The NJP Work Light

NJP_STAY06Louis Poulsen launched the new Work Light as a result of a partnership with Japanese design company Nendo, and designer Oki Sato at Milan. But this new interpretation of the architect lamp is just as much at home in the bedroom as in the office.

Versatility and an intuitive understanding of how the lamp is used have been key themes in Oki Sato’s work. The head is shaped to make it easy to adjust the lamp and switch it on and off using one hand. The two arms provide great movement and many stepless positioning options.

One elegant detail is that the shade head is open at the rear, so that reflected light from the LED light source is utilised to illuminate the top section of the arm. A decorative – and practical – detail which allows the angle of the shade head in relation to the arm to be steplessly adjusted via a ball joint. The opening also improves the thermal conditions for the LED light source, thereby helping ensure a long lifetime.

NJP Table will be available in the stores in September. Available in black or white. The recommended retail price is £325.00


PH Artichoke Goes Green

lp_5285  lp-interior-tifs-42

Poul Henningsen’s world-famous design icon, PH Artichoke, has now been made future-proof with a specially designed LED light source.

PH based his lighting philosophy on the incandescent bulb and its focal point. He designed his highly successful light fixtures around this light source with a minutious precision which made them known and admired around the world.

PH left nothing to chance, and the work of updating his designs to new requirements and technologies has therefore been challenging at times. The time has finally come to update his most prestigious design, PH Artichoke.

PH Artichoke illuminates both itself and the surrounding space. This requires high output from the light source, and LEDs have only recently been developed to a level sufficient to permit their use. The new 96W LED version of the fixture offers the same light output, comfort and atmosphere as the 500W incandescent bulb version.

We have designed a completely new light element for the LED version of PH Artichoke. In most models this is installed in the shade set in a way that allows replacement. Unlike earlier versions using energy-saving light sources, the LED version is dimmable. This detail help consolidate the PH Artichoke’s position as one of the most atmospheric light fixtures available.

PH Artichoke is one of the most renowned light fixtures in the world, and the LED version of this famous icon is a good illustration of how a clear focus on climate and energy consumption focus be consistent with an uncompromising attitude to aesthetics and light quality.

Retails from £5445.00

New bollard with award-winning simplicity


Louis Poulsen is launching a new bollard designed by Christian Flindt which demonstrates his great talent for seeing the potential in simple forms.

Yet Flindt also reminds us that the simple is not always so simple: the bollard’s minimalistic exterior hides its thought-out technical design, which optimises energy consumption, light distribution and ease of installation.

Development of the Flindt bollard began in 2011, flowing from the desire to create a new bollard for the park surrounding Brænderigården in Viborg, Denmark. The project was a joint initiative by designer Christian Flindt, Viborg municipality, Viborg Energiforsyning, Viborg Kunstmuseum, landscape architects and Louis Poulsen. The Flindt bollard has since been refined, including further optimised light distribution and energy consumption.

The result is so impressive that the Flindt bollard won the 2014 ELFORSK prize in June. Part of the explanation given was that ‘the jury was very impressed by the product’s thoughtful design in all areas – energy efficiency, light properties and a unique light experience, aesthetics and design, vandalism resistance, etc.’ (Danish Energy Association)

The Flindt bollard is fitted with two LED light sources (approx. 585 lumens) positioned at the top of the light aperture so as to emit both horizontal and vertical light. This placement and the light aperture design result in a lateral light distribution covering an angle of more than 180°. The fixture thereby illuminates itself, and contributes to the total light experience as a visual element.

Its extremely simple and functional design means the bollard can be used in almost any architectural context, and blends into natural settings in a peaceful and harmonic way. The organic light pattern, combined with its simple design, makes the bollard ideal for one-sided, zigzag and curved configurations. The facility to adjust the bollard +/-10° following installation ensures perfect light harmony between the fixtures.

flindt_prod_02             Flindt_prod_06

Prices range from £678 to £721.

Note to editors:

Flindt bollard facts

  • Design: Christian Flindt
  • Light concept: The fixture emits an asymmetric, soft, broad, downward-directed light cone. The light creates an organic pattern on the ground surrounding the bollard.
  • Finish: Aluminium colour with a structured surface, powder coating.
  • Materials: Top: Die-cast aluminium. Reflector: Die-cast aluminium. Post: Extruded aluminium. Foot panel: Die-cast aluminium.
  • Vandalism resistance class: IK 10.
  • Light source: 14W LED, 3000K or 4000K. Available with automatic night dimming.

Rubbie Wins Lighting Award

The fixture awarded was the bollard, Rubbie, from Louis Poulsen designed by Peter Bysted. Both the LED solution, the design and not least the texture of the product was the reasons for the nomination and the price. The bollard is made of rubber.

This year, the introduction of Dragon’s Den-style judging for the product categories created a new level of difficulty for those companies brave enough to enter. And, as ever, all of the shortlisted entries in the project categories were judged in situ. As a result, the winner could be in no doubt how hard the competition was, and why their work achieved the highest honour.

Ben Cronin, Editor of Lighting commented:
“The Lighting Design awards continue to showcase the best of the lighting industry. This year the judges found it more difficult than ever to separate some extremely strong entries. We have been overwhelmed by the number and quality of the projects and products submitted this year, which speaks volumes for the health of the lighting industry”.

Louis Poulsen is very honoured by the price. Being a winner in such a strong competition means that the work is worth doing. All the small details that you have used endless numbers of hours to solve the right way seems now suddenly worth every minute. Also winning in UK is special for Louis Poulsen. We know that the competition on the UK market is extremely tough, and being able to put a product on the market with this response is the best start it can get.

Louis Poulsen Launches AJ 50 Wall – a design icon featuring a new lighting technology.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the AJ family, Louis Poulsen has developed an outdoor wall lamp that stays true to the design and lighting idea of Arne Jacobsen. On top of that, it is fitted with LED.

 For 50 years, Louis Poulsen has been marketing the AJ lamp, one of the design icons of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Its silhouette is instantly recognisable worldwide.

 The AJ family is characterised by simple geometry delivered in a compact design, where the shape relates directly to the light distribution. You can simply see how the light will distribute based on the design.

 As part of the anniversary year, Louis Poulsen has now developed an outdoor lamp based on the original  and providing the same lighting qualities as the rest of the AJ family, but this time using the highly topical and long-lasting LED light source. LED light sources light up immediately to full brightness, whereas most energy-saving light sources take a while to warm up. Besides, the LED light source is also ideal in areas with temperatures below freezing point as opposed to energy saving light sources where the light output drops at lower temperatures.   

 LED is widely considered to be the future of lighting. The light source offers excellent lighting, is relatively energy-friendly and not least long-lasting. 

 The AJ 50 Wall is fitted with 8W LED 3000 K.

 The AJ 50 Wall is made from flow-formed aluminium.

The design of the AJ 50 Wall will add an extra design element to contemporary architecture. Not only will the aesthetic design perfectly complement the architectural design, light distribution will also leave a functional and decorative effect on the building and adjacent areas.

 The surface is slightly textured, thus enabling it better to withstand challenging weather conditions and maintain its appearance. The wall lamp is powder coated and available in the colours grey, white or black. The white-painted inner shade reflects and diffuses comfortable lighting. The AJ 50 Wall creates glare-free and widespread downlight, providing decorative light on the wall.

 The AJ 50 Wall retails at £575.00.