The Rococo Easter Chick Has Hatched Just in Time for Easter

The very talented chocolatier team at Rococo, headed by Karen Waller, have come up with some cracking ideas for Easter Eggs this year… A limited edition of bespoke eggs:  this one is named ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one Basket’, it’s part of a range including ‘Chicken in a Basket” and ‘Hippie Chick’. There will be only 5 of each design made, so expect a bit of “Smash & Grab” raid when they arrive in store.

The egg itself, made from 39% organic milk chocolate, with smaller eggs of delicious caramelised white chocolate, and the little chick is marzipan.

Wonder what the other eggs will look like, eggciting…Watch this space!

The bespoke eggs retail at £40.00 and can be bought at the 4 Rococo London shops: Motcomb Street, Kings Road, Moxon Street and Earlham Street. A different egg for each shop.

Hurry, they won’t sit around for long.

Happy Easter from Rococo Chocolates.

Putting Spring in your Step

Blossom Egg 008Easter is early this year and after a mild winter so is Spring. This has inspired the decoration on Rococo’s latest artistically hand painted egg: Blossom, a delightfully sunny looking egg with a cherry blossom branch across the front.

BLOSSOM EGG weighs a full 1lb and is made with Rococo’s 65% cocoa dark chocolate house blend. The blend contains cocoa from Tanzania, Peru and the Dominican Republic, as well as cocoa from Rococo’s own farm in Grenada.  The dark chocolate shell is topped with a thin white chocolate layer, which is hand painted with beautiful cherry blossom design.  It contains a selection of chocolates, including traditional floral fondant creams, fresh cream truffles and delicate ganaches handmade in London, as well as a selection of dark and milk chocolate carres.

This beautiful egg retails at £42.50, and available in all the Rococo stores only.

Blossom Egg 009

My Boy Lollipop

Lollies Easter 2016 024Not that we know the Easter lollipops from Rococo Chocolate are all boys, but we do know that are all animals associated with Easter: bunny, chicken and lamb and with some most unusual ingredients!

Lapin a la moutarde

Milk chocolate bunny is made from 40% cocoa house milk choc blend, with white chocolate decorations.  Flavoured with mustard for that extra tang.

Lemon and tarragon chicken

White chocolate chick – flavoured with lemon and tarragon so very flavourful.

Lamb with mint

White chocolate lamb – decorated with house milk blend, flavoured with mint, chocolate and mints a classic combination.

£3.50 each, available in Rococo Stores and online

P.S. For those children not keen on mustard and tarragon, Rococo has also made milk chocolate bunnies and white chocolate chicks.

Lollies Easter 2016 005

Chantal Coady OBE, founder & Creative Director of Rococo Chocolate announces the launch of the Roald Dahl Collection.

Roly 045   Crocodile egg 006Coady is delighted to be working with the Dahl family on some very exciting new projects; the first of which are being launched this Easter. After “almost 50 years in gestation” The Crocodile Egg and the Roly-Poly Egg are hatching. Coady explains “Roald Dahl has always been a great inspiration to me, my dad brought the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back from New York in the ‘60s when it was first published, and it’s been a formative influence on my life in chocolate ever since. This is an amazing project for Rococo to be working on and we are so pleased to have the exclusive license to produce chocolates for the Enormous Crocodile and so many of Dahl’s children’s titles. Later in the year we will produce the first Dahl chocolate bar library, featuring The BFG, The Twits, The Witches and James and the Giant Peach”



We promise that no children were gobbled in the making of this egg, much to the greedy croc’s chagrin…

Open up the beautiful green foiled crocodile pattern milk chocolate shell and you will find six salt water baby green crocodiles* trying to escape/hatch. The 140g egg retails at £14.50 or you can buy two for £25.00



While trying to find a child to eat, the Enormous Crocodile has a go at the Roly-Poly bird. Happily she manages to escape with her life, but loses her tail feathers. She loves berries to eat, but can’t quite decide if she prefers strawberries or raspberries. The Roald Dahl ‘Roly-Poly Bird Egg’ from Rococo Chocolates gives you the best of both worlds – the choice of strawberries with milk chocolate in one half of the egg and raspberries with white chocolate and fizzing popping candy in the other. The white half of the shell is covered with the pink foil and the milk half with blue. The 150g egg is filled with delicious multi-coloured foiled milk chocolate eggs – and you don’t even have to go hunting for them! The ‘Roly-Poly Bird Egg’ retails at £14.50 or you can get two for £25.00.

Lovely presents to surprise and delight literary kids and their parents.

Less is more…

Happy Easter!

*The baby crocs are milk chocolate and have a pinch of Anglesey sea salt!!

Crocodile egg 010Roly 039

Glorious Gifts at a Press of a Button – Rococo and Rockflower Collaboration

RockflowerFlowers and chocolate is a classic combination. Ideal for gifts for so many occasions, so it was an obvious to Chantal Coady OBE, owner and founder of Rococo Chocolates, and Andrew McAlpine, owner and founder of Rockflower, to collaborate by combining their two products and make them available to shoppers at TFL stations.

In a recent Q & A session Chantal said: Chocolate and flowers are an obvious combination, although they have rather different requirements in terms of selling them: flowers need lots of water, chocolate needs climate control and a dry environment, so there are also plenty of challenges trying to sell them together. Andrew has a brilliant mind and way of innovating so that these obstacles are no longer problems, I love the sense of innovation that Rockflower delivers, and the fact that you can buy from them instantly, 24 hours a day, whenever you have a whim to get beautiful flowers or chocolates in fact.

And Andrew commented: 2015 will see Rockflower move into three, if not four, other TFL stations in and around London and with that I am very thrilled to know that we are moving into these new locations with Chantal and Rococo Chocolates, which is such a fine complement because the proof of the matter is that people already like this combination in Blackfriars and I think that when we’re in other high profile areas, we’re going to find that this works even better together.

No doubt we will be seeing more of this natural combination in weeks and month to come. They are perfect together for Valentines, for Mother’s Day and for Easter. In fact it is hard to find an occasion when they are not!

Rococo Easter Chicks and Bunnies

453741_BThis Easter Rococo chocolates have some delightful hand painted Easter eggs featuring the cutest chick on a blue background and a bonnie bunny on yellow background. ·

The 2 hand painted eggs in the box are solid milk chocolate eggs  (2 X 50g), containing chocolate from Grococo, Rococo’s farm in Grenada. They come in blue box with clear lid and retail at £15.00

And keeping with the Easter animal theme:

A beautiful milk chocolate lolly with mini white chocolate sitting rabbit 90g retail price £6.50.

Bunny Lolly

Happy Easter from Rococo’s founder and creative director Chantal Coady:

“I love Easter, its all about spring, new life, and renewal. This year its extremely late in the calendar after last year when we were still in the depths of winter, what a relief for all of us”


Rococo Chocolates’ Marzipan Hot Cross Buns

Marzipan Hot Cross Buns
Marzipan Hot Cross Buns

Easter would not be the same without Hot Cross Buns and the clever team at Rococo, headed by Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson, know that and have come up with a most delicious chocolate variation.

Packaged in a box of six, these almond marzipan delicacies are flavoured with spices, orange and raisins and enrobed in delicious milk chocolate.

Rococo’s take on this classic seasonal treat is perfect to share with friends and family this Easter.

They have a net weight of 120g and retail at £9.95.

Go on treat yourself – and your family!

Rococo’s Real Hen, Seagull and Quails Eggs get New Look for Easter

Chantal Coady has designed some Easter fineries for their popular Real Hen Eggs, Seagull Eggs and Quail eggs.  In true tradition the packing is quirky, eye catching and amusing.

 Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

 The Superior Seagull Eggs are made of gooey salted caramel and chocolate ganache; all wrapped up in dark and milk chocolate layers inside a thin sugar shell. They’re the perfect gift for the rucksack of an intrepid twitcher out on a cliff-top mission, and we can’t think of a better snack for bringing extra cheer to a seaside holiday (or for pretending you’re on one).

They retail at £6.95 and weigh 150g

The pretty little Quail Eggs are made from a fine French hazelnut praline, dipped in milk chocolate then coated with a thin sugar shell (using natural colours, of course). Perfect for a summer picnic or to keep your friends amused – put a bowl of Quail eggs and our Olive Toscane out as they sip their cocktails and see who you can trick!

They retail at £6.96 and weigh 145g


And The Real Hens Eggs are not left out; they have a beautiful new wrapper with serving suggestions.  Real Hens’ Eggs (eggbox of six) blown and filled with hazelnut praline. The melted hen’s eggs are perfect served with grissini soldiers. And full instructions of how to do it comes with the pack – a very special way to “go to work on an egg”.

£22.50 for a box of six 240g

Dirty Bunnies, Leaping Hares and Japanese Birds

These are just some of the delights Rococo Chocolates has in store this Easter.
The Dirty Bunnies bag (125g) is filled with crunchy praline feuillete chocolate ‘droppings’ with a praline rabbit sitting on top. They come in both milk and dark chocolate and children aged up to 90 love them! A 125g bag retails at £7.50.
Rococo hand painted eggs are something to be treasured.  Each design is painted by chocolate artists on white chocolate and backed with a thick layer of dark chocolate. The Leaping Hare and Chick baby eggs come in their own Rococo Bone China Egg cup, and retail at £9.95 each.
The ultimate in Easter treats is the Japanese Bird Egg, skilfully painted with a golden bird perched on a blossom tree.  The egg is filled with a dozen mixed chocolates so if you cannot bear to eat the beautiful bird straight away you can still enjoy some lovely chocolate! Retail price is £30.00 and weight is 220g.
There are many other exciting Easter products to discover too, such Real Hens Eggs filled with praline, sugar-coated quails eggs and bags of foiled Hunting Bunny Eggs ideal for hiding in the garden…   Happy Easter!