Special Hamper for Fathers’ Day

Guinness and Chocolate in a marshmallow – a brilliant mix from Karen Waller, chief chocolatier at Rococo Chocolates and her team for Father’s Day and to make his day even more special they have produced a new salty caramel cigar. Lucky Dad.

And the chocolate fairies at Rococo decided to pack them in a very special hamper together with a Rococo mug for Dad’s breakfast tea and we all know how good Dads are at helping with the washing up so we have included his very own tea-towel! Now there is no excuse. But as it is Fathers’ Day give him a hand.

The hamper retails at £40




The marshmallow evokes a classic Chocolate Guinness Cake, with a firm, moreish texture.  Bag retails at £6.00





The Salted Caramel Cigar is a solid chocolate cigar, made from a unique blend of chocolates, and tiny shards of salted caramel, with crispy biscuit and rice. Cigar retails at £ 9.95



All are available at Rococo Shops and online from 25 May.


As part of the Spring Summer collection 2017 Broste Copenhagen has introduced a new service called Salt.

Its elegant shape and soft tones inspired by the natural mineral salt, have a classic expression which makes it a perfect for every occasion. The black hand-painted brim, make every piece unique. The glaze is very sensitive to conditions during firing which results in varying textures and colours.


Cup and saucer £18.75                                            Mug £10.50

Bowls from £5.35                                                   Plates from £9.00


The Lion and the Unicorn – Two new children’s set from Lush Designs

Lush Designs Melamins Lion plate 600      Lush Designs melamine unicorn plate

Dinner time will never be the same again with the two new sets of children’s tableware from Lush Designs – the Unicorn and the Lion. Appealing marriage of fantasy and nature depicted on Melamine children’s tableware. Lion or Unicorn design child-sized plate, bowl and mug with lovely, detailed drawing in cheerful turquoise and orange. And it comes in a pretty gift box which makes it a great gift for tiny diners.

       Lush designs melamine Lion Cup 600 Lush Designs melamine lion bowl 600

Being made of Melamine makes it hardy in use and easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe. The plate measures 20 cm, the bowl 14 cm, and the mug 7cm . The boxed set retails at £18.00.

     Lush Designs melamine unicorn cup 600   Lush Designs melamine unicorn bowl 600

The sets are designed by Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings and are available at their website.


Note to editors:

Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings met at Art school and both live in South East London. They developed their home ware design business utilising their love of drawing and knowledge of printmaking. They apply their playful, narrative ideas to a large range of products which all bear their characteristic prints. They are constantly creating new products and exploring new media and processes, working with manufacturers and artisans as well as their own South East London studio.

Simple Beauty

_R5A9882The new crockery from Broste Copenhagen is simple and beautiful. It will fit in anywhere whether modern, traditional, rustic or urban.

The ESRUM range consists of just the basics: mug, bowl, side, dessert and dinner plate. Made from stoneware the pieces in brown and ivory are beautiful enough to use for a special occasion and priced so you will want to use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The recommended retail prices are:

Mug £7.50, Bowl £9.50, Side plate £6.50, dessert plate, £12 and dinner plate £18.50


14531564 Broste Esrum Bown £.9.15 Stone wear 14531563 Broste  Esrum Mug Stoneware £7.15 14531562 Broste Esrum Dinner plate £18.25 stonewear