Sweet Sounds of Music – the Rothschild’s Songbirds

Herend’s exclusive hand-painted Rothschild Oiseaux motif with the songbirds is now 150 years old and is currently celebrating its birthday. Characteristically elegant and romantic, the gilt-edged Rothschild porcelain depicts twelve different kinds of vibrant birds or bird couples sitting on tree branches surrounded by delicate pastel-coloured butterflies, bugs and flowers.  The patterns are named after the influential Rothschild family whose history has been intertwined with much of Europe’s since the 19th Century.

The first creator of this masterpiece dreamt up the birds surrounded by a fine, glittering golden chain winding around the tree branches… Legend has it that one day Baroness Rothschild lost her valuable necklace and charged her maid with the theft. As she was walking in the garden one day she saw songbirds on a tree and near them the lost necklace. Mór Fischer, owner of the Herend Manufactory, also heard this story and, as rumour has it, designed this celebrated pattern in its memory.

Each pattern has its own unique songbirds perching in their dream gardens surrounded by fluttering butterflies and bugs, and while some patterns have been around for 150 years, others have been reinterpreted throughout the years. The new version of the pattern combines a traditional, refined style and modern expressionism.