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The days are getting longer and soon the sun will be shining through the windows and the thoughts turn to spring cleaning so everything can gleam in the sunshine.  And where better to start than in the kitchen.

The Verner Containers from Nordic Element will make your kitchen not only tidy, but the beautiful hand blown glass jars with black cork lids will make it look incredibly smart. The jars come in various sizes and are useful for flour, pasta, nuts, sugar… the list is endless. And they are so good looking you won’t to hide them away in a cupboard,

Louise Roe Design Essentials is behind the stylish jars which retail from £32.00


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Bag a Bargain

download_1_20120424_1650968469For a limited period, until end of February, www.nordicelements.com is offering 30% off their Design Letter products.

Design Letters is a Danish Design Company which in only a few years has achieved great international success.

First in 2009 by launching a radically different type of wooden letters for wall decoration, and then in 2011 by introducing a design series with a typography hand drawn in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen.

So grab a bargain from:


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Nordic Elements Take On New Brand Scintilla


Scintilla’s design Scintilla was founded in 2009 by Icelandic fashion and textile designer Linda Björg Árnadóttir  are built on the Scandinavian design tradition and influenced by the extreme nature of Iceland.






Scintilla creates quality home textiles with a modern approach. Scintilla’s aesthetics are contemporary and the design concept is progressive graphics with unique colour palettes. The collection includes bed linens and covers, pillows, tablecloths, towels and wool blankets and a range of 100% natural scented candles.



Prices range from £65.00 for cushions and £23.00 for towels, candles at £38.00





Finnsdottir_interiour_imageNordic Elements has incorporated Finnsdottir Ceramics Tales in their stable of Scandinavian design clients. Their beautiful ceramics fit in well with their established clients.

Icelandic and Danish Thora Finnsdottir Søe and Danish Anne Hoff are the creative and artistic duo behind Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales.

Finnsdottir is built on the cooperation of Thora Finnsdottir’s design – and craftsmanship in ceramics and Anne Hoff’s graphic design and artistic skills.

The products of Finnsdottir are inspired by contrasts. The idiom originates from objects we use in our everyday life – both old and new, as well as from shapes and feelings. All this is expressed in a modern light Scandinavian design with a twist. Furthermore Thora and Anne share a common wish of making people wonder and think of ceramic design in a new way by using well known shapes and looks and transform them to tell a completely new story.

All products are handmade in Europe.

The brand was founded in 2007 and has gained considerable recognition for its new interpretation of ceramic design.



Finnish Artisan Craft from Nordic Elements

byPiippola is a design company founded in 2010 by Tania Piippola with an aim of creating Nordic lifestyle products with an individual character honouring simplicity, beauty and durability through the use of rustic raw materials.By Piippola013_2_2_2 With the respect for craftsmanship and Northern designer traditions it liaises closely with local artisans.

All products are handmade by locally selected craftsmen and the present collection consists

of products made of silver pine also called kelo – the deadwood from the Finnish Arctic Circle.

Each piece is unique, possessing the characteristics of the tree itself and has a silvery surface. By Piippola023

Cracks are merely a natural part of the product – which is after all, more than 400-500 years old.


The range consists of coat hangers, towel holders, and candle holders in various sizes –New Yorker stemning


The mission of byPiippola is to provide any interior setting with a sense of authenticity and allow you to become part of the timeless and Wild Nordic nature – in the midst of your home.

The products are available from www.nordicelements.com  tel.020 7498 5757


These new porcelain mugs from Nordic Elements, invite you to ask for it in writing!


These Design Letters Porcelain Cups are stylish and practical cups with the alphabet letters in black typography designed by the renowned architect Arne Jacobsen.  Perfect for a cuppa anytime of the day.





They retail at £12.50. Great for presents.


You can even use them for storage as black wooden lids to fit them are available, but sold separately.



020 7498 5757

A Christmas Tradition

Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree are part of a Christmas tradition which can make your Yuletide very special, whether you collect them on your travels, buy a special colour or have a theme. The decorations, when unpacked every year, make it really feel like Christmas is here.


Nordic Elements have some great ones this year designed by By Nord. They are made from bone china and will be the pride of the tree for years.  There are animals: bears, polo bears, mouse, deer, wolfs, sheep, squirrels, rabbits and penguins as well as stars and birdhouses.


Bone China animals, which hang on a leather strap retail from £8.50.



Or if you are after a bit more bling, you can have the silvered acorns or pine cones.

Retailing at £8.50 and £10.50


Clean as a whistle…


Now you can not only bring nature into your bathroom with the lovely new shower curtains from By Nord but they have also just launched Nordic Spa – so you can indulge yourself  with the finest of soaps, body lotions etc.


By Nord has developed Nordic Spa around the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each Element has its own focus, scent and ingredients – a combination of natural plant extracts, organic oils, herbs and 100% pure essential oils from the Nordic Nature. All are produced in Denmark with no added parabens, silicone, mineral oils, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances.


The first two elements Earth and Water will be available from August. Prices from £12.00








The Shower curtains come in 2 designs and retail at £75. Easy to fit to any rail be it straight or round.  Also for the bathroom some super soft and very luxurious towels made from 80% Cotton & 20% Modal. Bath towel £65.00. Hand towel £22.00


All are available from www.nordicelements.com


Neat and Tidy


What to do on dismal rainy grey days. How does tidying up sound?

OK might not sound like a bundle of fun, but with these Wally’s you could just turn it into an exciting game and even do a bit of spelling or counting on the side!


So go on organise your life with this wonderful wall storage unit. It has 30 pockets, each embroidered with the alphabet or numbers 1–24.  So you can make it into a game and get the kids to put toys, books etc in the right pockets for the alphabet or play the numbers game.

 The Wally is available in grey with white embroidery or in white with grey embroidery or blue Denim with  white or orange. Perfect for the kid’s room – somewhere to store toys, books, clothes the list is endless.


The Wally is made from 100% cotton canvas; it is designed by By Nord and retails at £115.  It measures w 132 x H 120 cm


0844 561 6029

Plastic Fantastic – and colours galore


Nordic Elements is not just about Scandinavian cool colours – one of the brands they are agents for is Neon Living and they have some vibrant pieces for all over the house. So if you need some colour in your life, look no further.






There are colours for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, office and basically anywhere else you think can do with being livened up a bit.




Price for Loo Role Holder is £54, Napkin Holder £12 and Kitchen Roll Holder £27.50.

The Rainbow hooks come in two sizes and retail at £60 for a short and £85 for a long.   All these colourful products are made acrylic.


The range is varied and also include colourful cushions and wall storage, so have a look at www.nordicelements.com  to see the full range.

Soft and Cuddly


Nothing is more satisfying that snuggling up in a warm blanket whether you are at home or on the beach, whether you are a “grown up” or a child. Nordic Elements have some fabulous, fun and eco friendly ones for the whole family.


The beautiful blankets have  fun designs by Matthew Langille. The blankets are made using the finest 100% Ecotex brushed cotton making them not only stylish but incredibly soft and gorgeous. The blankets are available in 2 designs ‘Seaworld’ & ‘Predator’ and 3 sizes: Baby, Junior, and Adult.  They are available in a range of natural colours.

 Prices are as follows: Baby £47.00, Child £75.00 add Adult £115.00 all prices include VAT.



0844 561 6029