No Summer without Ice Cream

IMG_20160524_141829 Buy 2016 new Formal evening dresses at IMG_20160524_141628 Awaiting a wonderfully hot summer award-winning artisan chocolatier Rococo Chocolates and award-winning gelato makers Snowflake have teamed up to make the most delicious ice creams, which are scrumptiously soft and utterly yummy. Each hand crafted ice cream is made with raw organic Jersey milk from a Somerset family farm, while the dairy free sorbets use pure spring water from the famous rock strata of the Wenlock mountains. There are 6 carefully selected flavours, based on some of Rococo’s best-selling artisan bars and couture chocolates, each made using Rococo’s own house blend of chocolate..

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt – Creamy milk chocolate ice cream with sea salt, based on Sea Salt Artisan Bar

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb – Creamy milk chocolate ice cream with honeycomb pieces, based on Honeycomb Crunch Artisan Bar

Dark Chocolate Sorbet – A rich dark chocolate dairy free sorbet

Rose Lychee Raspberry Sorbet – Dairy free raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries, lychee and rose, based on Rose Lychee Raspberry couture ganache

Salted Toffee Crunchy Praline – Hazelnut ice cream base with chocolate straciatella, chopped hazelnuts and lightly salted dulce de leche caramel sauce throughout, based on award-winning Salted Toffee Crunchy Praline couture chocolate

Cardamom and Pistachio – White chocolate ice cream spiced with aromatic cardamom and scattered with crunchy pistachios, based on  award-winning White Cardamom Artisan Bar

The ice creams are available from Rococo London shops at Motcomb Street, Kings Road and Moxon Street either in large, medium and small cones or cups.

Small Cone or Cup £3

Medium cone or Cup £4

Large Cone or Cup £5

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Note to editors:

Rococo Chocolates was founded by Chantal Coady OBE in 1983. Armed with a little knowledge, a dangerous passion and a belief that there was room for a radically different approach to chocolate, she opened a shop on London’s King’s Road and has been pioneering the artisan chocolate movement in the UK ever since.

Rococo’s award winning collection includes organic Artisan bars in exotic flavours and Couture chocolates hand made in London by their small and dedicated team of chocolatiers.  Rococo now has four shops and co-owns a cocoa farm in Grenada with the Grenada Chocolate Company, which is part of the Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmer’s Cooperative.  Cocoa from this farm in made into chocolate in Grenada, one of the only tree-to-bar producers in the world, which is used as part of Rococo’s House Blend across much of their range.

Snowflake founders CEO Asad Khan and gelato chef Paolo Rivieccio had a dream: superb, fresh, delicious gelato – handmade with love from the world’s finest ingredients. In 2012 that dream came true with Snowflake Luxury Gelato.

Snowflake  Luxury  Gelato  opened  their  first  boutique  in Westbourne  Grove  in  August  2012, with their second boutique opening in Soho in October 2013 -In  2014  they  had  a  concession  in Harvey  Nichols  and  became  the Great  Taste  Supreme Champion for their Raspberry Sorbetto. -In 2015 Snowflake opened a 3rd boutique in South Kensington and a concession in Selfridgesfood hall –

Winner of a total of 25 Great Taste Gold Stars over a period of 3 years.


Bloggers breakfast 022How better to start the day than with a chocolate breakfast. Rococo Chocolates in Motcomb Street are NOW serving breakfasts all day – all You have to do is book. When weather permits it is also possible to have it in their beautiful, secluded Marococo Garden.

Rococo’s Tasting Menu is full of exciting surprises, starting off with a hot chocolate shot complete with hand-made marshmallows for dipping.

Bloggers breakfast 005cropped

The granola served with the yoghurt and berries is a recipe is from Chantal’s ‘Mastering the Art of Chocolate’. Some of the recipes for cakes are from this and other of Chantal’s books and made by pastry chef Luisa. The spreads are freshly made and absolutely delicious. The breakfast is finished off with some of Rococo’s award winning ganaches.

A selection of tea and coffees are available, the coffee is by Volcano.

Bloggers breakfast 003

A Taster Menu cost £18.75 per person and has to be booked 3 days in advance.

   Bloggers breakfast 009       Bloggers breakfast 010

Four Delicious Declarations of Love

Valentine's flavours 083Rococo’s principal chocolatier Barry Johnson and his talented team have dreamt up some very special Valentines flavours with which to woo your sweetheart. The chocolates are handmade at Rococo’s London chocolate kitchen and are made from the finest ingredients including chocolate from Rococo’s farm in Grenada.

  • Mango & Passion Fruit Soft Caramel

Soft, chewy mango and passion fruit caramel

  • Raspberry & Rose Caramel

Soft caramel made with pureed raspberries and infused with rose

  • Lemon & Violet Ganache

Crushed lemon puree and violet white chocolate ganache

  • Strawberry & Marc de Champagne Ganache

Mara de Bois strawberry jelly layered with a milk chocolate ganache flavoured with a champagne brandy.

These freshly made ganaches are sold loose at £13.50 for 100g and only available from the 4 Rococo shops,

Motcomb Street, Kings Road, Moxon Street and Chester.

Valentine's flavours 045

Volcano Coffee Erupts at Rococo Motcomb Street

MaRococo Garden
MaRococo Garden

Rococo Chocolates have teamed up with the Volcano Coffee Works (recently features on BBC2’s ‘Sweets Made Simple’) to bring gourmet coffee to the Motcomb Street Café to match their award-winning chocolates.

The Rococo kitchens and Volcano Coffee Works’ speciality coffee roastery are neighbours in South London.  There, the beans are roasted in small batches by expert roasters on lovingly restored and customised vintage coffee roasters.

Richard Larkin, Managing Director of Rococo Chocolates said, “It’s exciting to set up such a rewarding collaboration.  We both have an uncompromising attitude to quality and our own brand ethics of Pleasure and Provenance.  I can say with confidence that our Rococo café now serves the best mocha in London.”

Enjoy a Rococo Volcano Mocha at Motcomb St alongside freshly made ganaches by Rococo’s award-winning chocolatiers or delicious cakes handmade on the premises. You can also find their award-winning hot chocolate that can be flavoured with sea salt, chilli, cardamom or mint served with Rococo artisan marshmallows – the perfect autumnal treat.

Make the most of the last days of summer by enjoying your chocolate and coffee in the secret MaRococo garden hidden behind Rococo Motcomb Street.

Rococo Chocolates Launches New Website


Rococo’s new website has just been launched, providing customers with a more genuine experience of interacting with the company. The web storefront is modelled after the Motcomb Street shop so it is almost like going there!

Along with a more fun and interactive user experience, customers can now navigate through the site with clear categories representative of Rococo – for example, ‘Our Story’ is able explain to the customer what Rococo is all about, from 1983 to the present day. Rococo is not just three shops and an e-commerce site! They actually care, and that’s shown in the ‘How We Care’ section of ‘Our Story,’ which highlights their partnership with the Grenada Chocolate Company and their very own Grococo farm for ethical cocoa sourcing. Rococo thinks that videos are a great way to communicate to and engage the customer, so there are quite a few – you might enjoy the one on the ‘Our Story’ landing page.

In addition to browsing through the delights in ‘Shop!,’ you may also enjoy taking classes or holding events at the Rococo Chocolate School at Motcomb St. Key areas for the growing business, they get their own section in ‘Chocolate School Events.’ Who doesn’t love being hands-deep in chocolate?

From a technical standpoint, Rococo decided to use Amazon web services for the new e-commerce platform due to its advanced technology, robustness, and reputation for reliability and quality – this should optimise both front and back ends!

We hope you enjoy shopping at the Rococo web shop.

January 2012

Rococo’s Real Hen, Seagull and Quails Eggs get New Look for Easter

Chantal Coady has designed some Easter fineries for their popular Real Hen Eggs, Seagull Eggs and Quail eggs.  In true tradition the packing is quirky, eye catching and amusing.

 Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

 The Superior Seagull Eggs are made of gooey salted caramel and chocolate ganache; all wrapped up in dark and milk chocolate layers inside a thin sugar shell. They’re the perfect gift for the rucksack of an intrepid twitcher out on a cliff-top mission, and we can’t think of a better snack for bringing extra cheer to a seaside holiday (or for pretending you’re on one).

They retail at £6.95 and weigh 150g

The pretty little Quail Eggs are made from a fine French hazelnut praline, dipped in milk chocolate then coated with a thin sugar shell (using natural colours, of course). Perfect for a summer picnic or to keep your friends amused – put a bowl of Quail eggs and our Olive Toscane out as they sip their cocktails and see who you can trick!

They retail at £6.96 and weigh 145g


And The Real Hens Eggs are not left out; they have a beautiful new wrapper with serving suggestions.  Real Hens’ Eggs (eggbox of six) blown and filled with hazelnut praline. The melted hen’s eggs are perfect served with grissini soldiers. And full instructions of how to do it comes with the pack – a very special way to “go to work on an egg”.

£22.50 for a box of six 240g

Rococo Chocolates Ganache Collection


Rococo’s ‘prof du choc’  Laurent Couchaux has created a range of 37 ganaches and pralines in the kitchen of their flagship store in Motcomb Street using fresh cream, butter and fine chocolate couvertures. This includes organic chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company made from Trinitario beans grown at Rococo’s own Grococo farm.

Rococo likes to use fresh ingredients so their are seasonal ranges which are only available for two months.

The menu above, designed by Chantal Coady shows the delicious range and these are the flavours:

1 D Sour Cherry

2 M ‘P’tit punch’ – Lime & Grenada Rum

3 D Toasted Coconut

4 D Almond, Coffee & Cardamom Marzipan

5 D Madagascar House Truffle

6 D Rose & Cocoa Nib

7 D Grenadian & Islay Single Malt Ganache

8 D Crunchy Hazelnut Praline

9 M Orange Mango & Passion Fruit

10 D Pistachio, Hazelnut & Almond Praline

11 M Popping Champagne Truffle

12 D ‘Plan Bee’ – London Honey Ganache

13 D Raspberry Madagascar

14 D Grenada Dark Ganache

15 M Plain Milk Chocolate Ganache

16 M Lime & Sesame

17 D Rose, Lychee & Raspberry

18 D Jasmine Green Tea

19 D Blackcurrant & Violet

20 M Crushed Lemon Praline

21 M Anglesey Sea Salt Caramel Ganache.


22 D Yuzu, Lemon & Ginger

23 D Arbequina Olive Ganache

24 M ‘Mara des Bois’ Wild Strawberry Caramel


25 M Lemon, Basil & Olive Oil

26 M Apricot & Almond

27 D Ceylon Earl Grey Tea

28 M MaRococo: Pistachio, Saffron & Cardamom


29 D Hazelnut Coffee Praline

30 M Walnut and Pear

31 M Fig & Walnut Praline

32 D Apple Tarte Tatin:


33 M Christmas Gianduja, Lemon & Pecan

34 M Caramelised Pumpkin & Lebküchen Spice

35 D Quince & Honey

36 M Lychee, Chestnut & Rum

37 D Perigord Black Truffe au Truffe!


tel. 020 7245 0993


Crispy cocoa nibs in 60% chocolate.

This autumn Rococo Chocolates is introducing two new Grenada Chocolate bars.
The  Nib–a– licious (above) is a 60% cocoa organic bar with a fruity, crunchy bite.
The 82% is akin to a bone-dry Manzanilla sherry or Islay Malt Whisky. Perfect if you are limiting your sugar intake but with none of the astringency of most high-cocoa chocolate bars.
This cocoa growing and chocolate making cooperative in northern Grenada, of which Rococo’s farm Grococo is a part, is producing single origin chocolate from tree to bar. The organic cocoa farms produce high-quality Trinitario beans world famous for their rich complex flavour and the small batch process and rigorous selection of the beans preserves the true taste of Grenada’s cocoa.
The 60% Nib-a-licious bar is springled with nibs, pieces of the cocoa bean itself, giving the bars a wonderful crisp, crunchy texture and extra rich flavour.
The 82% is an Extra Brut, not for those who want to compromise.
The bars retail at £3.95 (85g) truly a bargain for an exceptional single origin cocoa chocolate bar.
020 7245 0993
Note to Editors
Rococo was founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady.
In 2007 a small cocoa farm came up for sale close to the Belmont Estate, offering the perfect opportunity for a joint venture between Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Company to produce truly fairly traded, “ethical” chocolate. This plot of land, which we call GROCOCO, is now the ‘home farm’ which supplies 100% of its harvest of fine flavoured organic Trinitario cocoa beans to the GCC where they are made into fine chocolate. It was also one of the founding farms that make up The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative. Seven years after our first taste of Grenada chocolate, we will be mixing Grococo beans with the Rococo Organic House Blend and from now on, all Rococo’s organic products will include Grococo beans in the recipe.


Chantal Coady, who started Rococo Chocolates in 1983, has designed new Artisan Bar wrappers to commemorate Rococo Chocolates’ 4th decade.  There are 16 different flavours and 16 different designs.

 “I was inspired by a casual glance onto our celebrated tiled Marococo garden in the Motcomb St store”. They just called out to me: “Here is the answer to the kaleidoscope of flavours in the Artisan

Bars, all looking the same in the Rococo blue and white wrappers!” explains Chantal.  “The garden has many of the plants which are used as flavours in the bars: rose, jasmine, geranium, mint and lavender. The tiles come from Michael Davenport at Dar Interiors, I just love the designs, which are traditional and modern at the same time.”

These bars are still made with Chantal’s own special recipe, however Rococo now use more of their own organic beans from their Grococo plantation in Grenada in order to create an intense, fruity and authentic backdrop – the perfect foil for the different flavour notes in each bar. Chantal continues: “These smells and tastes evoke childhood memories of the brilliant blue skies in my birthplace Teheran, and windy walks on Cornish beaches. To name a few you can try: Basil & Persian Lime, Sea Salt, Cardamom, Orange & Geranium,Chilli, as well as classics like Mint and Ginger”.

Each flavour has been individually matched with a tile just as each bar has its own personality which speaks to the taster, creating a unique chocolate experience. “I hope you enjoy these bars as much as I have enjoyed my immersion in the wonderful world of chocolate for the past four decades!” she finishes.

 The Artisan bars come at present in 16 flavours and retail at £4.25