Nordic Elements are having a clearance sale to make room for all the new products .  So now is the time to pick up a bargain.




There are cushions reduced from £85 to £60





Baby Bed Linen reduced from £44.00 to £25






345-W WolfAnd tea cosies now only £35.00 instead of £52.50






To name but a few there are many more including bags, throws and trays.  – Good bargain hunting.

And when you do also have a look at all the wonderful new products.




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LIND DNA is a family business based in Denmark designing lifestyle products from both Natural and recycled materials. Nordic Elements have recently added them to their stable of Scandinavian companies.

The Curved TableMat is produced using a special optimized recycled leather. A material, which makes it reject both dirt and water, makes it easy to clean and is also sustainable. These two elements the TableMat is a special and optimal solution for setting the table. The curved shape is designed so that the mat has room for a glass, but is also designed to take up the least amount of space on the table. It retails at £22.50. Curved coasters to match are also available at £17.00 for four.

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Material: 80% recycled leather and 20% natural rubber

The TableMat is also available in the more usual square format – same price

TableMat Nupo

Is a  new TableMat again in  recycled leather. It comes in  beautiful colours and a lighter quality. Mix them up or choose one colour, which ever way the result will be great.

Retails at £15.50

Again coasters  or glass mats are available  at £13.00 for 4.




Wegner’s thoughtful play with wood and steel.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth, Carl Hansen & Son is launching Wegner’s CH88 chair – a 1955 design that has, to date, existed only as a prototype. One of Wegner’s few designs combining wood and steel, the CH88 is a versatile chair updated for today’s needs.

Although primarily known and renowned for his work with wood, Hans J. Wegner was always interested in exploring and working with other materials. This is evident in the CH88, originally a prototype for a chair featuring elements of steel. To mark the 100th anniversary of Wegner’s birthday, Carl Hansen & Son is producing the CH88 for the first time.

A CH88 prototype was unveiled in 1955 at the international H55 Exhibition in Helsingborg, organized by the Swedish Design Association, Föreningen Svensk Form. Here, Wegner exhibited his furniture alongside other designers, including Alvar Aalto.

“The CH88 epitomizes Wegner’s characteristic play with materials – a surprising blend of wood and steel. Wegner was an unsurpassed master when it came to exploring the applications and compatibility of different materials. It is precisely the fusion of organic wood and industrial steel that produces a versatile chair suited to a range of different styles and settings,” says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son.

He continues: “We continually strive to recreate Wegner’s design in accordance with his original drawings, but it goes without saying that a chair designed almost 60 years ago must be updated to fulfill modern needs. The height of the seat, armrests and backrest have all been raised slightly for the simple reason that people are taller now. The shape of the seat has also been modified slightly so that the chair can be stacked. All in all, the CH88 is a chair that beautifully illustrates Wegner’s commitment to understanding the potential of materials and his search for perfection in minimalist design.”

As with all his chairs, Wegner was intent on creating the ideal distance between the seat and backrest with the aim of achieving optimal back support. In Wegner’s eyes, comfort was an inherent feature of any good chair.

The CH88 is versatile both in terms of its appearance and usability thanks to its numerous finish, frame, and room placement options. Characteristically, the upper structure features a steam-bent wooden backrest for back support, with slight curvatures of the backrest’s ends providing a natural resting place for the arms. The steel frame, with straight back legs, supports an oval-shaped wooden seat. This blend of materials, combined with a minimalist design, results in a light, organic, industrial expression. And the new, stackable design offers a valuable benefit. The CH88’s overall flexibility, coupled with its many variants, makes the chair equally well-suited to multiple environments – from the living room to the hotel restaurant or corporate canteen.

The CH88 is available in beech and oak in a range of finishes. The frame is available in stainless steel, black powder coating and chrome, and the seat with optional leather or textile upholstery. The chair’s dimensions are 44.5 cm (seat height), 76.5 cm (height), 44.5 cm (depth) and 57 cm (width). Up to four CH88 chairs can be stacked.

The CH88 will be in shops from May 2014. Recommended prices from £258 excl. VAT.


ABOUT CARL HANSEN & SON Every item of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. The world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son also produces designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others. The company has 170 employees. All Carl Hansen & Son furniture is produced in Denmark and sold all over the world. Find out more at




AT ONE WITH NATURE – iconic Wegner chairs feature new wood combination

CH24_CH327_Walnut_Oak_Wide (2)

Wegner’s profound understanding of the properties of wood are expressed in new oak-and-walnut versions of three iconic Wegner chairs. Here, the commemorative edition of the celebrated Wishbone Chair


As Carl Hansen & Son celebrates the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth, the spotlight falls on Wegner’s extraordinary understanding of wood. Carl Hansen & Son has selected three iconic Wegner chairs to tell the story of the designer’s work on combining different types of wood. In addition to Wegner’s classic CH33 chair, his iconic Wishbone Chair and Sawbuck Chair have, for the first time ever, also been produced in a fusion of oak and walnut.

Danish design is renowned for its extraordinary work in wood. This is due in no small part to Hans J. Wegner and the furniture legacy he secured through a prolific and very active career spanning five decades. Among other accomplishments, Wegner’s drawings of over 500 chairs have won him considerable international acclaim.


Although primarily a cabinetmaker, Wegner was also a brilliant designer. He favored wood as a material, and was particularly interested in the interaction between different types of wood. Wegner’s experimentation in this area allowed him to exploit the unique characteristics and properties of different wood types and use them to highlight particular craftsmanship details in a decorative way.


Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, says: “Wegner’s design approach is rooted in his exceptional understanding of the properties of wood and his persistent CH24_CH327_Walnut_Oak_Detail (2)exploration of its potential. His deep respect for wood as a material in furniture production sparked in him an enduring curiosity about its nature and potential. In many ways, wood is the essential common denominator for the collaboration between Wegner and Carl Hansen & Son. For both parties, wood is, so to speak, part of our DNA.”

Three of Wegner’s iconic chairs – the Wishbone Chair (CH24), the Sawbuck Chair (CH29) and the CH33 chair – are being launched to mark the 100th anniversary of Wegner’s birth with a single story that attests to his fascination with the anatomy of wood. Knud Erik Hansen continues: “Given the uniqueness of the occasion, we decided to highlight his deep love of wood. We are therefore launching three of his iconic chairs and the CH327 table in a new combination of wood types – an expression that Wegner adopted early on in his career and one that is common to many of his original furniture design.”


Wegner’s original compositions often combined teak and oak or beech. Carl Hansen & Son has opted for a fusion of oak and walnut as a popular modern-day variant. The combination of light and dark wood produces a harmonious contrast, as evidenced in the world premiere of the two-toned Wishbone Chair, which never before has been produced in mixed wood. Here, the Wishbone Chair’s iconic back and backrest in walnut provide an elegant contrast to the oak frame, in tribute to Wegner’s favored material.


The juxtaposition of different types of wood is used to highlight design details, as highlighting – rather than concealing – the elegant aspects of craftsmanship was one of the cornerstones of Wegner’s design philosophy. This is clearly exemplified in CH29 and CH33, where the oak plugs produce a characteristic contrast to the walnut seat and backrest. Carl Hansen & Son’s launch of an oak-and-walnut version of Wegner’s CH327 dining table completes the homage to Wegner’s masterful work with wood.


The commemorative oak-and-walnut Wishbone Chair (CH24), Sawbuck Chair (CH29), CH33 chair and CH327 dining table will be available in shops from April 2014. The recommended price for the Wishbone Chair is: £620, £649 for the Sawbuck Chair, £372 for the CH33 and prices from £2.951 for the CH327 dining table. All prices excl. VAT.


Every item of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. The world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son also produces designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others. The company has 170 employees. All Carl Hansen & Son furniture is produced in Denmark and sold all over the world. Find out more at



Rococo Chocolates ‘Cat That Got The Cream’ and ‘Truffle Hound’ boxes are ideal for Mother’s Day. So whether you mum is a cat or a dog lover, you cannot go wrong. And if she is equally fond of both, you could always buy her one of each!

Each box contains 12 ganache chocolates (ganache is the name for the smooth mixture of chocolate and cream traditionally found inside a truffle) and are made with Valrhona single origin chocolates, fresh cream and real fruit purees. Whereas traditional round truffles are double-coated in chocolate, the fine layer of chocolate on these delicate square treats, based on our Principal Chocolatier’s award-winning creations, means that the unusual and sophisticated flavours of the ganache inside each chocolate really shine through.


Milk chocolate ganaches: marc de champagne with popping candy, orange ganache with mango & passion fruit jelly, lemon praline.

Dark chocolate ganaches: Madagascar single origin, rose raspberry & lychee, sour cherry jelly with Madagascar single origin, Jasmine tea, Irish coffee white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate.

Boxes have a retail price of £16.50

Poul Henningsen’s 120th Birthday Celebrated in Style

LP_3.5-5_pendel_Eg+Ñ_-G_0002                  PH kobber interior UTH-G_02PH 3½-3 Copper

Poul Henningsen (PH), the social critic, review author, debate enthusiast and – most memorably – light designer, would have turned 120 on 9 September this year. To mark the occasion, his long-term partner Louis Poulsen is launching a limited edition of one of the first models in the famous PH System.

PH had an opinion about almost everything, and his propensity to argue his point often led him to being painted as both PH kobber interior UTH-G_01hero and villain of the piece. Most people agree, however, that with his lighting philosophy and trail-blazing light design, PH made an invaluable contribution to the creation of pleasant, convenient lighting systems. As early as the end of the 1920’s, PH had developed the formula for the distinctive lampshade profile that would become world-famous as System PH, and to which he remained true for the rest of his life. One of the first PH lights in the famous system was the PH 3-3 pendant from 1928. It was a model he created just before both he and Louis Poulsen achieved their popular breakthrough – and while his patent applications for System PH were still being processed by the authorities.

PH 3½ -3 is from 1929 and the special edition of PH 3½ -3 Louis Poulsen now launches, true to PH’s original drawings. For example, the glass sections are mounted in the original cast frame and likewise, the light housing has been reproduced down to the smallest detail, which means, for example, that the adjustment possibility of the height of the light source has been retained.

PH 3.5-3 Copper-2_26The shades on the limited edition are made of copper and glass. The two bottom shades are made of hand-blown, opal glass, while the top shade is made of untreated copper, which will take on a unique patina over time. The distinctive, rolled edge of the copper shade provides rigidity and a more robust appearance – a detail that can only be created by hand, and only by a select few craftsmen.

In fact, the pendant is packed with PH’s functional and well thought-out details, which make it both beautiful and interesting – both when illuminated and when switched off. The unique design is a unique part of design history, which has beautifully succeeded in preserving its aesthetic and functional relevance.

PH 3.5-3 Copper_12PH 3.5-3 Copper 02Louis Poulsen has previously issued limited editions of PH’s lights. All were remarkably well received, and often purchased as investments. However, as Pia Knudsen, Business Area Manager at Louis Poulsen, explains: “Lights are made to be used. We know that the re launch of the PH 3 ½-3 light is a dream come true for many PH collectors. At the same time, we are noticing a strong tendency to combine multiple periods in domestic design, with PH lights magnificently uniting classic and modern in this context.”

PH kobber interior EG+à-G_07

“As we see it, PH’s birthday is a perfect occasion to revisit the point where it all began for one of the most widely recognised light designers the world has ever seen. It has been a fascinating adventure to delve down into the treasure chest and see how a light from the end of the 1920’s can still produce absolutely beautiful light – even using modern LED light sources. Words such as ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ take on a whole new meaning when you find yourself facing a design from the start of the last century and cannot help but admire the brilliance that went into its design and execution,” concludes Pia Knudsen.

The limited edition PH 3½–3 Copper is only available to order during the period 1 March to 31 May 2014.

PH 3½–3 Copper: Ø 330mm and H: 307mm

Energy class: A+-E.

Recommended Retail Price £995.00