Softline Appoints Gertsen PR to Handle Communication in the UK

A passion for design and the joy of living have been Softline’s main inspirations since they started making designer furniture in 1979, and their new range reflects these values. Based on unique design and technical innovation, Softline has developed a new collection of stylish, multifunctional furniture for modern homes and public environments.  Smart, innovative design at its best.

 Softline wants to be a leading provider of innovative, functional and high-quality Scandinavian-inspired design furniture. By using new constructions and materials and cooperating closely with internationally recognised designers, we aim to make Softline the first choice for consumers who dream of furnishing their homes with functional designer furniture.



Finn Sorensen, Managing Director of Softline said. “We have been working on getting a bigger presence in the UK, and this is one of the reasons for appointing Gertsen PR to handle our communications there.”

The 2012 SOFTLINE collection continues the tradition of developing stylish, multifunctional furniture based on technical innovation and original design. With a strong vision for the future, a sound grasp of the Nordic culture of freedom and the Scandinavian design tradition, SOFTLINE’s team of talented designers have come up with a series of innovative concepts for modern living.


Doo-Wop is an unpretentious, simple pendant for a wide variety of applications thanks to its medium size and light emission. It is harmonious in design and perfect for hanging on its own, in rows or in clusters.


It was originally launched in the 1950s. Designed by Louis Poulsen in close collaboration with the Navy Buildings Department. It was used for many years in a wide variety of Royal Danish Navy premises.


The Navy Pendant, as it became known, was very popular owing to its unique lighting properties and utility. It was not until the early 1980s that it disappeared from Louis Poulsen’s catalogues.









In recent years, more and more of the older models have come onto the market via antique shops and auctions which has generated demand and calls to resume production.


The new version is faithful to the earlier one. While the colours have been updated to go with contemporary décor, the production methods have remained the same. The shades are turned by hand before being bent up slightly at the edge to give them their special optical volume. The brass version is a challenge of craftsmanship, as it is made from a solid sheet of brass and has a high-gloss finish.



Doo-Wop will brighten up the lounge, dining room, kitchen, home-office, nursery, hall, staircase or bedroom – it brings a breath of fresh air and good lighting to any room in the house. 



In principle Doo-Wop has two reflectors, the inner cone-shaped one, which provides anti-dazzle downlighting, and the outer one, which provides soft up/downlighting. The outershade in particular helps to create stylish, atmospheric illumination around the pendant.


Doo-Wop is available in red/orange, paleblue, green, white, black/grey and an exclusive brass version. All the models have an E27 socket. The lamp’s design makes it possible to use several different light sources without it affecting light quality, but the use of light sources with a colourindex of less than 85 is not recommended, as this would have an adverse effect on colour rendering and ambience in the room.


Doo-Wop will be in the shops from early September and available  from all approved Louis Poulsen stockists.   RRP: £250 for the colour ones and £420 for the brass.