Best Lead at The Oscars went to Holly&Lil

Having got a “brief” from Omar Von Muller and his wife Mercy Holly&Lil designed two collar and lead sets specially for Uggie: the black patent bow with gold spots and black calf front with Gold piping and matching lead being a hot contender for the Oscars.
On the night however Uggie was coordinated in a bow-tie matching the actor Jean Dujardin….. but the Holly&Lil lead, with it’s signature heart, made the carpet.
Holly&Lil are world famous for the bespoke collars and leads. And it is easy to see why.
The philosophy behind Holly&Lil is to combine the British tradition of quality handmade leatherwork with a keen design edge which no other company can match. All the collars are designer originals and made in London, England. Exciting new collections are introduced every season and Holly&Lil also offers a unique ‘Make Me One’ Bespoke service – used by show dog owners and many other people who want their dogs to wear complete one-offs.
 So whether you are off to the Oscars or for a walk in the park, Holly&Lil have a special collar and lead just for your very special friend.

Raising the Chocolate Bar

Take the Mott Green and his Grenada Chocolate Company’s micro factory, one small organic cocoa farm, Rococo Chocolates’ pioneering founder Chantal Coady, and a wind-powered cargo ship and what do you get? – The most eco-friendly real chocolate bar ever produced, called Gru Grococo

This is what is happening with one harvest of a small batch of beans from the “Grococo” Farm, where the team of local specialist cocoa farmers are being rewarded with a decent wage for their hard work. The team in Hermitage, Grenada have fermented the beans for 6 days, dried them in a specially constructed solar drier and hand sorted them prior to roasting. This “cru” of 66% pure Trinitario chocolate will then be stone ground in an antique granite melangeur, expertly conched, tempered and made into bars with no added vanilla.




This tiny batch, along with 11 tons of regular Grenada Chocolate bars, will then be loaded onto the unique, Fair Transport,  sail-only cargo brigantine the Tres Hombres, leaving Grenada in March for the journey to Portsmouth via New York. It will be crewed by Mott Green and Charlie Boxer among other trainee sailors. (Charlie is owner of Italo Deli in London, and stockist of Grenada and Rococo chocolate bars). Due to arrive in Portsmouth around May 18th.

 The bar itself will be priced like a single estate cru wine so that the money can be re-invested in the local organic cocoa farms and infrastructure. The bar in its one-off wrapper by Mr. Smith Letterpress will retail at £11.95 a bar or £10.95 if bought “en primeur” i.e. in advance of the chocolate’s arrival. 


Notes to editors:

Grococo” is the joint venture Cocoa Farm owned jointly by the Grenada Chocolate Company and Rococo Chocolates.

 Mott Green, one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world, started the co-operative Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999, which to this day makes some of the finest chocolate in the world in ever larger quantities. The extraordinary exertions behind this enterprise reflect Mott’s commitment to ethical and ecological values…. He fell in love with Grenada first, and then chocolate, and considered it iniquitous that the islanders who grew and harvested some of the best cocoa in the world were deprived either of enjoying it fully processed, or sharing the financial and social benefits accruing to the producers.

So he built a micro factory to process the chocolate, from bean to bar… the first world’s very first artisan chocolate producer making chocolate where the cocoa grows, adding value for the local economy… this turned out to be a mammoth undertaking, requiring the design and construction of many small scale industrial units…

The factory is also run on solar power, and has survived two hurricanes! The bars the factory produces are hugely popular in the island; both among locals and with tourists and sailors and what is left is exported to North America and Europe, where the brand has established a high reputation for excellence.

Mott’s eco-consciousness however has always fretted at the excessive carbon footprint required to ship the chocolate from Grenada. He has recently teamed up with a group of Dutch eco- entrepreneurs who have built a brigantine to sail cargo across the Atlantic. Next March/April the first consignment of 11 tons of Grenada chocolate will sail from the West Indies first to New York, and then to Portsmouth. Mott will be part of the crew, continuing the adventure!



Rococo Chocolates welcome a new “Prof du Choc”

Rococo Chocolates are happy to announce that Barry Johnson will be their new “Prof du Choc”.
Barry will put his wealth of knowledge and experience as a chocolatier and pastry chef to good use with Rococo. He comes straight from The Dorchester Collections, Coworth Park, a 5 star hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant where he was chocolatier. Before that he spent a few years travelling and working around the world. Barry has also been Head Pastry chef at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel and earlier in his career  worked for Raymond Blanc and Harrods.
Chantal Coady founder of Rococo Chocolates said: “We are really excited about this new chapter in Rococo’s history and I am looking forward to working closely with Barry.”
The award winning Laurent Couchaux, who was with Rococo for 4 years, has returned to his native France, taking up his new role as head chocolatier with Meert in Lille.

New bright ideas from Louise Campbell

Louis Poulsen has again teamed up with Danish/English designer Louise Campbell to produce a lamp, LC Shutters, the fourth she has designed for LP – and again it reflects innovative thinking.

Louise Campbell’s creative side develops in step with the challenges, and this time she challenged both herself and Louis Poulsen. It is said that simplicity is difficult, and that has certainly been the case here. Her idea with the new lamp was to create a pendant with a minimum of processes, based on a single shade. The process has literally been cut down to three basic elements: turning the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting.


LC Shutters is very harmonious light. It is available in two versions – a completely white edition, and one with a pattern of various colours which helps create a completely different expression, when the light is on or off.

LC Shutters not only protects against glare, it is 100% glare-free, and the light source is protected by a diffuser which shields direct viewing and also prevents it from being touched. The diffuser can be easily removed and cleaned – yet another factor which makes the pendant very maintenance friendly, both in the home and the workplace.

 LC Shutters is a lamp which can be used in a wide range of settings. Many want to put it above their dining table at home. A logical choice, but the light has an amazing ability to blend into its surroundings in a natural way. Louis Poulsen often tests lamps in various settings and LC Shutters demonstrated a remarkable ability to add a decorative and tasteful softness to its surroundings, helping to make rooms more human and communicative. LC Shutters produces honest lighting. A soft and diffuse light which provides ideal illumination for faces, without distracting shadows so it ideal for meeting rooms, where communication should have the best possible conditions. 

Louis Poulsen excels at developing and producing very precise, identical metal shades. These skills hail from the days of Poul Henningsen, and the ongoing production of his lights keeps them sharp as a daily discipline at the factory in Vejen, Denmark.

All Louise Campbell’s lamps have multiple layers, and this one is no exception. However, the extra layer is created in the same shade, and this was the crux of the challenge. A completely new tool was necessary – a tool which can stamp with millimetre precision, on a curved surface.

Louise Campbell said about her new light: “I aimed to draw attention to the balance between glare reduction and spreading the light in the room. The shade and diffuser are integrated. A single unit with a clear function – protecting against glare, creating atmosphere, but also diligently spreading the light. Despite the dense, hard material, the design expression is soft and friendly.”


Put a bit of Romance back in the Bedroom


 Lloyd Loom of Spalding has put Romance back in the bed room with their simple, yet elegant new bedside table, and dressing table. The new Barton Collection for the bedroom consists of Bedside table and dressing table – to go with the Woodstock headboard.

The smart bedside table with a neat drawer; will fit in to any bedroom whether classic or contemporary.  It retails at £325.00

The dressing table, which is also very useful as a desk has two drawers and is available with or without glass. It retails from £645.00

There is also a console table in the range which comes with or without glass and retail from £569.00

 All are available in the 18 standard weave colours from the Lloyd Loom of Spalding range.

01775 724 358

 Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.




Sophisticated Dining


               Bourne dining chair

 The new Bourne dining chairs add an air of sophistication to your dining room.

The chairs can look classically stylish or hyper-modern; depending on your choice of colour and Lloyd Loom of Spalding have 18 standard weave colours to choose from,

The high back of the chair gives it a very elegant appearance and makes it extremely comfortable. The chair is available with a padded seat or with a fabric seat, whichever would fit best with your decor.  The Bourne chair retails from £279.00 

01775 724 358



Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.


Easter at Rococo Chocolates




   Adorable, beautiful, cute, eggciting and fun are just some of the words to describe the 2012 range of hand-painted eggs from Rococo Chocolates based on designs by Donna Wilson. They are all hand-painted on white chocolate backed with a thick dark chocolate layer.
The range includes:
1 hand-painted egg in Rococo Bona China Egg cup. Owl, pussycat and rabbit designs. Retails at £9.95
2 hand-painted eggs in Rococo box.  The Owl and the Pussycat retails at £13.95


 Size 2 (70g) hand-painted egg in Rococo Box. Rabbit design with 3 ganaches.Retails at £17.50
 Size 3 (160g) hand-painted egg in rococo box. Chick design filled with Rococo chocolates (6 ganaches and 2 chocolate squares) retails at £25.00
 Size 4 (220g) hand-painted egg in Rococo box. Lamb design filled with 10 mixed chocolates and 3 chocolate squares. Retails at £35.00


‘Food Chain’  Russian doll style Egg in Rococo box: size 2 Carrot egg, swallowed up by size 3 Rabbit, inside size 4 fox design egg with 3 ganaches.Retails at £55.00

Traditional Russian Doll Egg in Rococo Box. Retails at £55.00
Also new this year is a 220g Golden Egg (laid by our very own goose!) filled with Popping   Marc de Champagne ganaches. This retails at £35.00