Softline Launches Versatile Chair


Sometimes it can be hard to visualise a chair in more than one specific setting, but not the newly launches Noomi chair from Softline. It really lends itself to places be they the living or bedroom – office at home or work. It just fits in anywhere!

Noomi is a modern new easy chair with a classic feel. With its soft, simple look and understated, inviting elegance, it makes clear references to the Scandinavian design tradition. SUSANNE GRØNLUND designed Noomi with both the home and public spaces in mind – in fact, wherever a touch of comfort and elegance is needed.

Retails from £895.00



Table Talk








The 2013 Softline range features two new unusual designs in tables Circo and Monday. Both offer a versatile use and distinctive style.






Designed by Susanne Gronlund, the Circo table is an extremely useful piece of furniture; you can place it where you need it for putting things on or simply use it as a decorative element. Circo


The table is completely circular – hence the name. Its design gives it a unified and harmonious look which will fit with any décor be it modern or more traditional.    Circo retails at £169.00


Another practical design item from busk & hertzog, Monday is a versatile sofa/side table which can be used individually, but looks stunning in a combination of two or more.


The table’s design is simple, yet elegant, with a lovely springy leg frame on which thin “water lilies” /plates balance. Its unique construction makes it both an interesting piece of design and a practical piece of furniture. Monday retails at £159.00