PowerView Motorization from Luxaflex now Works with Apple HomeKit making it market leader

With the new generation Hub 2 now compatible with Apple home kit, Luxaflex® makes controlling your blinds even easier.  PowerView®, first introduced by Luxaflex® in 2016, is the innovative Smart Home Automation technology that let’s you control all of your window coverings from your smartphone, tablet or beautifully designed PowerView® Pebble Remote.

Their second-generation Hub is the only smart home window coverings controller compatible with all the major voice recognition/integrated systems.​

Anyone with the Hub 2 can download the update – so it’s not only available on new purchases.

Now you can easily and securely control your PowerView® blinds using the Apple Home app and Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and HomePod, Amazon Alexa and Google Home – the only one on the market which can do this.

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control Homekit-enabled accessories, including your Luxaflex® window treatments, using the Apple Home app and Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and HomePod. After installing your PowerView® system, enable HomeKit in a few simple steps directly from the PowerView® App. Once enabled, PowerView® blinds can be controlled using the Apple Home app and Siri with your other HomeKit enabled accessories.


It is really simple: use your voice to control your PowerView® blinds and other HomeKit-enabled accessories with Siri. Control your blinds individually, in groups, or through scenes. It’s as easy as:


“Hi Siri, open Living Room blinds.”​

“Hi Siri, set Living Room Left shade to half way.”

“Hi Siri, it’s ‘Movie Time.”





Statement Blinds

Luxaflex® Pirouette®Shades in ‘Coral’ PR9-413 with PowerView® Motorisation

      Long gone are the days when blinds were plain white rollers to be closed at night. Now they are an integral part of the décor of the room. Chosen not just for their stunning designs and colours but also for their functionality.

You need different blinds for different rooms. You might want blinds that control the light, so as not to fade your furniture. Window blinds like the honeycomb Luxaflex® Duette® Shades that traps the heat and can save you money on your electricity bills. Luxaflex has a great innovative range to suit all your needs.









Luxaflex® Twist® Shades in ‘Sonate Aubergine’ with PowerView® Motorisation

Blinds look good in any room, even plain hallways can be transformed with a colourful blind.






Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades in room darkening ‘Emerald City’ with PowerView® Motorisation

If you are a one of the people who need a dark room to sleep in make sure you chose a blind that gives you, the flexibility of light during the day, even if you don’t want to pull up the blind, and darkness at night.










Luxaflex® Roller Blinds in ‘Furore 6503’ & ‘Cera 7378’

Roller blinds are great for kitchens as a wide selection of roller blind fabrics are treated with Luxaflex® DustBlock® making them antistatic and repel moisture and dirt making your blind very easy to clean.

Luxaflex® Faux Wood Venetian Blind in ‘Java’ with LiteRise® operation

Luxaflex® Metal Venetian Blind in ‘Metallic Gold ‘6056 with LiteRise® operation

Bathroom and shower rooms need special consideration taking into account the damp environment, Venetian blinds both metal and faux wood are work well and look great.

Venetian blinds £112

Faux Wood Venetian £99

Twist £189

Pirouette £330

Roller blinds £83

And most blinds can now be powered by PowerView® so you don’t have to go round the house pulling them up or down. They can all be controlled from you smart phone or pad, or by the Luxaflex® Pebble® remote. PowerView® is battery operated so no need to drill any holes!


Keep it Neutral

Neutral colours, whatever the fashion, always retain an edge of sophistication and peaceful glamour. Considering how light acts as part of your neutral scheme is important. A plain and simple neutral colour scheme can feel bleak if subject to harsh light. Adding in a transulcent blind with a woven or printed pattern will filter the light’s intensity and add a glow to the space.

The new Reflection Collection of roller blinds from Luxaflex features rich, timeless textures and two-tone patterns. The gorgeous fabrics teamed with a colour palette from beautiful natural looks to chalky whites have a luxurious soft glow that adds instant sophistication and warmth to your home.








Odion – a modern design with a soft lustra












Or get inspiration from nature with Carmel and give your room a soft vintage feel.

Why not motorise your blinds? PowerView lets you control your blinds from your smartphone of pad so you can control them wherever you are.

Prices from £89



Doors Need Blinds Too

Windows get lots of attention when it comes to decorating. The list of solutions is varied and creative. But what about those doors which are often forgotten? Whether they are draughty glass vintage French doors or room height bi-fold doors, they have their own challenges and quirks. Luxaflex® has some great solutions for all the doors in your house.

Patio doors need both privacy and view transparency. Venetian blinds are an ideal choice for large patio doors if you like to pull them up out of the way in summer, or drop them low in the winter to add a wall of texture such as wood. Nano® Roller blinds for patio doors are also a durable and affordable option. They can be also be used with PowerView® motorisation for easy control.


Bi-fold doors are ideal with vertical blinds you can slide them completely out of the way when your windows are pushed all the way back, allowing for flow between internal and external spaces. If you want something in between completely closed or open, you can tilt the panels for gradual changes in natural lighting.

French doors can conjure up a traditional design aesthetic, but they don’t have to. Roller blinds for French doors can give you flexibility but also a modern edge, which allows you to play with the design and mix colour ways for a more dynamic look. If they are old and draughty or you just prefer a more classic feel, wooden blinds or faux wood shutters for French doors are a great choice, as they also hold in the warmth and reduce external noise.

Kitchen and conservatory doors need high traffic solutions. Wipe clean blinds are useful for sticky fingers in materials like wood or metal Venetian blinds. These are often also UPVC doors so you may want a no drill solution. UPVC door blinds that give you fuss-free maximum protection include our Trufit® blinds, which can be fixed perfectly into most frames and eradicate any annoying elements, such as window treatments rattling from doors being banged constantly.

Blinds for front doors often need to deliver discretion for added security. They can make the whole property seem cosier in the winter than if they are mainly glass; Duette® shades  are designed to keep the heat in during winter and out during the hot summer month.




Summer, Sunshine and Silhouette® Shades

After a long dark winter, we all long for the sun to come streaming through our windows, but sometimes there can be just too much of a good thing. Silhouette® Shades take the harshest sunlight and transforms it into beautiful natural light; all you have to do is tilt the vanes to enjoy more natural daylight. The vanes will diffuse and spread the light evenly throughout the room, filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.

Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shades are also great when it comes to controlling your privacy – a view to the outside when open during the day and when completely closed in the evenings, you can enjoy your seclusion.

Silhouette® Shades are available in a wide range of beautiful fabrics and sophisticated on-trend colours. Each fabric has its own unique feel – with a choice of new silk looks, subtle linens -all designed to create subtly filtered light.


New to the range is: Promenade – a nature inspired fabric design with a soft, casual look, it is available in five soft tone colours.  Ombre – a stylish light dimming fabric designed to subdue light when needed it is available in seven colours.  Bayou – a fresh linen design with a warm look available in three saturated colours. Lumière –  an elegant sheer fabric with a subtle structure it is available in five colours. Éclair – a beautifully textured fabric that subtly plays with light it is available in four colours. French Linen – a linen look fabric with a casual, sophisticated style that compliments every décor, comes in four colours.

There are even special screen fabrics that will reduce the heat coming into the room up to 25% and deflect and dim the sun’s rays. When the vanes are closed, you will also enjoy up to 99% UV protection.

Silhouette® Shades can be operated in many ways from manual to motorised controls. Enjoy the convenience of PowerView® Motorisation and control your blinds from smart phone, tablet or remote. For easy to use manual controls, choose LiteRise® and simply use your finger to gently pull up or pull down your blind or the SmartCord® system uses a retractable cord that keeps you blinds exactly where you position them. All Luxaflex® operating  systems are designed with  child safety in mind.


Prices from £299


Note to editors

Luxaflex®, the premium brand of Hunter Douglas, worldwide market leader in window covering products, was created more than 60 years ago, with the invention of the first Metal Venetian blind. Each year Luxaflex® introduces innovative, original products, colours and design options and creates inspiring collections that are market orientated, timeless and superbly fashion forward.

Soft Fabrics and Effortless Style

New, innovative window dressing

   Pirouette® is a brand-new innovation, there is nothing remotely like it on the market, because Luxaflex®  believes window dressing can and should do much more than simply dress the windows. And Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades do: as well as providing beautiful blinds for your windows, the construction with a single sheer and soft fabric vanes provides a clear view to the outside and the product design allows for unobstructed view- through, while maintaining a discreet level of privacy inside. Distinctive ambience and privacy control in one.

Pirouette® Shades feature refined fabrics inspired by the organic beauty of raw silk and linen with a palette of soft neutral tones to breath-taking pops of bold colour. The beautiful sheer fabrics softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading. The soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appear to be floating, draws natural light into the room. When closed the Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades are designed to look like a contemporary shade. The construction with a single sheer and soft fabric vanes provides a clear view to the outside. The product design allows for unobstructed view- through, while maintaining a discreet level of privacy inside.

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout your room, so you can maximise daylight hours and reduce the need for artificial light. Available in fabric opacities, from translucent to room darkening and in a wide range of contemporary colours. The beautiful sheer fabrics also softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays- protecting furniture and flooring from fading.

And you can control your Pirouette® Shades with PowerView® Motorisation. Through its wireless technology, you can adjust window shadings to control natural light through-out the home with the simple push of a button or tap on a mobile device, or through automated operation. PowerView® Motorisation merges seamlessly with a connected lifestyle and works with other smart home devices.

The PowerView® system can be operated via the Luxaflex free PowerView® App, available on both Apple and Android devices. Alternatively, the Pebble® Remote enables seamless operation of up to six different groups of blinds, individually or together, at the press of a button.

Price from £330


Note to editors

Luxaflex®, the premium brand of Hunter Douglas, worldwide market leader in window covering products, was created more than 60 years ago, with the invention of the first Metal Venetian blind. Each year Luxaflex® introduces innovative, original products, colours and design options and creates inspiring collections that are market orientated, timeless and superbly fashion forward.

Smart Shades that Simplify Your Life

styling Bregje Nix

 Luxaflex® introduces PowerView™ Motorisation

Welcome to the future! You can sit back and relax and let PowerView™ do the work for you while being in full control. This all-new wireless technology fits perfectly with today’s connected modern lifestyle.  It lets you control all of your window blinds from your smartphone, tablet or beautifully designed PowerView™  Pebble™ Remote.

Program your perfect settings and let PowerView™ do the rest.  You can customise your ideal combination of light, privacy and warmth, keeping your home perfectly in sync with the time of day and your schedule, while optimizing energy efficiency and keep burglars away when you are not at home, by controlling them from afar using the RemoteConnect feature.

Convenience and Control

The PowerView™ system can be operated via the free PowerView™ App or via two types of controllers:

With the Pebble™ Remote Control you can easily operate up to six different groups of blinds– either individually or together – with just a press of a button.  They can also be programmed to a “favourite” position. When activated with a single press, the blinds will go directly to that position.

The Pebble™ Scene Controller features an Advanced display screen that lets you scroll and conveniently  preview and select ‘Scenes’ – different combinations of blinds and  positions – that have been programmed using the PowerView™ App.  Two “Favourite” buttons allow you to select your optimum way of having your blinds.

The PowerView™ Pebble™ is available in seven stylish colours to fit in with any style of décor and  it is ergonomically designed and actually looks really good on the table. It is also possible to wall mount a PowerView™ Remote or Scene Controller using the PowerView™ Surface, available in three on-trend colours.



styling Bregje Nix


Have fun choosing from a variety of App colour schemes and more than 100 activity icons to personalize each Scene and Room to create your personalized names like “Wake Up”, “Good Morning,” “Lazy Day,”  “Lights Out”, or “Gone Fishing” for example.  In addition, Power View’s two-way communication system lets you see the current position of each blind and its battery life on the App.

You can use the PowerView™ scheduling feature to set up your Scenes so they operate automatically. Programme any Scene to activate on specific days and times.  You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously.

No Need for Hard Wiring

Ideal for both newly constructed and existing homes, PowerView™ systems can be powered by batteries or a DC power supply plugged into a nearby outlet, so no hard wiring through walls or ceilings is required.  The PowerView Hub allows easy integration with virtually any home automation system via an RS-232 serial connection or IP