The World Visits Silent Gliss


Silent Gliss were proud to host their 2011 export event in May.  The event was well attended with guests travelling from the Middle East, America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  For those invited, it was an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest Silent Gliss products and services, spend time with the Silent Gliss team, do some sightseeing and share ideas and experiences with other Silent Gliss customers.

On day 1 guests were treated to a tour of the Silent Gliss Islington showroom and taken on a cruise of the River Thames before returning to Broadstairs for an evening meal.

Day 2 was held at the Silent Gliss Great Britain head office in Broadstairs.  The day included a factory tour plus presentations on new products including Panel Flex – the sliding bendable panel system and motorised Metropole. 

Customer feedback was very positive and Silent Gliss hope to host further customer events in the future. One Silent Gliss customer summarised:

“It was a very educational and eye opening trip that will certainly help our company take Silent Gliss products to the next level”.

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