Full Steam Ahead

MENU’ new Steam Tower makes healthy cooking a doddle.  The tower consists of 5 oven-proof pieces of porcelain that stack neatly in the oven allowing steam to circulate between the dishes, As steam transfers no taste – it is the ideal way to cook fish, meat, vegetables and dessert together.

The Steam Tower works by placing it in the oven over water. When the water turns into steam, the steam circulates around and through the layers cooking the food  in the healthiest way leaving the  finished dishes succulent and tasty.

Designer Christian Bjørn has been inspired by the Asian kitchen and created what is already on its way to become a Scandinavian classic. “I have focused on a design that must function on even a professional level – but improved many details to work even better for a modern busy family ” says designer and architect Christian Bjørn. He has worked closely with Michelin-awarded cook Morten Køster, who has been part of developing the Steam Tower concept.

“Steaming is the natural and most healthy way to cook your food in a way that preserve the vitamins and minerals  ” explains Morten Køster, who has tested the Steam Tower and put together the recipe book that comes with the Steam Tower.


Name: Steam Tower

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Christian Bjørn for MENU

Price: £59.00