White on White

White is synonymous with coolness and purity. But white is not just white. The colour displays an incredible diversity of nuances. The neutrality of the colour white affords a special opportunity to create new experiences of light and space.

PH Snowball


PH Snowball designed by Poul Henningsen creates an attractive lighting effect in the room through careful distribution of the light upward and downwards.

With its simple and elegant the lamp is like a sculpture which floats above the table.



AJ Royal


The AJ Royal pendant designed by Arne Jacobsen. The minimalist pendant with its refined ribbing system which directs heat away from the light source, while also emitting fine strips of light and discretely marks out the shape of the lamp in the room.




Custom Name LP_130712_ 25798


Aeros White designed by Ross Lovegrove recently launches in white adds a floating lightness and neutrality to the mystical three- dimensional design.


All the lamps are from



Louis Poulsen is launching the Aeros pendant by internationally renowned designer Ross Lovegrove in a white version, greatly extending the possible applications for this beautiful and slightly mysterious product.The other version, in an anodised golden sand colour, remains in the range.


The Aeros pattern looks significantly different in the white version. With the light off, the pattern has more contrast, and when the light is on the pattern and lamp appear lighter and brighter. The distinctive reflector with its Fibonacci pattern also has a different, decorative look when the light is both on and off.


Measuring 723 mm in diameter, Aeros is a large lamp, but the white colour greatly reduces the visual perception of it. The lamp is ideal for both dining and coffee tables. The light source, a 60W halopin, comes with the lamp and ensures optimum colour rendering, which is particularly important when used above dining and coffee tables. The light source can be dimmed,of course, which also helps to create a unique ambience.


Aeros retails at £1527