Stunning New Collection from Lush Design

LD-2015-1-7smolThe Autumn 2015 collection from Lush Designs is a feast for the eyes, subtle colours emphasise their familiar quirky designs. The collection is in three different materials: ceramic, glass and fabric.

Wonky Charmingly cock-eyed earthenware vases for unruly flower arrangements with dip-dye effect glazes and graphic fossil-inspired prints. They are available in two colours and two sizes medium £90.00 and small £80.00

Tree Sturdy yet mysterious tree-printed pottery jar with fade-effect glaze and turned wooden lid made of oiled oak. The jars come in three colours and retails at £130.00 each.


Stitch Ceramic light-shade with fade-effect glaze in the colours of winter skies and printed with thready drawings of seed and pod forms. The shades come in three colours to compliment the other ceramics in the collection. They retails at £154.00 each.


Agrippa printed fabric shade with geological print is available in red, orange and yellow. The shades retail at £155.00each

Cristatella etched glass shade with blooms of lichen. Retails at £133.00

All the ceramics are made in England and the glass shade is made in the Czech Republic.

Timeless Lamps


The term timeless is often used, but what does it mean? Something that lasts forever or something that does not belong to a specific era? 

Louis Poulsen lamps appear contemporary in all styles, cultures and architectural settings because they do not look for inspiration in trends but in their perception of lighting and aesthetics.  Nothing less.

ph 4 ½- 3 ½   retails at £1649.00  It has a  hand blown glass shade 

ph 3/2 black chrome  retails at  £639.00

AJ Floor Lamp   retails at £552.00  

Tolbod 155 glass pendant retails at £170.00