Parisian Chic

They are the Parisian market-women who come from the country into the city during the early hours of the day to sell their wares. The breathtaking colours and patterns of their bodices and skirts decorated the streets of Paris. It was these images which artist Johann Joachim Kaendler admired in 1753 and created the famous figurine series ‘Cris de Paris’, based on the engravings by the Comte de Caylus.

Today, the splendid colours and patterns of Johann Joachim Kaendler’s designs adorn this set. It is the wonderful combination of traditional Meissen porcelain with a modern and exciting twist, and perfect for your café au lait and a small croissant. They are skilfully hand painted at the Meissen factory.

The large cup with motifs by Johann Joachim Kaendler, together with an elaborately painted plate retails at €299.00.