Raw frames with lots of space.


These days, professional life and spare time are increasingly merging into each other. So it is important to create rooms with space for work, creative development, relaxation, and dreams.

Montana’s simple solutions are designed for contemporary living. The light and flexible Verner Panton wire shelving system, in chrome, allows you to divide up different areas in big, open rooms without splitting them apart. The shelving unit is made of square cubes, which can be joined together as desired. As well as being a room divider, the wire shelving unit can be mounted on the wall to act as a bookcase in your home office. Arne Jacobsen’s simple tables with lacquered legs are multi-functional and can be used both in the office and as a dining table. Their light design and bright colour shades help to create a visible tranquility in the room.

montana_living3_060For items that need to be tucked away from time to time, Montana’s celebrated closed-front units are the ideal solution and finish for all-in-one space. Rustic colours like ”brocade” and ”carbernet” exude a stylish contrast to raw frames. The units can stand separately, and when you need the best possible utilisation of space, they may be used as a base frame for a “bed island” where you can relax and be re-inspired.

Montana is based around the unit concept, where units can be put together in any number of ways. The renowned Montana 1112 unit with four compartments (H: 69.6 cm, W: 69.6 cm, D: 20 cm) starts from a recommended retail price of is £245 inclusive of VAT. The cubes in the Verner Panton wired shelving system measure 35 cm in depth and are delivered with linking clips. Prices start from £110 inclusive of VAT.


Montana Møbler A/S manufactures and markets tables, chairs and storage furniture for the homes and offices. Montana is designed by Peter J. Lassen. Its flexible unit system and inspiring colour palette give you the freedom to create your own room and express your own style. Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and shldesign.

Montana re-launched Verner Panton’s Bachelor Chair in Milan

Montana re-launched the Bachelor chair designed by Verner Panton in 1955 at the DANISH CHROMATISM exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum during
the Milan fair.

Joakim Lassen, Director of Design and Communication was a friend of Verner Panton and family and says of the re-launch.

”The Bachelor chair was designed the same year as Verner Panton’s Tivoli Chair. There is a clear relationship in the design of the chair with its lightweight tubes, which recurs in the accompanying stool and coffee table. So it was important for me to make the Bachelor chair part of our product family.Bachelor_chair_Verner_Panton_Montana1

Verner Panton designed the chair when he was 27 years old, and it makes me think of Verner as a young man on the move, wishing to design a light, portable chair which was also comfortable. He managed to unite these qualities brilliantly in the Bachelor chair, which is as modern today as it was in 1955.”

Verner Panton’s simple, iconic chair consists of two bow-shaped tubes connected by three crossways tubes and a stretching seat. You can take the whole thing apart without any tools and pack it totally flat. It was one of the first chairs that could be disassembled, meaning it was easy to take anywhere and was easy to send by post. Like the Tivoli chair, the Bachelor chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Bachelor chair and accompanying foot stool are being re-launched in six colours in acrylic and in linen canvas. The colours are: northern white, graphic coast, arctic blue, wild rose, mango and black coal, and nature – a light linen canvas. If more comfort is required, the chair may be provided with cushions.

The tables are being launched in three types of veneer for indoor use – white oak, burned oak and black oak – and two solid laminates for outdoor use: snow and anthracite.

Bachelor chair £300
Bachelor foot stool £218
Cushion for Bachelor Linen / Leather £62 / £101
Bachelor table £306


Icons of Denmark Teams up with VERPAN

And appoints Gertsen PR to handle the publicity


VERPAN produces lamps, furniture and textiles designed by Verner Panton – in accordance with Panton’s original drawings and in cooperation with the Panton estate


VERPAN is re-introducing four Panton designs that were made in small quantities a long time ago, but never  launched commercially: a modular sofa, a flexible wall sculpture system, an interlocking seating and side table solution, and a table for dining or work. These new pieces show why Panton has won that reputation. But they also show another side, the pragmatic architect who was all about modularity and simple systems that just work. The combination is pure Panton – and pure genius.”



Jesper Møllgaard Jensen owner of Icons of Denmark explained, “We are delighted to have VERPAN on board. And having worked with Gertsen PR for almost 3 years on other account, we are pleased to appoint them to handle the account for VERPAN as well”.



VERPAN partners up with brand agency ”Icons of Denmark”

Icons of Denmark and VERPAN, the Danish producer of some of Verner Panton’s most iconic lamp and furniture designs join in partnership to launch Verner Panton’s designs on the British market.

VERPAN’s CEO Peter Frandsen explained “We believe that the UK market has much more to offer, and we expect a lot from the cooperation with Icons of Denmark”,

“We are very proud to take on the challenge with this new and exciting relationship with VERPAN. Through our work representing   Danish Design Icons, we are seeing a growing trend of design oriented British consumers. Whether it is a result of the popular Danish drama series Borgen and The Killing or a general increased exposure of Danish brands and products in the media we can’t tell – probably  a mixture. The bottom line is that Danish Designer Icons are “hot” in the UK right now, and Panton was without doubt one of the biggest Icons of Denmark”, says Jesper Møllgaard Jensen owner of Icons of Denmark.

 At the iSaloni in Milan this Spring, VERPAN, reintroduced the world to four Panton designs that were made in small quantities years ago, but which were never  launched commercially: a modular sofa, a flexible wall sculpturesystem, an interlocking seating and side table solution, and a table for dining or work.

According to VERPAN’s Peter Frandsen, the launch showcased some of Panton’s best work. “Panton is rightfully known as a maverick who transformed Danish Design with new materials, graphic  designs and bold colours,” he says. “These new pieces certainly show why Panton has won that reputation. But they also show another side of Panton, the pragmatic architect who was all about modularity and simple systems that just work. The combination is pure Panton – and pure genius.”

VERPAN has been represented on the British market by John Close since 2010. In the future John Close will focus on the sale of lamps from VERPAN’s mother company, Frandsen Lighting A/S. Frandsen Lighting A/S owns VERPAN 100%.

 www.iconsofdenmark.dk   www.verpan.com

Note to editors:


VERPAN produces lamps, furniture and textiles designed by Verner Panton – in accordance with Panton’s original drawings and in cooperation with the Panton estate. For more information, visit www.verpan.com

Retro is back…and Panton’s Panthella fits right in


Louis Poulsen is still producing one of Verner Panton’s greatest successes, Panthella – the lamp, which has achieved a cult-like status, fits right in with the retro trend.

Panthella is a reflection of the organic mode of expression, which is so characteristic for Verner Panton. The lamp, which is formed like a toadstool, is a sculpture in itself. The light source is hidden under a milky-white, hemispherical-formed acrylic shade and a white lacquered trumpet-like foot contributes to a beautiful distribution of the light. Panthella has a couple of unique details; a  chrome ball is placed on the top which must be removed when replacing the  bulb and at the base of the fixture up to 1.5m of cable can be stored so unused  wiring can be hidden away.

The Panthella comes in white only and is available as a floor or table lamp. The floor version retails at £508 and the table lamp is £388.00.


Panton in New Eye-Catching Colours

Panton Thermo Mugs in new colours, a brilliant way to keep your hot drinks piping hot

in this cold weather.

MENU’s Panton range in porcelain has been expanded with 2 new eye-catching colours: Midnight Blue and Pink. But that is not all Menu has also added a brand new thermo cup for espresso in five colours and premium silver. Now, the Panton porcelain range comes in five unique parts and 10 original colours.

Menu originally introduced the Verner Panton porcelain range as a limited edition in 2008. The eternally modern look is the result of the dynamic collaboration of Verner Panton’s award-winning Geomety 1 pattern and designer Pernille Vea’s award-winning thermo cup. The porcelain range now also consist of platters, egg cups, bowls and trays.

The whole range  is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The glazing is acid-free and therefore does not change  colour.

Name: Panton Cups

Materials: Porcelain

Design: Pernille Vea for MENU

Pattern: Geometry 1 by Verner Panton

Price: £19.95 for two

Price of Express cups: £17.95 for two