Limited edition Copper Table Lamp

ph-35-25-kobber-bord-int-02With Louis Poulsen’s successful re launch of Poul Henningsen’s design icons, another excellent lamp is being added to the collection. Between 14 March and 15 June a copper version of a legendary 1929 table lamp design can be ordered.

Warm materials are currently a must in interior design, and this table lamp is sure to add warmth and comfort to any interior. The lamp comes with two top shades – an opal glass shade, which together with the two bottom glass shades provides soft comfortable diffuse light, and a polished solid copper shade with a white painted inner surface, which provides softly concentrated downward directed light on the table surface.

Every home should have multiple points of light in each room.Too many homes have too few points of light, resulting in an uncomfortable light. With extra light points you create small oases and emphasise the room’s dimensions in a better and more atmospheric way. Table lamps are easy to move around, and provide pleasant low intensity lighting, creating still life scenes on side tables, bookcases or sideboards.

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp comes with a high gloss surface, but the copper will develop a patina unique to its given setting, adding further personality, if desired. Many people want their copper lamps to develop a patina and Louis Poulsen has therefore chosen not to surface treat or lacquer the copper on this and many of our other copper light fixtures. The patination process begins from the moment of assembly, and proceeds during production and distribution. When a product is taken out of the box, it may thus have already begun oxidising. We provide a set of white cotton gloves with each light fixture, so people can avoid leaving fingerprints during installation.

This limited edition can only be ordered during the three months indicated, giving people the opportunity to supplement their collection of unique PH fixtures. Those who have not yet started can also obtain a unique piece of Danish design history, which despite its age, will have a modern and atmospheric appearance for several generations. A version with a painted shade and a silk brown copper housing will be launched at a later date, supplementing the PH 3½-3 pendant launched in September 2014.

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp is 46 cm tall. A practical height providing good working light with either type of shade. The three-layer opal glass shades are polished on the outside and sandblasted on the inside. The switch is located on the cord.

PH 3½-2½ copper table lamps will be made in response to incoming orders, and only the exact number ordered will be produced.

The RRP is £1110,- incl VAT

ph-35-25-kobber-bord-int-18 ph-35-25-kobber-bord-int-13 smaller

All the images in this look book are available.

Collage in Peaceful New Colours

    collage_aarhus_08 smaller

The well-known Collage pendant  is being released in a new version to celebrate 10 years since its launch.

The pendant  began attracting attention back in 2005 as soon as Louis Poulsen introduced it onto the world market in cooperation with the designer, Louise Campbell.

Ten years on, the Collage  now hangs in homes, institutions, universities, hospitals and numerous restaurants around the world.

Collage is being released in a new series of douche colours, and a new matt velour-like finish. These give Collage a completely new identity, and the fascinating shadow patterns formed by the three-layer shade set have an exclusive new and different look.


The Collage pendant is available in two sizes: Ø600 mm and Ø450 mm. The pendant’s simple expression makes it very versatile above dining tables and meeting tables, or as high general lighting. Collage is available in a flexible version with an E27 fitting, which fits the new LED bulbs. To further optimise lighting comfort, an anti-glare set can be purchased for the top and bottom as an optional extra. This diffuses the light directed upwards and downwards, and also inhibits direct views of the light source from all directions.

collage_aarhus_09 smaller

The new colours and surfaces will give any indoor environment a new identity and atmospheric lighting. Whether on or off, the new Collage light fixtures create beautiful focal points for gatherings of any size.

Louise Campbell’s inspiration from nature, translated into room lighting, has proven to be an enduring and valued design idea, which has made her name and the Collage light fixture known around the world. She has thereby proven herself to be among the key Danish designers, carrying on proud Danish design traditions in cooperation with Danish companies.

  • Collage 450 retails at £610 in white and £665 in colour
  • Collage 600 retails at £940 in white and £1050 in colour

The pendant will be available in UK shops in February


A digital brochure is available

White on White

White is synonymous with coolness and purity. But white is not just white. The colour displays an incredible diversity of nuances. The neutrality of the colour white affords a special opportunity to create new experiences of light and space.

PH Snowball


PH Snowball designed by Poul Henningsen creates an attractive lighting effect in the room through careful distribution of the light upward and downwards.

With its simple and elegant the lamp is like a sculpture which floats above the table.



AJ Royal


The AJ Royal pendant designed by Arne Jacobsen. The minimalist pendant with its refined ribbing system which directs heat away from the light source, while also emitting fine strips of light and discretely marks out the shape of the lamp in the room.




Custom Name LP_130712_ 25798


Aeros White designed by Ross Lovegrove recently launches in white adds a floating lightness and neutrality to the mystical three- dimensional design.


All the lamps are from


Louis Poulsen is launching the Aeros pendant by internationally renowned designer Ross Lovegrove in a white version, greatly extending the possible applications for this beautiful and slightly mysterious product.The other version, in an anodised golden sand colour, remains in the range.


The Aeros pattern looks significantly different in the white version. With the light off, the pattern has more contrast, and when the light is on the pattern and lamp appear lighter and brighter. The distinctive reflector with its Fibonacci pattern also has a different, decorative look when the light is both on and off.


Measuring 723 mm in diameter, Aeros is a large lamp, but the white colour greatly reduces the visual perception of it. The lamp is ideal for both dining and coffee tables. The light source, a 60W halopin, comes with the lamp and ensures optimum colour rendering, which is particularly important when used above dining and coffee tables. The light source can be dimmed,of course, which also helps to create a unique ambience.


Aeros retails at £1527


Doo-Wop is an unpretentious, simple pendant for a wide variety of applications thanks to its medium size and light emission. It is harmonious in design and perfect for hanging on its own, in rows or in clusters.


It was originally launched in the 1950s. Designed by Louis Poulsen in close collaboration with the Navy Buildings Department. It was used for many years in a wide variety of Royal Danish Navy premises.


The Navy Pendant, as it became known, was very popular owing to its unique lighting properties and utility. It was not until the early 1980s that it disappeared from Louis Poulsen’s catalogues.









In recent years, more and more of the older models have come onto the market via antique shops and auctions which has generated demand and calls to resume production.


The new version is faithful to the earlier one. While the colours have been updated to go with contemporary décor, the production methods have remained the same. The shades are turned by hand before being bent up slightly at the edge to give them their special optical volume. The brass version is a challenge of craftsmanship, as it is made from a solid sheet of brass and has a high-gloss finish.



Doo-Wop will brighten up the lounge, dining room, kitchen, home-office, nursery, hall, staircase or bedroom – it brings a breath of fresh air and good lighting to any room in the house. 



In principle Doo-Wop has two reflectors, the inner cone-shaped one, which provides anti-dazzle downlighting, and the outer one, which provides soft up/downlighting. The outershade in particular helps to create stylish, atmospheric illumination around the pendant.


Doo-Wop is available in red/orange, paleblue, green, white, black/grey and an exclusive brass version. All the models have an E27 socket. The lamp’s design makes it possible to use several different light sources without it affecting light quality, but the use of light sources with a colourindex of less than 85 is not recommended, as this would have an adverse effect on colour rendering and ambience in the room.


Doo-Wop will be in the shops from early September and available  from all approved Louis Poulsen stockists.   RRP: £250 for the colour ones and £420 for the brass.

SILVERBACK – connecting architecture and light

The KiBiSi design group and Louis Poulsen are launching a different interpretation of the adaptation of lighting for architecture.

Morphing is a graphic technique whereby a picture makes a transition into another picture through a smooth movement.


The KiBiSi design group trio, Jens Martin Skibsted, Lars Larsen and Bjarke Ingels, have reinterpreted wall and ceiling lighting, drawing on the morphing design concept. In cooperation with Louis Poulsen, the result is the exciting new product –Silverback – now ready to be launched around the world.


No matter how much priority architects give to natural lighting in buildings, it is necessary to supplement this with artificial light to optimize working conditions and comfort for humans. This is the major challenge in all building projects and Louis Poulsen has worked with architects for years, striving to create a harmonic synergy between architecture and lighting.


Silverback is an example of a very innovative way of creating cohesion between spatial elements and light.


Silverback is a super minimalistic fixture. At first glance it may look familiar, but a closer look reveals it as the result of innovation.


Silverback has a soft harmonic shape which unites the silver coloured half with the opal white diffuser. A simple decorative line marks the join and highlights the circular shape in a distinct manner. A visual detail which is retained whether the light is on or off.


The silver effect and the depth of perception of the material is achieved by metal-lising the inner surface of one half of the shade. Not only does this conceal the light source, it also reflects the mounting surface and permits a certain amount of light to pass through, thereby illuminating the surface behind the product with a decorative halo. The mirror effect is retained even when the light is on, drawing the mounting surface into the fixture and abolishing the visual boundary between the product and wall or ceiling.


This effect offers a unique experience in relation to all aspects of the mounting surface – texture, colour or material. It simply has unlimited applications.

The rear half of Silverback also appears slightly transparent, giving the product a sense of lightness.

The opal diffuser provides soft and comfortable illumination of the space around the fixture and the simplistic design makes the fixture ideal for either solo placement or repetitive installations. The fixture has a discreet presence in every type of project, without losing its identity.


A fluorescent tube version of SILVERBACK is being launched in April and a LED version ready for autumn.


Louis Poulsen is looking forward to the launch with excitement. “It is a different way of integrating light and architecture. In the past we have had a major focus on the simplicity of design offering many possibilities, but SILVERBACK represents new ways of integrating architectural elements with the fixture itself,” notes Flemming Hald, Product and Design Director at Louis Poulsen.

KiBiSi is one of the most influential design groups in Scandinavia today, and works with a broad range of disciplines, designing everything from furniture and house-hold appliances to bicycles and aeroplanes. KiBiSi was founded in Copenhagen by Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels Group and Jens Martin Skibsted. Each partner contributes ideas and expertise from their special interest areas, giving KiBiSi valuable knowl-edge about architecture, design, furniture, electronics and contemporary culture and lifestyle.


New bright ideas from Louise Campbell

Louis Poulsen has again teamed up with Danish/English designer Louise Campbell to produce a lamp, LC Shutters, the fourth she has designed for LP – and again it reflects innovative thinking.

Louise Campbell’s creative side develops in step with the challenges, and this time she challenged both herself and Louis Poulsen. It is said that simplicity is difficult, and that has certainly been the case here. Her idea with the new lamp was to create a pendant with a minimum of processes, based on a single shade. The process has literally been cut down to three basic elements: turning the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting.


LC Shutters is very harmonious light. It is available in two versions – a completely white edition, and one with a pattern of various colours which helps create a completely different expression, when the light is on or off.

LC Shutters not only protects against glare, it is 100% glare-free, and the light source is protected by a diffuser which shields direct viewing and also prevents it from being touched. The diffuser can be easily removed and cleaned – yet another factor which makes the pendant very maintenance friendly, both in the home and the workplace.

 LC Shutters is a lamp which can be used in a wide range of settings. Many want to put it above their dining table at home. A logical choice, but the light has an amazing ability to blend into its surroundings in a natural way. Louis Poulsen often tests lamps in various settings and LC Shutters demonstrated a remarkable ability to add a decorative and tasteful softness to its surroundings, helping to make rooms more human and communicative. LC Shutters produces honest lighting. A soft and diffuse light which provides ideal illumination for faces, without distracting shadows so it ideal for meeting rooms, where communication should have the best possible conditions. 

Louis Poulsen excels at developing and producing very precise, identical metal shades. These skills hail from the days of Poul Henningsen, and the ongoing production of his lights keeps them sharp as a daily discipline at the factory in Vejen, Denmark.

All Louise Campbell’s lamps have multiple layers, and this one is no exception. However, the extra layer is created in the same shade, and this was the crux of the challenge. A completely new tool was necessary – a tool which can stamp with millimetre precision, on a curved surface.

Louise Campbell said about her new light: “I aimed to draw attention to the balance between glare reduction and spreading the light in the room. The shade and diffuser are integrated. A single unit with a clear function – protecting against glare, creating atmosphere, but also diligently spreading the light. Despite the dense, hard material, the design expression is soft and friendly.”


A Bright Idea in a Small Package











Louis Poulsen is launching a new PH table lamp in September, it is part of 2/1 family, which also includes a chandelier, a pendant and a wall light.

 The PH 2/1 table lamp is the smallest of the PH three-shade range, ideal in rooms where one wants to create small points of light to add atmosphere or highlight the room dimensions.

PH 2/1 table is perfectly detailed and an excellent example of the precision Louis Poulsen invest in their products. The light source used also reflects the miniature size, but without compromising light quality. PH 2/1 table comes with a clear halogen bulb. In addition to its good colour reproduction, it has been further optimised using a matte glass screen to ensure soft comfortable lighting. The new table lamp can help improve lighting comfort in any room. The three opal glass shades have been hand blown and match the high quality three-layer glass shade that characterises Louis Poulsen’s PH products.

With the addition of PH 2/1 table, this beautiful table lamp is now available in three different sizes. The best-known is the extremely versatile PH 3/2 table lamp, with a top shade diameter of 30 cm. The grand PH 4½-3½ is the flagship of the table lamp series and has a top shade diameter of 45 cm.


PH 2/1 table comes with a high-gloss chrome frame and hand-blown three-layer white opal glass shade. The cord is black plastic with an integrated switch. The halogen lamp can be directly connected to 230V mains power. The lamp has a height of 355 mm and a shade diameter of 20 cm.

 The PH 2/1 retails at £465.00

Modern Antique


Mixture of new and old. Interest in and fascination for individual objects, coalescing in an organised, yet contrasting chaos. Lighting creates serenity and harmony, underpinning the overall impression. Louis Poulsen has a wide range of lamps that fits right in.



Small additions impact hugely on mixtures of new and old, creating a personal look.


Enigma 425                     designed by Shoichi Utchiyama      retails at £421.00

Campbell 210                 designed by Louise Campbell          retails at  £421.00

PH 3/2  black/chrome  designed by  Poul Henningsen        retails at  £639.00 

Rubbie Wins Lighting Award

The fixture awarded was the bollard, Rubbie, from Louis Poulsen designed by Peter Bysted. Both the LED solution, the design and not least the texture of the product was the reasons for the nomination and the price. The bollard is made of rubber.

This year, the introduction of Dragon’s Den-style judging for the product categories created a new level of difficulty for those companies brave enough to enter. And, as ever, all of the shortlisted entries in the project categories were judged in situ. As a result, the winner could be in no doubt how hard the competition was, and why their work achieved the highest honour.

Ben Cronin, Editor of Lighting commented:
“The Lighting Design awards continue to showcase the best of the lighting industry. This year the judges found it more difficult than ever to separate some extremely strong entries. We have been overwhelmed by the number and quality of the projects and products submitted this year, which speaks volumes for the health of the lighting industry”.

Louis Poulsen is very honoured by the price. Being a winner in such a strong competition means that the work is worth doing. All the small details that you have used endless numbers of hours to solve the right way seems now suddenly worth every minute. Also winning in UK is special for Louis Poulsen. We know that the competition on the UK market is extremely tough, and being able to put a product on the market with this response is the best start it can get.

Timeless Lamps


The term timeless is often used, but what does it mean? Something that lasts forever or something that does not belong to a specific era? 

Louis Poulsen lamps appear contemporary in all styles, cultures and architectural settings because they do not look for inspiration in trends but in their perception of lighting and aesthetics.  Nothing less.

ph 4 ½- 3 ½   retails at £1649.00  It has a  hand blown glass shade 

ph 3/2 black chrome  retails at  £639.00

AJ Floor Lamp   retails at £552.00  

Tolbod 155 glass pendant retails at £170.00