SILVERBACK – connecting architecture and light

The KiBiSi design group and Louis Poulsen are launching a different interpretation of the adaptation of lighting for architecture.

Morphing is a graphic technique whereby a picture makes a transition into another picture through a smooth movement.


The KiBiSi design group trio, Jens Martin Skibsted, Lars Larsen and Bjarke Ingels, have reinterpreted wall and ceiling lighting, drawing on the morphing design concept. In cooperation with Louis Poulsen, the result is the exciting new product –Silverback – now ready to be launched around the world.


No matter how much priority architects give to natural lighting in buildings, it is necessary to supplement this with artificial light to optimize working conditions and comfort for humans. This is the major challenge in all building projects and Louis Poulsen has worked with architects for years, striving to create a harmonic synergy between architecture and lighting.


Silverback is an example of a very innovative way of creating cohesion between spatial elements and light.


Silverback is a super minimalistic fixture. At first glance it may look familiar, but a closer look reveals it as the result of innovation.


Silverback has a soft harmonic shape which unites the silver coloured half with the opal white diffuser. A simple decorative line marks the join and highlights the circular shape in a distinct manner. A visual detail which is retained whether the light is on or off.


The silver effect and the depth of perception of the material is achieved by metal-lising the inner surface of one half of the shade. Not only does this conceal the light source, it also reflects the mounting surface and permits a certain amount of light to pass through, thereby illuminating the surface behind the product with a decorative halo. The mirror effect is retained even when the light is on, drawing the mounting surface into the fixture and abolishing the visual boundary between the product and wall or ceiling.


This effect offers a unique experience in relation to all aspects of the mounting surface – texture, colour or material. It simply has unlimited applications.

The rear half of Silverback also appears slightly transparent, giving the product a sense of lightness.

The opal diffuser provides soft and comfortable illumination of the space around the fixture and the simplistic design makes the fixture ideal for either solo placement or repetitive installations. The fixture has a discreet presence in every type of project, without losing its identity.


A fluorescent tube version of SILVERBACK is being launched in April and a LED version ready for autumn.


Louis Poulsen is looking forward to the launch with excitement. “It is a different way of integrating light and architecture. In the past we have had a major focus on the simplicity of design offering many possibilities, but SILVERBACK represents new ways of integrating architectural elements with the fixture itself,” notes Flemming Hald, Product and Design Director at Louis Poulsen.

KiBiSi is one of the most influential design groups in Scandinavia today, and works with a broad range of disciplines, designing everything from furniture and house-hold appliances to bicycles and aeroplanes. KiBiSi was founded in Copenhagen by Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels Group and Jens Martin Skibsted. Each partner contributes ideas and expertise from their special interest areas, giving KiBiSi valuable knowl-edge about architecture, design, furniture, electronics and contemporary culture and lifestyle.


Soft and Cuddly


Nothing is more satisfying that snuggling up in a warm blanket whether you are at home or on the beach, whether you are a “grown up” or a child. Nordic Elements have some fabulous, fun and eco friendly ones for the whole family.


The beautiful blankets have  fun designs by Matthew Langille. The blankets are made using the finest 100% Ecotex brushed cotton making them not only stylish but incredibly soft and gorgeous. The blankets are available in 2 designs ‘Seaworld’ & ‘Predator’ and 3 sizes: Baby, Junior, and Adult.  They are available in a range of natural colours.

 Prices are as follows: Baby £47.00, Child £75.00 add Adult £115.00 all prices include VAT.  

0844 561 6029

Brilliant details in an elegant sofa design

Carl Hansen & Son is relaunching a 1965 Hans J. Wegner sofa design that combines clean lines and soft shapes in an elegant, stylish silhouette. As a typical feature of Wegner’s designs, the sofa transforms functionally necessary elements into unique details.


Hans J. Wegner designed the CH163 sofa in 1965.

Delving into Hans J. Wegner’s vast archives, Carl Hansen & Son found a sofa design Wegner created  in 1965. The sofa’s design simple design features vertical and horizontal lines that are softened by cushions, which work with the frame’s angling to ensure a comfortable sitting posture. Carl Hansen & Son is re-launching the sofa in a new range that comprises two-seat and three-seat versions titled CH162 and CH163.

The sofa range was originally known as the ‘Down Cushion Sets’, because cushions filled with feathers were an innovation at the time. Wegner chose feather cushions to create a soft and inviting look – a style that broke with the standard practice of using cushions of fixed upholstery. Another example of Wegner’s unconventional approach to furniture design that makes him unique. We are proud to manufacture his furniture and bring his ever-relevant treasure trove of designs out into the light for everyone to see and enjoy,” says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son.


The sofa’s legs have four equal sides that grow wider at the front when they reach the armrest, creating a triangular shape. An enlarged wooden plug in the middle of this triangle not only becomes the sofa’s most characteristic detail, but also hides a screw that makes reupholstering much easier. It is this innovative approach to giving functionally necessary elements unique expression that is particularly characteristic of Wegner.


When the sofa is viewed from the side, one can see that rather than following the sofa’s front edge downward, the upholstery slants inward on its path down towards the side rail, breaking the stringent lines in the simplest way.

The series will be available in oak, walnut and ash with a variety of finishes, and the textile options will include many colours and fabric styles. Recommended retail price from £3,033, excluding VAT. The sofa range will be in shops from September 2012.





Top Japanese architect Tadao Ando to design for Carl Hansen & Son

Danish craftsmanship will meet Japanese design when Carl Hansen & Son joins forces with the eminent architect Tadao Ando. The partnership was officially announced at the furniture fair in Milan, where Carl Hansen & Son presented the prototype of the chair Tadao Ando has designed as a tribute to Hans J. Wegner. 















 Tadao Ando and Carl Hansen & Son have formed a design partnership

Carl Hansen & Son has formed a partnership with world-famous architect Tadao Ando. The agreement is part of the furniture manufacturer’s efforts to extend Danish design to a wider audience.

We are thrilled about our new design partnership with Tadao Ando, who is an obvious choice for us. His minimalist, innovative and functional style is a perfect match for the Scandinavian design philosophy. So we expect a lot from this alliance, which will help Carl Hansen & Son expand its international design platform. It is also a great honour and extremely inspiring for us to work with an architect of his calibre,” says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son.

The autodidact architect is known for giving the Japanese design tradition a modern, western expression. Clean in line and simple in form, his architecture is known for its stringent, geometric look. His strong personal design philosophy, with its minimalist and exacting solutions that merge Japanese architecture with western modernism, has garnered him international acclaim. Tadao Ando embraces clean, organic design, perfectly mirroring Carl Hansen & Son’s design philosophy.

 Tadao Ando has expressed great respect for the Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, whose work constitutes a significant part of Carl Hansen & Son’s product portfolio, and has used Wegner’s famous Wishbone Chair in many of his projects. So it is a matter of course that Tadao Ando’s first design for Carl Hansen & Son is a new chair, whose prototype was presented at this year’s furniture fair in Milan. Tadao Ando describes his work as a tribute to Wegner.

The outcome of the partnership is expected to be available in 2013.

Learn more about Carl Hansen & Son at:


Classy Garden Seat now available in Green

The popular all weather Belvoir sofa from Lloyd Loom of Spalding is now available in a subtle Tea green as well as in Whitewash. A complement to the Belvoir chair, Canterbury and Bistro table which were launched last year.

The All Weather Lloyd Loom collection is woven from Rehau Cord.  The furniture is fully UV resistant, weather proof and can be used inside or outdoors.  Many  of the customer’s favourites from their original range are now available in the All Weather Collection.

“We believe that our manufacturing process is unique. The sofa and chair frames are produced from high quality aluminium or galvanised steel. The Lloyd Loom look is achieved by weaving together strands of synthetic material to emulate the twisted paper of our traditional material . Each vertical strand in the warp, also contains a stainless steel wire just like the traditional Lloyd Loom material” explains Julie Davenport, owner of Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

Belvoir sofa retails at £679.00

Belvoir chair retails at £315.00

Bistro Round table retails at £399 or £535 with glass



To celebrate the Jubilee Holly&Lil have proudly created this limited edition Queens Head Coin collar to celebrate the Jubilee 2012!  

It is a limited edition and created on a Holly&Lil Black Patent Calf front and Black Calf back charm collar.  

With Red, White and Blue beading!

Sumptuous and perfect to catch the glint and twinkle of all the cameras who will want a piccy of your dog in this collar!

The collar will be available on the web from 21st April 2012 to honour the Queen on her Birthday!

Prices from £70 

For high resolution image contact  Elaine – 07811 715 452 or email her at [email protected]

Nordic Elements teams up with GertsenPR









Nordic Elements has appointed GertsenPR to handle their public relations with immediate effect. Helle Moyna, owner of NordicElements said: “We are pleased to be working with GertsenPR who has specialised in Scandinavian Interiors for many years”.

Nordic Elements, which was founded in 2008 by Helle Moyna, is the home of contemporary Scandinavian designed and inspired products for the design conscious family.

The majority of the collection is sourced in Scandinavia from a unique selection of companies with focus on design, quality and practicality. The products are timeless and will fit into most lives and homes of the 21st century family. Now and again products from other origins, but with a Scandinavian feel, are added, to compliment the collection.

 Nordic Elements are also UK AGENTS for By Nord Copenhagen, RoomMate, Neon Living, Casalinga, RosenbergCph and Fabulous Goose

Rococo founder and owner, Chantal Coady, and her daughter Milly Coady-Booth are cycling to Paris


Milly, aged 12, explains: “I was really inspired to cycle from Paris to London because last year in the summer my brother and mum cycled from London to Paris for a charity (Build Africa). It is a really good challenge and a chance to meet new people or consolidate old friendships. It’s a really good way to get fit and to challenge your limits!  I also loved when we were training for the big ride, that we got to see so much of the English countryside and when we’re there in Paris some French scenery! I chose Arts 4 Dementia because Judy Greenwood is a really good friend and when we heard about Arts 4 Dementia helping people with art I was so inspired to help and because I love the arts so much! We will carry all our own things, and mend our own punctures – we are not camping, so the load could be worse! The route is from Paris to Dieppe, some of it on the Voie Verte, which is part of the anticipated Avenue Verte and then to Newhaven and back to London on the Cuckoo Trail … Every penny of your donations goes straight to Arts 4 Dementia, as we have funded the trip with our own money”.