Chocolate Week at Rococo is all about taste

Rococo-117 bDuring Chocolate week, which starts on October 13, Rococo is inviting you to taste their very special organic artisan bars. Each day a new flavour will be offered to customers. It will be the same flavour in each Rococo shop – Motcomb Street, Moxon Street, Kings Road and Chester -and there will be a 15% discount on the flavour of the day bar. A perfect way to try something new!

These new flavours form part of the amazing new tastes in the “ultimate boxed collection” from Rococo which will be coming soon.

Monday – Spice Island

This is a tribute to the Grenada Chocolate Company and the islands famous spices. You can almost imagine yourself being there when tasting it.

Tuesday – Peru 63%

Soft gentle fruit bouquet with apricot, citrus, honey, cherry, fig, and new mown hay on the nose. Challenging the 70% orthodoxy –   A perfectly balanced bar.

Wednesday – Honeycomb Crunch

A trip down memory lane, hard to resist this classic tuck shop special of crunchy honeycomb in rich milk chocolate. Even has converts in the die hard dark chocolate tribe!

Thursday – Orange Marmalade

Chunky bits of orange peel with a dash of our old favourite Persian Lime – an enduring favourite in dark chocolate, nothing else quite hits the spot in this way.

Friday – Chuao 70%

Classic criollo beans give this rich chocolate its predominantly citrus and red berry profile, with undertones of hazelnut, coffee and molasses. Long and elegant finish.

Saturday – Raspberry Fizz

The berries balance the sweetness of the white chocolate and popping candy adds a celebratory fizz. Get that summer feeling.

Sunday – Dominican Republic

A classic example of trinitario beans, with lovely mellow notes of honey almond, citrus, leather and wood. The 63% as it allows the subtleties of the cocoa to emerge, sometimes less really is more!

And if that has whet your appetite for trying new flavours (rather than sticking to your old favourites) Rococo has a special taster during Chocolate Week 10 Mini Bee bars for £10.

Enjoy Chocolate Week.


The series is crafted from 100-year-old beech wood planted in Wegner’s birth year.

CH24_100YearOldBeech_Natural CH24_100YearOldBeech_Black

A special edition of the world-famous Wishbone Chair is being released to mark Wegner’s 100th birthday.

Carl Hansen & Son’s celebration of Hans J. Wegner’s 100th birthday culminates with the launch of a special-edition Wishbone Chair. The commemorative chair is crafted from 100-year-old beechwood planted on the island of Funen, Denmark in 1914 – the year of Wegner’s birth.

He was one of Denmark’s greatest furniture designers. His furniture represents the best in Danish Design. He has inspired designers the world over. Hans J. Wegner would have turned 100 this year, and Carl Hansen & Son is marking the occasion with a special edition of his best-selling chair – the Wishbone Chair. Designed for Carl Hansen & Son in 1949, the Wishbone Chair was part of Wegner’s first collection for the furniture maker. The iconic piece was put into production the following year and has been continuously manufactured ever since.

 The special-edition Wishbone Chair is crafted from 100-year-old beechwood that was planted in 1914 – Wegner’s birth year – in the woods near the Brahetrolleborg Manor on Funen, Denmark. For generations, the forestry operations here have been conducted with respect for nature, allowing the estate and its surroundings to remain a unique natural gem. Today, Brahetrolleborg continues to stand for sustainable wood production of unsurpassed quality.

The special edition is a tribute to the master of chair design. Each chair comes with a unique origin label with a serial number, and a certificate authenticating that the series is manufactured from 100-year-old beechwood. Carl Hansen & Son’s CEO Knud Erik Hansen, who represents the third generation of the family-run company, says: “This series of chairs has been handled with great care throughout production. The timber has been isolated from all other wood and specifically labeled throughout all stages up through the chairs’ completion. The special production process has occasionally been challenging logistically, but everyone has been enthusiastic about this exciting project, making it an extremely fitting tribute to someone who loved natural wood, as Wegner did.”

He continues: “Beechwood is about as Danish as one can get. Poets have frequently used Danish beech trees to represent something beautiful, strong and quintessentially Danish. In Danish forests, it is often the beech trees that tower above all others. Their wood is harmonious, flexible and of such high quality that it has been extremely versatile over the centuries, and suited to almost any purpose. It is also interesting to contemplate that this 100-year-old wood has witnessed the same events as Wegner. If this wood could talk, it would recount a Danish history about a time of such changes as the world had never seen.”

The special-edition, 100-year-old beechwood Wishbone Chair is available in multiple variants and will be in stores in September. Recommended retail prices start at £411 excl. VAT.

To find your nearest dealer, please visit


Every item of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. The world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son also produces designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others. The company has 210 employees. All Carl Hansen & Son furniture is produced in Denmark and sold all over the world. Find out more at

The Wreaths of Christmas

_R5A0023Whether you want your wreath to hang on the front door, decorate the table or adorn your walls, Broste Copenhagen has some lovely ones, which you can leave as they are or decorate with your favourite flowers, fruit or ribbons.

There are wood ones with silver, rattan ones with silver or plain ones, they come in different sizes and retail from £13 to £26.

They can be also used for advent crowns, just add candles.

15001071  15001063 15001060

Volcano Coffee Erupts at Rococo Motcomb Street

MaRococo Garden
MaRococo Garden

Rococo Chocolates have teamed up with the Volcano Coffee Works (recently features on BBC2’s ‘Sweets Made Simple’) to bring gourmet coffee to the Motcomb Street Café to match their award-winning chocolates.

The Rococo kitchens and Volcano Coffee Works’ speciality coffee roastery are neighbours in South London.  There, the beans are roasted in small batches by expert roasters on lovingly restored and customised vintage coffee roasters.

Richard Larkin, Managing Director of Rococo Chocolates said, “It’s exciting to set up such a rewarding collaboration.  We both have an uncompromising attitude to quality and our own brand ethics of Pleasure and Provenance.  I can say with confidence that our Rococo café now serves the best mocha in London.”

Enjoy a Rococo Volcano Mocha at Motcomb St alongside freshly made ganaches by Rococo’s award-winning chocolatiers or delicious cakes handmade on the premises. You can also find their award-winning hot chocolate that can be flavoured with sea salt, chilli, cardamom or mint served with Rococo artisan marshmallows – the perfect autumnal treat.

Make the most of the last days of summer by enjoying your chocolate and coffee in the secret MaRococo garden hidden behind Rococo Motcomb Street.