Nobody is Very Eco Friendly

The chair Nobody is molded in one piece and in one single process resulting in a simple, light weight and stackable chair meeting modern demands of sustainability in both materials and production.

 Nobody refers to a piece of cloth laid over a chair to cover and protect it. As the chair underneath the cover is removed the cover ‘remembers’ the shape of the chair and has become the bearingstructure of the chair itself. Hence the name – NOBODY or NO BODY.

Danish design duo Komplot were the first to create an industrially produced chair made strictly from textile. Using a technique borrowed from the car industry Nobody is manufactured from two layers of thermo pressed PET felt – a 100 % recyclable material made from used water- and soda bottles.  The production process neither demands an internal frame, plastic, screws, glue or other reinforcements.

 The chairs are available in eight colours and there is even a Little Nobody for Children.

 Nobody Chair retails at £442.00 and Little Nobody at £225.00