Dress Your Christmas Table With A Couture Chocolate Tree

 Rococo Chocolates’ Principal Chocolatier, Barry Johnson, has made the most wonderful  chocolate Christmas treat to adorn your table during the festive season.

There are two versions so you can choose between dark or milk chocolate.

1.      Couture Dark Chocolate Christmas Tree – A stunning edible Christmas table centre piece.  Made from 60% Grenada Dark Chocolate studded with the flavours of Christmas – candied ginger, orange, pistachios and coloured crunchy baubles. Designed for sharing, the rings break off easily and will be the perfect end to your Christmas day festivities.

2.      Couture Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree – A stunning edible Christmas table centre piece.  Made from 40% Jivara Milk Chocolate studded with the flavours of Christmas – candied ginger, orange, pistachios and coloured crunchy baubles. Designed for sharing, the rings break off easily and will be the perfect end to your Christmas day festivities.

The Couture Trees retail at £40.00 and they are available to pre-order NOW.

Only from Rococo Shops at:                                                                                                  Motcomb Street – 020 7245 0993                                                                                            Kings Road – 020 7352 5857                                                                                                   Marylebone High Street – 020 7935 7780                                                                                 Chester – 01244 895610


Red Colour Play that Creates Life in the Home

Using colours allows you to create atmosphere and character in your home. The colour red symbolises courage, attracts attention and can make a huge difference to your interior design.

It’s up to the individual whether to use red prominently on a large surface or to create a conspicuous contrast. It depends on whether you want understated elegance or a more playful, more visible statement.


Montana’s red shades allow you to play with a variety of cool and warm expressions, with a colour palette that ranges from the sharp ‘Zen red’ to the soft and deep ‘cabernet’. Criss-cross the shades in a powerful red colour play, or use them as an accent in combination with other Montana colours.


Montana is based around the unit concept. The idea is that several units can be put together in a myriad of ways. The suggested retail price of the renowned four-compartment Montana unit (H: 69.6 cm, W: 69.6 cm, D: 30 cm) is £245  inclusive of VAT.


Find inspiration at www.montana.dk


Montana Møbler A/S produces and supplies storage systems, tables, and chairs for home and modern office environments. Montana is designed by Peter J. Lassen. The flexible modular system and the inspiring colour palette offer freedom to create your own personal room and to personalize your style. Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and schmidt/ hammer/ lassen design.


Montana appoints Gertsen PR

Montana Møbler A/S was founded by Peter J. Lassen in 1982. The company is a family-owned company based in Haarby on the island of Funen in Denmark where the production takes place at a high-technological production site covering 19,000 m2.

Montana is a creative shelving system which promotes individual freedom to change form, composition and function at any time – using the 42 basic units. The Montana shelving system is designed by Peter J. Lassen. The flexible modular system and the inspiring colour palette offer freedom to create your own personal room and to personalize your style.

Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and schmidt hammer lassen design.

Britta Gertsen of Gertsen PR said: “We are delighted to be working with this icon Danish company”.


Table Talk

Like clever inventions, good design is often the simplest. The Drum pouf from Softline proves this point perfectly.  It is a comfortable seat and leg rest, and then add a tray and you have a perfect coffee table.  

The idea behind Drum is a decorative functional piece of furniture with multiple applications: a comfortable seat, a foot rest and a practical coffee table.  It is light and easy to move around, and the tray can also be used on its own.

The poufs are available in three sizes and different fabrics. The tray comes in two sizes and available in black, white, (lacquered Beech) Walnut and Ash. So you can combine them to suit your decor.

Dimensions as follows all in cm.                                                                                          Pouf:  small  D 45,  H 30 , large D 60, H 30, high. D 45 H 40                                         Trays:  small D 47, H 8, large D 62 H 8.    

                                                                                                                                                  Drums small £99                                                                                                                      Drums high £124                                                                                                                      Drums large £149                                                                                                                     Drums tray black, white £69                                                                                                     Drums tray Walnut, Ash £84










And Softline’s new Boggie table by busk+hertzog is another example of simple and very clever design.

The small satellite table is extremely useful throughout the house and because of it shape you can position it over the seat of chairs and sofas, ideal when having coffee or working on an iPad. But the table is also great in the hall and it makes for a perfect bedside table.

The light design with the stiff springy legs gives the table a dynamic look that fits in with most decor and furniture.

Made from lacquered steel it is available in black or white and two sizes and retails at £149.00.

Dimensions in cm. D 45 or 56

Both these items are now available with a 5 day delivery time. So you can still get one in time for Christmas. (The Drum in a restricted number of colours, longer delivery time for other colours).




These new porcelain mugs from Nordic Elements, invite you to ask for it in writing!


These Design Letters Porcelain Cups are stylish and practical cups with the alphabet letters in black typography designed by the renowned architect Arne Jacobsen.  Perfect for a cuppa anytime of the day.





They retail at £12.50. Great for presents.


You can even use them for storage as black wooden lids to fit them are available, but sold separately.



020 7498 5757

Designed for Comfort


When Robert Zoller designed Scope for Softline, he knew exactly what he was looking for: clean lines, relaxed style, optimal comfort and timeless appeal.

And the new Scope sofa from Softline offers you just that. With it small, comfy and compact form, Scope offers a modern and relaxed approach to sofa design. Comfort, high quality and clean lines will always be topical. By adding wooden legs he has also given it that special Scandinavian touch.

Scope’s dimensions are L 165 cm,  D 83 cm,  H 73 cm,  SH 38 cm and it is available in a number of fabrics and colours.  You can even choose to have it upholstered in your own material if you so wish.

The Scope sofa retails from £1195.00  






Ok, so we have to go through winter first, but looking at the Spring Summer 2013 Collection from Day Home it brings summer that much closer.

There are glorious coloured cushions galore in bright reds, blues, and greens and yellow.

 There are square ones, oblong ones, ones with sequins and beautifully embroidered ones. Take your pick and chose whatever you desire and matches your decor.


If you are after a more subdued colour scheme don’t fret Day Home has thought of you too. These are all printed with old Indian wooden blocks by hand. It is really amazing craftsmanship. Retails at £49.00

Cushions are priced between £35 and £89


The Wishbone Chair – a behind-the-scenes look at a classic

The Wishbone Chair – famous for its distinctive wishbone-shaped back – was designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 and has remained in continuous production at Carl Hansen & Son ever since. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the Wishbone Chair to gain insight into the creation of this world-famous design icon. 

Hans J. Wegner left nothing to chance when his Wishbone Chair was to enter production. On account of the intense working relationship between the designer and the joiners, Wegner decided to move in with Carl Hansen’s family on the Danish island of Funen so that he could monitor every single process at the factory first-hand during the final, critical weeks. He was adamant that the final result should not be compromised, and made a point of personally supervising all phases of the production process up until the launch in 1950.

100 processes and three weeks later…
The unique aspect of the Wishbone Chair is the simplicity of the Danish Design gem’s appearance. But – as with true love – the smooth surface conceals hard work.

To create the finished product, Carl Hansen & Son’s craftsmen spend around three weeks preparing and assembling the 14 parts that make up the chair and hand-weaving the seat. In fact, over 100 production steps are required to make a single chair, and most of the processes demand manual work. The smell  of the wood, the feeling of the curvature in the lovingly steam-shaped backrest, and the inspection of the final sanding are some of the aspects that dictate whether each individual chair meets Wegner’s stringent demands.

The unique seat is woven by specially trained staff: an experienced weaver spends about an hour producing one. The seat, which requires 120 meters of cord, can only be made by hand as the manual process ensures a finer weave that provides the best possible sitting experience.

“On account of its expressive, graphic appearance, the Wishbone Chair is an icon for everything Danish Design stands for: the finest craftsmanship, a sense for detail and the material, user-orientation, and superior durability. With his Wishbone Chair, Wegner proved that it is possible to create something truly trail-blazing by studying tradition. In fact, this is the only way to design something that extends far beyond its own time,” says Christian Holmsted Olesen, Head of Exhibitions and Collections at Designmuseum Denmark.

Today, the Wishbone Chair is in great demand internationally. It enjoys a privileged life, taking pride of place at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world including Restaurant Nimb in Denmark and The National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan. It is also an immutable fixture on the cosmopolitan furniture scene.

In Asia, the Wishbone Chair is so hugely popular that the Japanese market alone accounts for more than a quarter of its annual production. In contrast to the Scandinavian markets, where light wood is the preferred choice, Japanese purchasers are more tempted by the darker shades of walnut or cherry wood.

 Interesting facts about the Wishbone Chair:

  • The Wishbone Chair consists of a total of 14 parts.
  • The production process comprises more than 100 steps.
  •  It takes three weeks to make one Wishbone Chair.
  • In all, there are more than 150 unique combinations of the Wishbone Chair.
  • The seat of the Wishbone Chair is woven from 120 meters of paper cord. This is enough to rappel all the way to the ground from the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – and still have nine meters of cord to spare. 
  • In the mid-1990s, the height of the Wishbone Chair was increased by 2 cm to reflect the increase in height of the population. 
  • In Japan, where purchasers prefer the models in dark wood, the chair is still sold in its original height.
  • The Danish market purchases the most Wishbone Chairs. The second-largest market is Japan, and the rest of the production is sold in countries all over the world today.
  • The Wishbone Chair was the first Hans J. Wegner design to enter serial production.


The Wishbone Chair is available in ash, beech, oak, maple, walnut and cherry, with coloured, oiled, stained soap, or lye-treated finishes. Three versions of the woven seat are available: natural, white and black. The chair has a seat height of 45 cm, and is 76 cm high, 55 cm wide, and 51 cm deep. The recommended retail price starts at £411 excluding VAT.


 Note to Editors: Every item of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. Carl Hansen & Son is the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, and our portfolio also includes designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others.
Carl Hansen & Son has 165 employees. Our furniture is produced exclusively in Denmark
– and sold all over the world. Find out more at www.carlhansen.com.



The Spring Summer 2013 Day Home monochrome ceramics come in two designs feather and shell. The range consists of mug, bowl and a 21” plate – perfect for breakfast and lunch.


The pieces are called Day Every Day, because that is when you use them. Everyday. Not surprisingly as the prices are very reasonable at £10 per piece, be it a mug, bowl or plate.

So go on enjoy your meal in style.



Brighten up the Childrens room with some Classic Furniture


Lloyd Loom of Spalding produce some of their most popular designs in a down-sized versions for children. These chairs make a beautiful and colourful addition to any space.

As we all know kids likes bright colours so if you are thinking of decorating your child’s room have a look at the Lloyd Loom chairs and tables. Not only will they look stunning in the room your but your kids will also absolutely adore them. Lloyd Loom of Spalding have 18 house colours, but you can have any colour you want at a small extra cost. So if your little Princess is potty about pink or son seriously into purple.  No problem.  And Lloyd Loom of Spalding’s furniture is hard wearing and timeless.


Prices range from £115





Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.