Rococo Scores a Hat Trick in the Great Taste Awards

20150809_141231Rococo Chocolates are pleased to announce that Barry Johnson, Principal chocolatier and his team has been honoured with three awards in the 2015 taste Awards. Very well done to them.

There were 10,000 Great Taste entries this year and of those products only 130 have been awarded a 3-star, 597 received a 2-star and 2,382 were awarded a 1-star accolade. And to cap it all the Kalamansi is in the top 50 products out of the 10,000 entered.

The awards are given stars and this is what the stars stand for:

1 = Really great taste. Totally delicious

2 = Almost perfect. Keep going back for more and more

3 = Mind blowingly amazing. Perfect in every way

Kalamansi Lime Caramel – awarded 3 stars and here is some of what the judges had to say:

Beautiful finish and attractive presentation. Not too sweet, with a good zing from the lime. Good balance of chocolate with caramel and lime. Delightful appearance. Excellent cacao aroma. The shell is beautifully made. The Kalamansi character comes across well. Great balance with the light caramel. The finish is clean but with delightful long fruity notes both from the cacao and the filling – a well judged balance.


Blackcurrant Marshmallow – awarded 2 stars and the comments were:

Glorious highly inviting colour. The blackcurrant flavour is evident and tangy. Good natural flavour with no synthetic edge. The silky smooth mouthfeel is contrasted by the addition of whole blackcurrants. The consistency is akin to that of a well sprung mattress. Attractive colour and appearance. Pretty colour. Good sharp blackcurrant flavour and a pleasant texture.

Salted Chocolate Toffee & Crunchy Praline – awarded 1 star and this is what they said:

Good quality chocolate, well formed. The chocolate shell has a good snap. The praline is well flavoured and has a pleasant crunch with a nutty flavour.

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ROCOCO CHOCOLATES Takes Gold and Silver in European round of International Chocolate Awards


Rococo is delighted to have been awarded two gold and three silver medals in European round of the prestigious International Chocolate Awards There is only ONE Gold medal given for each category so Rococo Chocolates currently have the best white chocolate flavoured bar in Europe and the best nut based praline chocolate in Europe. Their 30th Year is certainly being a great one!

The awards were for:
Bars – Flavoured white chocolate

GOLD: Organic White Chocolate & Cardamom Bar

Dark – Nut based pralines and gianduja, enrobed whole nuts

GOLD: Salted chocolate toffee & Crunchy Praline

Bars – Flavoured milk chocolate

SILVER: Organic Milk chocolate bar with salted caramelised almonds and rosemary

Dark – Caramels

SILVER:– Kalamansi Lime Caramel
SILVER:– Passion Fruit and Rosemary Caramel

The praline and two caramels, part of Rococo’s fresh ganache collection, were created by their Principal Chocolatier, Barry Johnson, who has just completed his first year with the company. This impressive haul comes hot on the heels of their successes at the Academy of Chocolate Awards last month.

Notes to Editors

The International Chocolate Awards are designed to recognise excellence in fine chocolate around the world. With its international panel of independent Grand Jurors and local judges for each regional round, the organisers aim to highlight the work of chocolatiers and chocolate makers internationally and in their own countries, reaching out to local food communities and helping to build public recognition and understanding of the fine chocolate industry.

As well as the European Semi-final, 2013 also sees the Americas Semi-final in New York in June and national competitions including Canada and Israel. The World Finals will take place in London during Chocolate Week in October.

The Awards are judged using a unique judging system, developed after extensive industry consultation and rigorous test judging. This includes limits on the number of samples tasted in each judging session to ensure fair assessment of the entries. The rules of the competition are set through on going consultation with the fine chocolate industry. The judging forms and details of how the system works are all available on line on our website. More information at