Eco Friendly, Sturdy and Ever So Good Looking – the Rococo Bag



                                                                     As always Rococo Chocolates are thinking of the environment, their customers and, of course, style -this new heavy canvas bag (actually a 75/25 jute-cotton mix) fulfil all these criteria. It is handsome, can be used again and again (and not just for chocolate) and will cut the use of paper and plastic bags.

It is a great size (it even will hold Rococo’s biggest hamper) and the rounded handles means there is no cutting into your hands when carrying a heavy load. The off- white canvas features the much loved Rococo moulds used on much of their packaging.  The two sides of the bags are different one featuring a cocoa pod.

The bag is sold at the four Rococo shops and online for £7.50 and is free when you spend more than £75.00.