Collage in Peaceful New Colours

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The well-known Collage pendant  is being released in a new version to celebrate 10 years since its launch.

The pendant  began attracting attention back in 2005 as soon as Louis Poulsen introduced it onto the world market in cooperation with the designer, Louise Campbell.

Ten years on, the Collage  now hangs in homes, institutions, universities, hospitals and numerous restaurants around the world.

Collage is being released in a new series of douche colours, and a new matt velour-like finish. These give Collage a completely new identity, and the fascinating shadow patterns formed by the three-layer shade set have an exclusive new and different look.


The Collage pendant is available in two sizes: Ø600 mm and Ø450 mm. The pendant’s simple expression makes it very versatile above dining tables and meeting tables, or as high general lighting. Collage is available in a flexible version with an E27 fitting, which fits the new LED bulbs. To further optimise lighting comfort, an anti-glare set can be purchased for the top and bottom as an optional extra. This diffuses the light directed upwards and downwards, and also inhibits direct views of the light source from all directions.

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The new colours and surfaces will give any indoor environment a new identity and atmospheric lighting. Whether on or off, the new Collage light fixtures create beautiful focal points for gatherings of any size.

Louise Campbell’s inspiration from nature, translated into room lighting, has proven to be an enduring and valued design idea, which has made her name and the Collage light fixture known around the world. She has thereby proven herself to be among the key Danish designers, carrying on proud Danish design traditions in cooperation with Danish companies.

  • Collage 450 retails at £610 in white and £665 in colour
  • Collage 600 retails at £940 in white and £1050 in colour

The pendant will be available in UK shops in February


A digital brochure is available

New bright ideas from Louise Campbell

Louis Poulsen has again teamed up with Danish/English designer Louise Campbell to produce a lamp, LC Shutters, the fourth she has designed for LP – and again it reflects innovative thinking.

Louise Campbell’s creative side develops in step with the challenges, and this time she challenged both herself and Louis Poulsen. It is said that simplicity is difficult, and that has certainly been the case here. Her idea with the new lamp was to create a pendant with a minimum of processes, based on a single shade. The process has literally been cut down to three basic elements: turning the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting.


LC Shutters is very harmonious light. It is available in two versions – a completely white edition, and one with a pattern of various colours which helps create a completely different expression, when the light is on or off.

LC Shutters not only protects against glare, it is 100% glare-free, and the light source is protected by a diffuser which shields direct viewing and also prevents it from being touched. The diffuser can be easily removed and cleaned – yet another factor which makes the pendant very maintenance friendly, both in the home and the workplace.

 LC Shutters is a lamp which can be used in a wide range of settings. Many want to put it above their dining table at home. A logical choice, but the light has an amazing ability to blend into its surroundings in a natural way. Louis Poulsen often tests lamps in various settings and LC Shutters demonstrated a remarkable ability to add a decorative and tasteful softness to its surroundings, helping to make rooms more human and communicative. LC Shutters produces honest lighting. A soft and diffuse light which provides ideal illumination for faces, without distracting shadows so it ideal for meeting rooms, where communication should have the best possible conditions. 

Louis Poulsen excels at developing and producing very precise, identical metal shades. These skills hail from the days of Poul Henningsen, and the ongoing production of his lights keeps them sharp as a daily discipline at the factory in Vejen, Denmark.

All Louise Campbell’s lamps have multiple layers, and this one is no exception. However, the extra layer is created in the same shade, and this was the crux of the challenge. A completely new tool was necessary – a tool which can stamp with millimetre precision, on a curved surface.

Louise Campbell said about her new light: “I aimed to draw attention to the balance between glare reduction and spreading the light in the room. The shade and diffuser are integrated. A single unit with a clear function – protecting against glare, creating atmosphere, but also diligently spreading the light. Despite the dense, hard material, the design expression is soft and friendly.”


Modern Antique


Mixture of new and old. Interest in and fascination for individual objects, coalescing in an organised, yet contrasting chaos. Lighting creates serenity and harmony, underpinning the overall impression. Louis Poulsen has a wide range of lamps that fits right in.



Small additions impact hugely on mixtures of new and old, creating a personal look.


Enigma 425                     designed by Shoichi Utchiyama      retails at £421.00

Campbell 210                 designed by Louise Campbell          retails at  £421.00

PH 3/2  black/chrome  designed by  Poul Henningsen        retails at  £639.00 

Small is Beautiful


Louise Campbell’s pendant Collage now has a little sister – Collage 450.  The large version changes its name to Collage 600.

The size is fine-tuned to maintain balance and harmony, and Collage 450 is perfect on its own or suspended in repetition in indoor environments. Collage 450 is not merely a smaller version of Collage 600. It is a newly designed version, having in many ways been optimised, so that, for instance, mounting is easier and simpler.

Collage 450 is suitable for energy-saving lamps and also available in a professional version with a HIT light source. It is available in the same colours as Collage 600: Snow White (white), Hot Lips (pink), Juicy Orange (orange), Lemon Yellow (yellow) and finally Smoke Screen (smoke-coloured).

Collage 450 pendant retails at £575.00 in white and £625.00 in colours 

Collage 600 pendant retails at £745.00 in white and £845.00 in colours

Note to Editors

Louise Campbell is probably the Danish designer with the greatest range. Her long cooperation with Louis Poulsen has earned her international recognition as a lighting designer. Louise Campbell graduated as an industrial designer from the Danish Design School. She is known for her furniture, lighting fixtures, porcelain designs and interior design. Graduated from the Danish Design School, Industrial Design Programme in 1995. Bsc (Hons) of Furniture Manufacture & Innovation from the London College of Furniture in 1992.

Louise Campbell was chosen designer of the year in 2005 by the magazine Bo Bedre. She has also won the three-year scholarship of the Danish State Art Foundation and Finn Juhl’s Architectural Award.