Fresh as the first day of Spring

After a hard winter it is nice to think of spring being just around the corner, and the inspiration for this Kitty tea service from Herend is the lovely spring flower the Tulip.

The hand painted tulips which adorn the porcelain seem to have flown unto the pieces in an unruly manner, their heads and leaves still tilting from the wind.  The service will fit into any decor be it classic, traditional or topical, and bring a ray of sunshine unto the table.

The pattern is also available as a dinner service. 

The teapot is £127.50 and the cup and saucer £76.50.

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Herend is keeping the grand tradition of Faberge alive with their exquisite hand painted Easter egg trinket boxes.

The eggs come in many of the popular Herend patterns and the craftsmanship which goes into every one of them is plain to see.

Herend is the larges hand-made porcelain company in Europe,

with more than 600 talented painters who lovingly paints every last dot on the egg.  All products from Herend are hand painted as they have been since Herend first opened their factory over 185 years ago.

Prices vary with design and the amount of painting on each egg

and range from around £150.00 to £800.00 A small price to pay for an heirloom.

Tel. 020 7384 9722


The one metre tall vase weighs almost 25 kilograms — quite a technical feat to produce. It is decorated with the best-known and loved Herend pattern,  Victoria, which was named in honour of the former British Monarch Queen Victoria. Excerpts from the national anthems of EU member states are inscribed in gold lettering among the pale green flowers and butterflies of the décor.

During the Presidency, the vase will be on display at the Grassalkovich Palace in Gödöllő, which will host the majority of the informal Council meetings in Hungary.

Tea Drinking is a Favourite Pass-time yet again.


Drinking tea is fast becoming the Nation’s favourite pass-time again. But no longer the strong “builders” tea served in a in a chipped mug.  Now there are so many varieties of flavourful teas that require something more delicate to drink it from.

Herend has long been making exquisite tea services in a variety of patterns, shapes and sizes. In fact Herend has over 300 different shapes of teapots and cups to choose from, not to mention the well over 1000 patterns. There is one for every taste and decor, be it traditional, classic or contemporary. All you have to do is chose your favourite one.

All Herend Porcelain is hand painted by skilled craftsmen.

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Herend Makes Vase for “Haute Harrods”


This exquisite vase with stunning hand painted butterflies has been created exclusively for Harrods in a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Numbers 1 and 2 are in Harrods now.

The vases have been created especially for the “Haute Harrods” promotion which runs through September and October. The vases are 50cms high and the retail price is £1,200 and the pattern reference is VBOB-Y3.

All Herend porcelain is hand painted by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

020 7384 9722

Stylised Flowers and Beautiful Birds


Clean with a subtle colour palette, the new service FLOI from Herend will enhance any table whether you are serving afternoon tea or a bumptious dinner.

FLOI was designed by one of Herend’s master painters and was inspired by the ancient Japanese xylograph from the 11-12th centuries. The pattern features stylised flowers and birds. There are 6 different motifs in the FLOI service.

All Herend porcelain is hand painted by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

A 19.5 cm dessert plate retails at £61.50

020 7384 9722

Sweet Sounds of Music – the Rothschild’s Songbirds

Herend’s exclusive hand-painted Rothschild Oiseaux motif with the songbirds is now 150 years old and is currently celebrating its birthday. Characteristically elegant and romantic, the gilt-edged Rothschild porcelain depicts twelve different kinds of vibrant birds or bird couples sitting on tree branches surrounded by delicate pastel-coloured butterflies, bugs and flowers.  The patterns are named after the influential Rothschild family whose history has been intertwined with much of Europe’s since the 19th Century.

The first creator of this masterpiece dreamt up the birds surrounded by a fine, glittering golden chain winding around the tree branches… Legend has it that one day Baroness Rothschild lost her valuable necklace and charged her maid with the theft. As she was walking in the garden one day she saw songbirds on a tree and near them the lost necklace. Mór Fischer, owner of the Herend Manufactory, also heard this story and, as rumour has it, designed this celebrated pattern in its memory.

Each pattern has its own unique songbirds perching in their dream gardens surrounded by fluttering butterflies and bugs, and while some patterns have been around for 150 years, others have been reinterpreted throughout the years. The new version of the pattern combines a traditional, refined style and modern expressionism. 

Delightfully Delicate


Herend has launched a new service, Pivoine, which features the flower of spring the Peony so popular in Chinese decorations, traditional Chinese thought considers the Chinese Peony the symbol of prosperity, plenty, respect and dignity. It is the un-official botanical symbol of China, a symbol of spring worldwide. And a motif which Herend has used before to great acclaim.

On this new service the peony has the company of a playful butterfly, and both the peony and the butterfly are mostly placed at an angle rather than centrally giving it a light and playful air. The colours are light and pastel and the shading in the painting illustrated the craftsmanship mastered by the Herend painters.  All Herend porcelain is hand painted.

There are pieces for dinner, tea and coffee services. Price example: £154.40 for a side plate.

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