Now we are all conducting a lot of business away from our desks, it is important that our “tools of the trade” and functional, practical and look good. Nordic Elements have a new range from the Danish company Lind DNA, which fulfil all these needs.

Stylish Ipad cover with pockets for credit cards/business cards and mobile phone with coated stitching. Ideal for when you are conducting your business on-the-go.   It has a clever ‘stand-up’ function and is very eco-friendly, made from optimized recycled leather & untreated natural wool. Retails at £80.00.

02-EmptyName 49Stylish notebook with leather strap and button closing and also a clever paper change function. Extra paper block included. – made from recycled leather and paper retails at £33.00. Without the button closing it retails at £25.00

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LIND DNA is a family business based in Denmark designing lifestyle products from both Natural and recycled materials. Nordic Elements have recently added them to their stable of Scandinavian companies.

The Curved TableMat is produced using a special optimized recycled leather. A material, which makes it reject both dirt and water, makes it easy to clean and is also sustainable. These two elements the TableMat is a special and optimal solution for setting the table. The curved shape is designed so that the mat has room for a glass, but is also designed to take up the least amount of space on the table. It retails at £22.50. Curved coasters to match are also available at £17.00 for four.

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Material: 80% recycled leather and 20% natural rubber

The TableMat is also available in the more usual square format – same price

TableMat Nupo

Is a  new TableMat again in  recycled leather. It comes in  beautiful colours and a lighter quality. Mix them up or choose one colour, which ever way the result will be great.

Retails at £15.50

Again coasters  or glass mats are available  at £13.00 for 4.