Putting Spring in your Step

Blossom Egg 008Easter is early this year and after a mild winter so is Spring. This has inspired the decoration on Rococo’s latest artistically hand painted egg: Blossom, a delightfully sunny looking egg with a cherry blossom branch across the front.

BLOSSOM EGG weighs a full 1lb and is made with Rococo’s 65% cocoa dark chocolate house blend. The blend contains cocoa from Tanzania, Peru and the Dominican Republic, as well as cocoa from Rococo’s own farm in Grenada.  The dark chocolate shell is topped with a thin white chocolate layer, which is hand painted with beautiful cherry blossom design.  It contains a selection of chocolates, including traditional floral fondant creams, fresh cream truffles and delicate ganaches handmade in London, as well as a selection of dark and milk chocolate carres.

This beautiful egg retails at £42.50, and available in all the Rococo stores only.

Blossom Egg 009

Surprise your Dad with a limited edition Rococo Chocolate Cigar

Photo_cigar-CR-500x418He has always been there for you: held you hand at the first day of school, lent you his car for your first date and walked you up the aisle.  Father’s Day (June 15) is a good excuse for saying thank you and spoiling him rotten. The award-winning team at Rococo Chocolates has created an exclusive, handmade chocolate cigar. Just the answer!Cigar_A cropped

Bite through the crunchy dark shell to the creamy centre of our best-selling ‘Anglesea Sea Salt Caramel Ganache’. Finished with a light dusting of cocoa powder, this innovative ganache-filled cigar, developed by Rococo’s award-winning chocolatier Barry Johnson, is the first of its kind in London.

Individually signed by Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates, this limited edition gift, priced at £12.95, is sure to make your dad very happy.

Available at all the Rococo shops: 5 Motcomb Street, Belgravia, 321 Kings Road, Chelsea, 3 Moxon Street, Marylebone, Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Chester or order online by 11th June to avoid daddy disappointments.




Stunning Limited Edition from Montana

Montana launches an exclusive shelving unit with special print on the occasion of Peter J. Lassen’s 80th birthday

The colour of the unit is Opera Blue, one of Peter J. Lassen’s favourite colours and the unit is  model 1120 (69.6 x 69.6 x 38 cm) with four doors. The print on the doors is in a golden colour.   80 numbered units are produced of each of the three graphic combinations. Each unit is signed by Peter J. Lassen. The units can be fitted on a plinth or on the wall, or it can be combined with an existing combination.

 Peter J. Lassen, the founder of Montana, has just turned 80. A cocktail of many years of experience in  the furniture trade,  an interior designer correspondence course and memories from the boy’s den furnished with wooden orange boxes resulted in one of the world’s most famous shelving systems – Montana.

Peter J. Lassen belongs to the group of designers who  have contributed to develop and influence the Danish furniture stage. In 1982 he founded Montana in the premises of the former canning factory. Inspired by his own room as a boy, where Lassen used plain wooden orange boxes for storage, the basis of the Montana shelving system was established. Even today the keyword behind Montana is the freedom to create your own room, design, quality, and functionality – and especially flexibility. Peter J. Lassen’s philosophy is that it must be possible to adapt the physical frames as one’s needs change.

 Lassen’s wooden orange boxes were the basic inspiration to the very first shelving units – the so-called 6060 units. They were produced in pinewood and measured 60 x 60 cm. They sold quite well until the wood prices increased to the double. The next generation of the 6060 shelving unit was the Montana shelving system that was considerably different from the Danes conception of furniture. Montana was a square, lacquered in vivid colours, the corners were rounded – not sharp. Today Montana is a part of the Danish and the international furniture culture and is used for interior design solutions in homes and at workplaces.

 Icons of Denmark ,who are brand agents for Montana in the UK, can be contacted for stockist on www.iconsofdenmark.dk           

 Note to Editors

 The Montana concept

The Montana system design consists of 42 basic modules in different sizes. The basic of the concept is a square module in size 69.6 cm x 69.6 cm (based on the universal DINA4-format). The modules are available in 4 depths, 20, 30, 38 and 46.8 cm.

MEISSEN® presents its Fine Art Exclusive Collection for Collectors and Investors

A programme of outstanding pieces of MEISSEN craftsmanship


With its MEISSEN Fine Art Exclusive collection, the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory reacts to the increasing demand from international collectors and investors seeking alternative forms of investments in times of the financial crisis. The 2010/2011 collection comprises 200 select objects characterized by outstanding artistry and thus lasting value.

The programme contains a wide range of styles, themes, and products from Meissen’s production in four centuries. These art objects are produced as strictly limited editions each year, and each object is numbered. As proof of their exclusive origin, they are marked by the ‘crossed swords’ in cobalt blue as well as the special sign of the MEISSEN exclusive collection. Some pieces are limited to one per year, the highest limit is 50.

Only a select circle of connoisseurs, collectors, and investors will have access to the very top class of MEISSEN craftsmanship, because even the splendid illustrated book in which the art works are presented is limited and numbered, and moreover cannot be purchased. Every copy is personally presented upon recommendation. 

However, in the run-up to an exhibition series in 2011, there will be a preview from October to December 2010 in Meissen, offering a glimpse of the new MEISSEN Fine Art Exclusive Collection.


Herend Makes Vase for “Haute Harrods”


This exquisite vase with stunning hand painted butterflies has been created exclusively for Harrods in a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Numbers 1 and 2 are in Harrods now.

The vases have been created especially for the “Haute Harrods” promotion which runs through September and October. The vases are 50cms high and the retail price is £1,200 and the pattern reference is VBOB-Y3.

All Herend porcelain is hand painted by highly skilled craftsmen and women.


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