Making Hay whilst the sun…


Icons of Denmark, the brand agents for classic and well known Danish companies such as Carl Hansen and Montana, has just taken on the exciting, young and innovative company Hay.

Hay was launched in 2003 and its ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design return to the innovative greatness of the 1950s and 1960s but in a contemporary way. They encourage young designers of today to produce exceptional pieces be they furniture or accessories.

Christian Skovhus, Managing Director of Icons of Denmark explained:

“We are really pleased to have Hay on board. They are a remarkable company that by the strength of their designs have made a great impact in their native Denmark, we are sure they will do the same in the UK”.  “We are opening a showroom/office in 110 New Bond Street before Christmas, as well as going into to the Tom Dixon shop at the Docks”.

Panton in New Eye-Catching Colours

Panton Thermo Mugs in new colours, a brilliant way to keep your hot drinks piping hot

in this cold weather.

MENU’s Panton range in porcelain has been expanded with 2 new eye-catching colours: Midnight Blue and Pink. But that is not all Menu has also added a brand new thermo cup for espresso in five colours and premium silver. Now, the Panton porcelain range comes in five unique parts and 10 original colours.

Menu originally introduced the Verner Panton porcelain range as a limited edition in 2008. The eternally modern look is the result of the dynamic collaboration of Verner Panton’s award-winning Geomety 1 pattern and designer Pernille Vea’s award-winning thermo cup. The porcelain range now also consist of platters, egg cups, bowls and trays.

The whole range  is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The glazing is acid-free and therefore does not change  colour.

Name: Panton Cups

Materials: Porcelain

Design: Pernille Vea for MENU

Pattern: Geometry 1 by Verner Panton

Price: £19.95 for two

Price of Express cups: £17.95 for two


People in Glass Houses…

 Lloyds Loom of Spalding

Now is the time to start thinking about making your conservatories, glasshouses, lean-to’s or whatever space you have to enjoy your garden from the inside, look their best so you can spend time there.

Lloyd Loom of Spalding has a varied and extensive range of furniture that will fit your space, big or small, modern or traditional. And they are all available in the 18 house colours, but if that is not enough you can have them in any of the Farrow and Ball colours to match  your walls, flooring or blinds. It is for you to choose.

Lloyd Loom of Spalding – The only genuine Lloyd Loom furniture made in England.

01775 724 358

Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.

Winter Gardens Solutions by Silent Gliss


Large Glass areas are a passion these days. Intelligent shading solutions for conservatories, skylights and atriums as well as other glazed areas are an absolute necessity.

 Silent Gliss Wintergarden systems are guided roman blinds – soft and elegant, with superior hardware and a vast range of fabrics they guarantee a shading solution fine tuned to your individual needs.

 Silent Gliss have a complete range of Skylight shading solutions with a vast range of technical fabrics catering for all shapes and sizes of glazing and shading requirements. 

 The Silent Gliss Skylight system is a unique solution to glazing large areas. The parallel fabric panels can be moved to provide an innovative and extremely elegant way of shading. Maximum light and glare management is guaranteed through gradual tilting of fabric panels. And the systems maximise daylight on a dull day and reduced heat and glare on sunny days.


Bottgersteinzeug was first developed in around 1707 by Johann Frederich Bottger, hence the name, this was before he had invented European hard porcelain. The material has a few characteristics reminiscent of precious stones, it was also known as jasper porcelain. Today because of its earthy reddish brown colour it is knows as chocolate porcelain at Meissen. It is produced in a special “manufactory with in the manufactory” the so-called red mint.

Because of the special hardness of the material it is perfect for exclusive floor designs – the material protects the floor well and over time a natural patina develops.

As well as floors it also makes for a spectacular wall covering and look stunning used with other Meissen tiles.


Retails from 5.74 Euros plus vat for a 75 x 75 mm tile.

Stunning Limited Edition from Montana

Montana launches an exclusive shelving unit with special print on the occasion of Peter J. Lassen’s 80th birthday

The colour of the unit is Opera Blue, one of Peter J. Lassen’s favourite colours and the unit is  model 1120 (69.6 x 69.6 x 38 cm) with four doors. The print on the doors is in a golden colour.   80 numbered units are produced of each of the three graphic combinations. Each unit is signed by Peter J. Lassen. The units can be fitted on a plinth or on the wall, or it can be combined with an existing combination.

 Peter J. Lassen, the founder of Montana, has just turned 80. A cocktail of many years of experience in  the furniture trade,  an interior designer correspondence course and memories from the boy’s den furnished with wooden orange boxes resulted in one of the world’s most famous shelving systems – Montana.

Peter J. Lassen belongs to the group of designers who  have contributed to develop and influence the Danish furniture stage. In 1982 he founded Montana in the premises of the former canning factory. Inspired by his own room as a boy, where Lassen used plain wooden orange boxes for storage, the basis of the Montana shelving system was established. Even today the keyword behind Montana is the freedom to create your own room, design, quality, and functionality – and especially flexibility. Peter J. Lassen’s philosophy is that it must be possible to adapt the physical frames as one’s needs change.

 Lassen’s wooden orange boxes were the basic inspiration to the very first shelving units – the so-called 6060 units. They were produced in pinewood and measured 60 x 60 cm. They sold quite well until the wood prices increased to the double. The next generation of the 6060 shelving unit was the Montana shelving system that was considerably different from the Danes conception of furniture. Montana was a square, lacquered in vivid colours, the corners were rounded – not sharp. Today Montana is a part of the Danish and the international furniture culture and is used for interior design solutions in homes and at workplaces.

 Icons of Denmark ,who are brand agents for Montana in the UK, can be contacted for stockist on           

 Note to Editors

 The Montana concept

The Montana system design consists of 42 basic modules in different sizes. The basic of the concept is a square module in size 69.6 cm x 69.6 cm (based on the universal DINA4-format). The modules are available in 4 depths, 20, 30, 38 and 46.8 cm.