Setup and Standby



Are two new products from the Softline Spring Summer 2013 range.

Setup designed by Matthias Demacker is a sofa system with round organic shapes that can be arranged in various configurations, so users can build their own setup to suit their living space.   Additional cushions add even more seating comfort, ensuring it becomes your favourite spot when relaxing at home.

Price range from £2695.00




Standby are adaptable chairs designed by Javier Moreno – a range of chairs with different backrest heights for the different lengths of time you sit in them.  The back heights range from 67 cm to 95 cm, so sit back and relax or sit up and take note… The chair’s integrated side table make them fully adaptable to any space private or public.

Price range from £625.00.  Table £159.00

White on White

White is synonymous with coolness and purity. But white is not just white. The colour displays an incredible diversity of nuances. The neutrality of the colour white affords a special opportunity to create new experiences of light and space.

PH Snowball


PH Snowball designed by Poul Henningsen creates an attractive lighting effect in the room through careful distribution of the light upward and downwards.

With its simple and elegant the lamp is like a sculpture which floats above the table.



AJ Royal


The AJ Royal pendant designed by Arne Jacobsen. The minimalist pendant with its refined ribbing system which directs heat away from the light source, while also emitting fine strips of light and discretely marks out the shape of the lamp in the room.




Custom Name LP_130712_ 25798


Aeros White designed by Ross Lovegrove recently launches in white adds a floating lightness and neutrality to the mystical three- dimensional design.


All the lamps are from

Finnish Artisan Craft from Nordic Elements

byPiippola is a design company founded in 2010 by Tania Piippola with an aim of creating Nordic lifestyle products with an individual character honouring simplicity, beauty and durability through the use of rustic raw materials.By Piippola013_2_2_2 With the respect for craftsmanship and Northern designer traditions it liaises closely with local artisans.

All products are handmade by locally selected craftsmen and the present collection consists

of products made of silver pine also called kelo – the deadwood from the Finnish Arctic Circle.

Each piece is unique, possessing the characteristics of the tree itself and has a silvery surface. By Piippola023

Cracks are merely a natural part of the product – which is after all, more than 400-500 years old.


The range consists of coat hangers, towel holders, and candle holders in various sizes –New Yorker stemning


The mission of byPiippola is to provide any interior setting with a sense of authenticity and allow you to become part of the timeless and Wild Nordic nature – in the midst of your home.

The products are available from  tel.020 7498 5757

Table Talk








The 2013 Softline range features two new unusual designs in tables Circo and Monday. Both offer a versatile use and distinctive style.






Designed by Susanne Gronlund, the Circo table is an extremely useful piece of furniture; you can place it where you need it for putting things on or simply use it as a decorative element. Circo


The table is completely circular – hence the name. Its design gives it a unified and harmonious look which will fit with any décor be it modern or more traditional.    Circo retails at £169.00


Another practical design item from busk & hertzog, Monday is a versatile sofa/side table which can be used individually, but looks stunning in a combination of two or more.


The table’s design is simple, yet elegant, with a lovely springy leg frame on which thin “water lilies” /plates balance. Its unique construction makes it both an interesting piece of design and a practical piece of furniture. Monday retails at £159.00




IMG_7216FB12-ChocwithLidIf you want to impress the woman/man in your life Rococo’s limited edition Valentine’s Day fresh ganache selection is will do the trick deliciously. The flavours include Pineapple & Ginger, Blackberry & Star Anise, Lemon & Violet and Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel. £16.50 for 12 piece box, £9.50 for 4 piece box. Due to the delicate nature of this product Rococo Chocolates have limited availability on their web store.

These special ganache flavours can also be purchased individually in the four Rococo shops.

Montana – Flexible Interior Design for Homes and Offices

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013 Montana gives inspiration to create an evocative crossover between home and office. The ingredients are modules, tables, chairs and colours that can be mixed in any combination at your choice and as you wish.

10_montana_contract42 Colours

The Montana palette colours fjord, peach, lemon drop and tokyo yellow connect the different ambiences. The delicate colours express themselves refreshingly and elegantly at a time.4_montana_living3_013

In office areas they lighten up and challenge the traditional colours of offices. In homes the colour tokyo yellow contributes to set off the dynamic shelving system, that set focus on the flexible possibilities of interior design with Montana. Shelves and dividers can be placed as you wish and the modules may be used alone or as combined modules – 2, 3, 4 or more – to an individual book shelf.

If, on the contrary, you need a closed storage module, the elegant handle less fronts with push effect give a smooth and sleek surface – with a unique and distinguished character in the colours peach and lemon drop.

Tables and Chairs

11_montana_ha2workThe light MP mini tables with top and frame lacquered in Montana colours are available in a number of sizes and in three different designs. They are ideal as sideboards, small dining tables or occasional tables in homes. For offices they are suitable for lounge ambiences, receptions and meetidjob_panton_green 001ng zones.

The Tivoli chair is a classic both for homes and businesses. With the five different versions the design becomes multi-flexible and the palette offers you discreet or spectacular colours – inside or outside.

New Ideas for the Office

Recycling at the office has become a part of the everyday life in modern companies. Montana has developed a selection of modules that provide easy waste sorting for recycling, such as light bulbs, batteries, printer cartridges, carton and paper. The modules are suitable for central islands in the office enabling everybody to dispose of their waste in a correct and safe way.

For the individual working place we have developed a number of new modules and components. There is space for personal belongings like the bicycle helmet, the fine shoes, the tie, the jacket, cosmetics and a small lockable room for objects of value.

Visit and be inspired…..