Colour Magic with Pleated Blinds


Pleated Blinds are amazingly versatile: you can open them from the bottom or from the top letting you be in charge of the amount and kind of light you want to let in. They can even be shaped to fit awkward shaped windows. And with a great range of colours to choose from they can make a room really special.

Silent Gliss Pleated Blind systems are also ideal if you have a lot of glass and need to be able to keep cool. Pleated Blinds are especially popular for use in conservatories where their light weight and amazing versatility in accommodating the many glass shapes and angles are unique.

The pleated blinds are available with highly energy efficient fabrics including those with aluminium backing for heat reflection. They offer glare control, heat control, light control and privacy is guaranteed.

When opened the minimum stacking area allows maximum visibility.


Fly the Flag with Holly&Lil Exclusive



 Holly&Lil were thrilled when they discovered The Pet Jeweller created by Cathy Hawkes. A silversmith by trade she found it difficult to find anything individual for her own dogs and saw a gap in the market for dog jewellery. The UK tag is exlusive to Holly&Lil

 The tags are handmade and hand finished. For this reason, no tag will ever be the same, (soooooo Holly&Lil).  The price includes the tag and the engraving

 The tags have been tried and tested by Cathy’s own dogs, As with all metal it will dull after a while due to the little nicks and scratches of wear and tear. You can buff the tag with some very fine wet and dry sandpaper or ask The Pet Jeweller to re-polish the tag to it’s original shine.


The information you wish to be marked on the back is hand stamped. Different to engraving, it gives a deeper impression and will last longer. UK law requires that the very minimum information on the tag should be your address and postcode. The Pet Jeweller advises having house number and postcode.

The Holly&Lil exclusive tag comes in two sizes and is made from brass and silver.

UK flag retails Small £31 and Large £36  + postage.

Available in store or online in “The Holly&Lil Bazaar”











A chair which will fit anywhere in the home or office be it minimalist, classic or traditional.

Christian Skovhus, Managing Director of Icons of Denmark, explains: “The idea behind the About A Chair collection was to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity. A chair which worked just as well around the dining table as around a conference table, in a canteen or at the office. The ambition of the designer Hee Willing was to reach a higher level in the combination of form, function, detail and aesthetics.” Hee Willing and Hay worked in close collaboration to create a family of chairs where all shells and frames can be combined without letting the perfection in each single model lose ground to diversity.

 Four models are available:

 AAC 20 which retails at £212.00 comes in black and white

AAC 21 which retails from £319.00 depending of upholstery chosen

AAC 22 which retails at £189.00 available in black and white

AAC 23 which retails from £296.00 depending on upholstery             

Why chocolate is the perfect preamble to lovemaking – medical evidence

Mary Balfour of Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency talks with the First Lady of Chocolate, Chantal Coady of Rococo Chocolates, who explains the chemical reasons why chocolate really is the perfect gift for lovers. To view the video click here

Chantal Coady says that not only does chocolate contain powerful anti-oxidants for a healthy and long life together with your loved one but has unique, bliss-inducing qualities, especially for women.  Some even admit they prefer it to sex!

‘Chocolate’s special quality of melting in the mouth just below blood temperature suffuses you with sensual wellbeing and could be the reason for this’ says Chantal.  ‘And the chemicals in chocolate trigger a whole range of feel-good hormones in our bodies such as serotonin, thus mimicking the effect of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac’.

“Chocolate is healthier than many fruit juices and is a ‘superfood’ in its own right, says a new study conducted by US chocolate maker Hershey.

Superfoods are high in anti-oxidants and compounds that help prevent damage to healthy cells.

Researchers from the Hershey Centre for Health & Nutrition in the US found that powdered dark chocolate had more anti-oxidants and polyphenols, believed to protect us from cancer and cardiac conditions.

They compared single servings of dark chocolate, cocoa, and hot chocolate mix with fruit juices including acai berries, cranberries and pomegranates, according to a Hershey statement”.

Chantal says “ Hershey’s are a little slow in talking about the benefits of dark chocolate, we at Rococo have been promoting it for years, and it is important to note that the benefits described here do not apply to milk chocolate! Sadly for milk chocolate lovers, the milk binds with the health giving compounds and stops them from being absorbed by the body”.

For a pre-Valentine date with a romance inducing difference Drawing Down the Moon suggests a blindfold chocolate tasting next Saturday 12th February at Rococo Chocolates or enlist for a chocolate making class together.  ‘Research shows that two people are more likely to fall in love when they’re both engaging with something new, adventurous and sensual’ says Mary Balfour who is known as the UK’s foremost dating guru.

‘Drawing Down the Moon gets more inquiries around Valentine’s than at any other time.  It’s especially difficult for hard-working, single professionals to meet potential dates these days’ says Mary ‘and February 14th get’s them picking up the phone to see if we can help. We offer the matchmaking service which used to be provided by the extended family, the church and the local community. All our members are personally interviewed, are extremely well educated and seek a long term relationship’.

Stuck for a romantic present for your lover? Make a bee-line to your nearest Rococo Shop to select some of the most delicious and beautifully packaged handmade chocolates you can buy.  Stuck for a date? Ring Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency on 020 7224.1001 or visit  To ensure that your first date has every chance of being the start of a life-long romance why not view Mary’s dating tips videos on or, if you’re female, buy her book, Smart Dating: how to find your man from Amazon

For more details or interview contact:

Mary Balfour, Drawing Down the Moon Introduction Agency

+ 44 (0) 20 7224 1001 (10am-11pm 7 days)  [email protected]


Chantal Coady, Rococo Chocolates  

Timeless Lamps


The term timeless is often used, but what does it mean? Something that lasts forever or something that does not belong to a specific era? 

Louis Poulsen lamps appear contemporary in all styles, cultures and architectural settings because they do not look for inspiration in trends but in their perception of lighting and aesthetics.  Nothing less.

ph 4 ½- 3 ½   retails at £1649.00  It has a  hand blown glass shade 

ph 3/2 black chrome  retails at  £639.00

AJ Floor Lamp   retails at £552.00  

Tolbod 155 glass pendant retails at £170.00    


You can take it with you!



The handle on top, is the clue to the idea behind the side table DLM (Don’t Leave Me) – bring me along!

 A tray with legs and a handle, enabling you to bring your coffee cup as well as the table along when moving around the house – to your favourite chair or out onto the terrace – a table suitable everywhere.

 The DLM table is an alternative to traditional coffee tables, which are often big, heavy and immobile. This is a fun table for modern life. It is made from powder coated steel and available in two sizes and an array of colours.

The DLM retails at £155.00

The DLM XL retails at £215.00

Dirty Bunnies, Leaping Hares and Japanese Birds

These are just some of the delights Rococo Chocolates has in store this Easter.
The Dirty Bunnies bag (125g) is filled with crunchy praline feuillete chocolate ‘droppings’ with a praline rabbit sitting on top. They come in both milk and dark chocolate and children aged up to 90 love them! A 125g bag retails at £7.50.
Rococo hand painted eggs are something to be treasured.  Each design is painted by chocolate artists on white chocolate and backed with a thick layer of dark chocolate. The Leaping Hare and Chick baby eggs come in their own Rococo Bone China Egg cup, and retail at £9.95 each.
The ultimate in Easter treats is the Japanese Bird Egg, skilfully painted with a golden bird perched on a blossom tree.  The egg is filled with a dozen mixed chocolates so if you cannot bear to eat the beautiful bird straight away you can still enjoy some lovely chocolate! Retail price is £30.00 and weight is 220g.
There are many other exciting Easter products to discover too, such Real Hens Eggs filled with praline, sugar-coated quails eggs and bags of foiled Hunting Bunny Eggs ideal for hiding in the garden…   Happy Easter!

Nobody is Very Eco Friendly

The chair Nobody is molded in one piece and in one single process resulting in a simple, light weight and stackable chair meeting modern demands of sustainability in both materials and production.

 Nobody refers to a piece of cloth laid over a chair to cover and protect it. As the chair underneath the cover is removed the cover ‘remembers’ the shape of the chair and has become the bearingstructure of the chair itself. Hence the name – NOBODY or NO BODY.

Danish design duo Komplot were the first to create an industrially produced chair made strictly from textile. Using a technique borrowed from the car industry Nobody is manufactured from two layers of thermo pressed PET felt – a 100 % recyclable material made from used water- and soda bottles.  The production process neither demands an internal frame, plastic, screws, glue or other reinforcements.

 The chairs are available in eight colours and there is even a Little Nobody for Children.

 Nobody Chair retails at £442.00 and Little Nobody at £225.00