds, cloves and cinnamon burst through the rich 65% dark chocolate of this Christmas bar, a hardy Rococo perennial.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh: Taking the three elements, inchanged from the time of the wise men in year dot, we have added a hint of orange oil.  The gold leaf is 22 carat, the frankincense and myrrh lend distinctive aromatic resin notes.  Christmas would not be the same without this bar, first created by Rococo in 1996.

Morello Cherry: Made with sun dried morello cherries, which are rich, moist perfectly balanced tangy fruit and give citrus notes to this delectable Rococo Christmas bar, complementing the intense rich 65% dark chocolate.

The Bars sell at £4.50 each and as well as delighting you and your guests at Christmas, they make an ideal hostess present.

Available from mid November





After nearly 6 years Nordic Elements have had a make-over.  “We felt it was time for a change and have been working on bringing together new and established brands to complement our new identity ‘NEW CLASSIC OLD CLASSIC’, Said Helle Moyna, owner of Nordic Elements.

Their homeware collection is the result of their passion for good design & good quality.  “We select our brands and designers carefully to offer a wide choice of products for people who enjoy design as much as we “explained Helle.

Hel+stjerne_A9448 FUSS-Pillow-B1

As well as their on-line shop, Nordic Elements is also a brand agency, representing 3 unique and beautiful Danish brands to the UK & Irish market: Kristina Dam, Finnsdottir and The Oakmen

The web shop feature a selection of products from the brands they represent, some of these products they believe will become NEW CLASSIC’s  including by Lassen and Ro. And in addition they have chosen some favourite OLD CLASSIC’s to feature alongside these such as Kay Bojesen and Stelton.

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Digital XPress

Something Fishy about the New Lampshades from Lush Designs

lush designs stumpy large fish shade £86.00      Lush designs medium fish shade £56.00Love the tranquillity of looking at fish? The new lampshades from Lush Designs are much easier to maintain than a fish tank and just as amusing. Fish and Stumpy Fish lampshades come in two sizes both of which are wider than their length. Excellent for lower ceilings and tall people. Prices are: Medium £54 and Large £86.

lush designs jungle shade £98

The third Design Jungle comes in one size only and is larger and longer. It retails at £98. All three lampshades are available either as a pendant or table lamp.

Designed by Maria and Marie and made in the UK – 020 8694 1664

Note to editors: Lush Designs is the creation of Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. They design and manufacture home wares and gifts which feature lovely print designs. They studied painting and printmaking at Maidstone Art College and evolved their business while working in the theatre and community arts after moving to South East London.