Best Dressed Dogs Wear Brocade for the Festive Season

Holly & Lil decided to relaunch their beautiful Brocade collection in time for the festive season for  three reasons but mostly because they love it and so do their customers.

The Brocade collars are good for everyday use and are happy to take regular wetting,  mud and fox poo rolling from active dogs.  The backing is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur. Customers report that they are thrilled that although these collars are so durable, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.

However,  if your dog is a constant  neck ‘scratcher’, you will need to make sure that his or her claws are not tearing the weave of the Brocade.

All colourways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”.
Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the
Bespoke Option below to select.
NB: Sizes ½ and 1 ‘miniwides’ lightweight collars are specially designed for mini breeds such as Chihuahuas.  Small terriers are better suited by our ‘Slim 5/8” full buckle’ design.

Prices from £48.00

Raw Diamonds by Us from Menu

MENU has introduced a new collaboration with Danish design-comet Design by Us. The result is a set of unique and exotic crockery. The first design in this new line is Raw Diamonds, a set consisting of thermo cup, espresso thermo cup, vase, plate and bowl – cool and truly original crockery for a great breakfast.

For the design Menu has teamed up with Design by Us – a Danish design company with an international reputation for original and outstanding interior design. Architect Rasmus Larsson is the Creative Director and founder of Design by Us, and he describes his inspiration for Raw Diamonds: “We wanted to create a totally new look for a classic set of crockery: vase, cups, platter and bowl – with a design DNA that would not be instantly readable.”

Raw Diamond is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring its strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The crockery is made with multiple facets and has a biscuit surface, contrasting the sparkling glaze on the inside. “We have struggled with the uncut element, which is emphasized by the biscuit. The element of surprise is to find the Asian flower motif in strong colors crawling up on the inside,” says Larsson, who has big expectations to Raw Diamonds.


Name: Raw Diamonds by Us

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Design by Us for MENU

Price: From £29.95


Crispy cocoa nibs in 60% chocolate.

This autumn Rococo Chocolates is introducing two new Grenada Chocolate bars.
The  Nib–a– licious (above) is a 60% cocoa organic bar with a fruity, crunchy bite.
The 82% is akin to a bone-dry Manzanilla sherry or Islay Malt Whisky. Perfect if you are limiting your sugar intake but with none of the astringency of most high-cocoa chocolate bars.
This cocoa growing and chocolate making cooperative in northern Grenada, of which Rococo’s farm Grococo is a part, is producing single origin chocolate from tree to bar. The organic cocoa farms produce high-quality Trinitario beans world famous for their rich complex flavour and the small batch process and rigorous selection of the beans preserves the true taste of Grenada’s cocoa.
The 60% Nib-a-licious bar is springled with nibs, pieces of the cocoa bean itself, giving the bars a wonderful crisp, crunchy texture and extra rich flavour.
The 82% is an Extra Brut, not for those who want to compromise.
The bars retail at £3.95 (85g) truly a bargain for an exceptional single origin cocoa chocolate bar.
020 7245 0993
Note to Editors
Rococo was founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady.
In 2007 a small cocoa farm came up for sale close to the Belmont Estate, offering the perfect opportunity for a joint venture between Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Company to produce truly fairly traded, “ethical” chocolate. This plot of land, which we call GROCOCO, is now the ‘home farm’ which supplies 100% of its harvest of fine flavoured organic Trinitario cocoa beans to the GCC where they are made into fine chocolate. It was also one of the founding farms that make up The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative. Seven years after our first taste of Grenada chocolate, we will be mixing Grococo beans with the Rococo Organic House Blend and from now on, all Rococo’s organic products will include Grococo beans in the recipe.

Silent Gliss Metropole gets Motorised

Silent Gliss as always innovative and ahead will introduce their new Motorised Metropole at  100% Design at Stand  K 70.


The Silent Gliss 6150M is more than a decorative pole…

Cleverly fusing the elegance of the Metropole range of decorative poles with the functionality and strength of the Silent Gliss electric curtain track system – no longer does functional have to be obvious.

Fulfil your desire to have a beautiful room.

You can design your pole to whatever look you want.  The Silent Gliss 6150M is available in a range of 4 classic and contemporary colour finishes – black, white, steel grey and silver, and can be accessorised with decorative finials (ball end, spear or strata).  Plus, choose from the entire Metropole midial range which includes amongst others, colourful glass discus and bold geometric squares and circles.  The pole system is also compatible with the stunning Silent Gliss Wave curtain heading system.

Be practical.

There are 3 electric track options (system 5090, 5200 and 5400) to suit light to heavy weight curtains.  These systems offer a wide choice of control options including wall switch, timer, remote control and light sensor giving you total control from the comfort of your chair, plus added security.


Silent Gliss motorised Metropole brings you the best of both worlds beauty and function.

Bathroom Bliss from Lloyd Loom of Spalding

There is something relaxing and comforting about having a chair in your bathroom and Lloyd Loom chairs have long been a favourite, because as well as looking great they are also very comfortable.

 With Lloyd Loom of Spalding you can adapt the chair to your own colour scheme as you can either chose from their range of 18 standard colours or choose any colour from the Farrow and Ball range to either contrast of match what you already have in place. And there are a large range of designs and styles to choose from.

Bolero Armchair from £399.00

01775 724 358


Notes to Editors

Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.

Holly& Lil New Pebbles Range Capture the Autumn Perfectly


Holly&Lil goes natural this season with the delicious new Pebbles Range. They come in the most scrumptious trendy colours of this autumn.

Rich Chocolate or Sand/Fawn silky cowhides piped and backed with Brown. Lilac Grey piped and backed with French Navy.  Deep Black made into Midnight by the French Navy piping but backed with Black Calf.  And to complete the range Purple piped and backed with Chocolate Plum. Like heathers coming down to a British pebble beach – HEAVEN!

The collars will suit both Town and Country dogs – both can run wild in these cowskins which are lovely and tough too. Wear them as everyday collars, they wallow in mud, water etc these collars weather it all.

The backing is supple calf leather, rolled and piped around the edges of the cowhide to create a finish we’ve created to be kind to neck fur, they don’t ‘carve’ collar lines and can help overcome matting in long or silky coats.
 All colour ways come as both “Slims” and “Wides”.

Prices from: £44.00 

Greyhound/lurcher collars are now available; use the Bespoke Option below to select.

Menu’s Wine Breather Wins Autumn Fair Cook shop and House wares award for the best product. And Comes out Tops in Tests.


Menu is delighted to be awarded best product in Cook shop and House wares at the Autumn fair. This come after being found best in tests at a survey performed by Eurofins.

 Around 90% of all red wine sold today, is younger than 10 years and a lot of them will be much better off, after a flip in the MENU NEW NORM WINE BREATHER J

 Menu asked EUROFINS to perform the testing of their New Norm Wine Breather, to see and to public, how good the Wine Breather really is, compared to other known wine decanting products in the European market.


One thing is, how a professional Sommelier taste the improvement of the wine, after it has been through the Wine Breather. Here we had, among others, Tim Vollerslev, to do this part of the test. Tim is one of the leading Sommeliers in the world and he was very, very impressed with the result after just 2 – 3 minutes decanting in the Wine Breather…

 And the other thing to measure was how much oxygen was actually added  to the wine after a turn in the Wine Breather and to hold that against other decanting products sold all over Europe…

 The Wine Breather is doing twice as good as the 2nd best product in the test… And that is just after the 1st flip around. The wine is added 740% more oxygen after the 1st flip, 940% after the 2nd flip and 1.000% more oxygen after poured into the glass. A remarkable result…!!!

 The Wine Breather retails at £44.95

Let Your Kids Eat in Style

MENU is making mealtimes a lot more fun for children by introducing a children’s tableware range. While the range is clean, minimalist and truly modern, the added playful touch comes in the form of small animals – a cat, a snail and a crocodile. The new tableware comes in a mini size ideal for kids and contains a plate, cup and deep plate.

The design also matches the successful Black Contour tableware collection for adults so there is no need to compromise on style at the dinner table. Inspired by the legendary Italian cartoon figure La Linea from the 70s, Pernille Vea brought the small animals to life from the characteristic line of Black Contour.

“My kids always wanted to eat from the same plates as us grown-ups, even if the service was too fragile and unhandy for them. I have long considered how to find that perfect match between childish charm and stylish porcelain. To me Black Contour Kids has a playful look that creates a dining table atmosphere of joy, yet it’s still bright and modern.” Says Pernilla Vea

Black Contour Kids is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface.

Name: Black Contour Kids                           

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Pernille Vea for MENU

Price: £24.95 for the set   

Herend Makes Vase for “Haute Harrods”


This exquisite vase with stunning hand painted butterflies has been created exclusively for Harrods in a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Numbers 1 and 2 are in Harrods now.

The vases have been created especially for the “Haute Harrods” promotion which runs through September and October. The vases are 50cms high and the retail price is £1,200 and the pattern reference is VBOB-Y3.

All Herend porcelain is hand painted by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

020 7384 9722


The last colour in the Wishbone chair series is purple and is just about to be launched unto the UK market by Icons of Denmark.

 It is a strong colour which works equally well on its own, combining the four shades with together or with other Wishbone Chairs in different  wood types or mixing with the citrus yellows and blues.

 The Wishbone is a light, sculptural dining chair whose steam-bent back allows a variety of comfortable sitting positions. Its materials and craftsmanship provide generations of lasting value and comfort. And it works equally well in a modern and traditional setting.

The Wishbone Chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen in 1949, and has been in uninterrupted production since1950.

 The chairs retail at £510.00